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Some Times The Vat Makes the Man – My DIY Cheese Vat. I have been asked by many readers both here and on the Facebook Page, about my Roaster Vat that I use for my cheese making.

Some Times The Vat Makes the Man – My DIY Cheese Vat

I have to say that it was one of the best things I have ever DIY’d. I have finally taken some pictures of how to set it up and now it is time to share how I use it. That being said are you ready to learn how I have used a perfectly good Electric Counter Top Roaster, that my sister-in-law gave me, as my cheese vat? First off take the disclaimer seriously, this will void your warranty and could cause an electric shock if your roaster is not sealed properly. A Picture is worth a thousand words so here are a few thousand of them. This is what I use:2 Kitchen Towels, a Cutting Board big enough for the roaster to sit on and the roaster. I set up next to the sink so it is easier to drain the vat later. Next I place the second towel on the board.

Then the roaster is placed on the towel. Best Homemade Cheese - Homemade This part of the site is aimed at improving your skills as a home cheese maker.

Best Homemade Cheese - Homemade

If you've got one or two simple cheese under your belt and want try something a bit more 'grown up' or to improve your general skill base, then these are the articles for you. Scroll down to see all of our 'best cheese' content.​ I would love to hear from you on what subjects we should cover in this area - please drop me a line at or you can find me on Twitter @HomeCheeseAdam This is my personal selection of the best books and other pieces of kit that are available to buy direct from Amazon now.

Best Homemade Cheese Articles The articles below are aimed specifically at the novice cheese maker, covering everything from the milk you need to make cheese, as well as the basic processes and equipment you'll need to get started. Library-Cheese and Butter Making. 2015_5.pdf. Pulsed electric fields harnessed to kill Listeria monocytogenes in milk. Cheese of Choice Coalition Traditional Cheese Advocacy and Education. Core Historical Literature of Agriculture. Dairy Processing. Great British Cheeses. Start an Artisan Cheese Business. Business Basics It should go without saying that anyone who wants to start a business, any business, should have a business plan.

Start an Artisan Cheese Business

When it comes to artisan cheeses, knowing how to make them is a pre-requisite. If you haven't the foggiest idea on where to start when it comes to starting a business, check out the Small Business Administration website. They have tons of information, forms and more to help you get started, and they also will meet you in person to help formulate your ideas too! If you're already running a dairy business or have been toying with the idea of turning some of that excess milk into something that can be sold, you're in the expanding-a-business stage. Experience Counts Do what you know and the money will follow. Check out your local colleges and universities for classes on cheese making. Food Inspections. How to Make Homemade Cheese Making Recipes. How to Make a Cave to Age Cheese. Cheesemaking - Online Store. Fankhauser's Cheese Page. Here is an abbreviated (roughly) alphabetized table of recipes on this site.

Note that some are homesteading recipes beyond cheese: Links? News flash: Culinary Institute of America Kids website features Fankhauser's Neufchatel recipe here. Here is a new page for beginning cheese makers which lists a series of cheese making projects starting with the simplest to the more challenging. If you are new to cheese making, and wish to try this rewarding cottage craft, go to Beginning Cheese Making. I have been making cheese since the early 1970s when my wife, Jill and I began "homesteading" on a little farm in SW Ohio.

Here are recipes for cheese and other fermented food products, and milk-related information pages, all alphabetical except for the first and newest additions. Alphabetical listing of Recipes and Topics. Links to other Cheesemaking sites, Discussion Groups, etc. Here are some links that I have participated in over the years. Fankhauser's Cheese Page. Index. Dairy dairy This page takes a while to load first time: Please be patient.


Cheese and The Artisan Cheesemaker This site will be of interest, primarily, to the Artisan cheese-maker or to the potential cheese maker. I nonetheless hope that any lover of natural food may benefit from a little insight into the Art, the Science and the Politics involved in the production of real cheese. I update the dairy pages at the oddest times, so please hit "refresh" or "reload" to be sure to get the latest version.

The answer should be quite straightforward: "Cheese is milk which has been concentrated and preserved. " Preservation is, in a nutshell, the slowing down of the natural progression of putrefying organisms. In natural cheese-making one uses the following scientifically and historically sound methods of preservation: Extraction of moisture: All organisms have a minimum required moisture intake necessary for survival. Salting: Salt inhibits the energy uptake of bacteria.