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8 Best G-Sync Laptops You Can Buy (2020) Nvidia G-Sync is a proprietary technology that ensures buttery smooth, tear-free gaming experience.

8 Best G-Sync Laptops You Can Buy (2020)

This is made possible by adaptively varying the monitor’s refresh rate, in order to make sure that remains in sync with the graphics card’s render rate. 15 Legal and Free Music Download Websites (2020) There are hundreds of different ways of downloading almost anything from the internet, however, not every way is a legal way.

15 Legal and Free Music Download Websites (2020)

The same goes for music downloads because there are thousands of sites offering free mp3 music downloads but none of them seems to have the rights or licenses for the songs they’re offering for downloads. If you are the kind of person who really doesn’t want to break the rules or download any illegal songs for personal or professional purposes, we have got you dished out with a long list of the 15 legal and free music download websites.

Note: We have also created a list of websites that let you download and stream movies for free. Click on the link to check it out. 10 Best Download Managers for Windows (2020) It’s 2020 and if you are still using your browser to download files from the internet, you might as well go back to the stone age.

10 Best Download Managers for Windows (2020)

For me, there is nothing more infuriating than having to download files using browsers, as the whole process is clumsy and broken. First of all, you don’t receive good download speeds, and even when you do, your download can break anytime. 20 Best Split Screen Games for PC to Play in 2020. Even though online multiplayer gaming is on an insane rise these days, there are still gamers who like playing local multiplayer games with their friends and family; and while split-screen and couch co-op games are becoming a dying breed, there are still some awesome games that anyone interested in local multiplayer games should definitely try out.

20 Best Split Screen Games for PC to Play in 2020

If you are also looking for such games, you have come to the right place. Here are the 20 best split-screen (couch co-op) games for PC that you can play in 2020. Best Split-Screen (Couch Co-Op) Games for PC in 2020 1. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. How to Install Android Apps Not Available in Your Country (2020) There are times when we want to install a cool new trending app or game, only to find out that the app is not available in our country.

How to Install Android Apps Not Available in Your Country (2020)

This can be pretty infuriating because there are many great apps not available in all countries. 40 Best Windows 10 Apps to Use [2020] Even though the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 devices isn’t as populated as Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store, it most certainly features a decent selection of apps that you can use for a variety of things.

40 Best Windows 10 Apps to Use [2020]

You can find everything ranging from simple personalization apps to apps that will help boost your productivity but, in my experience, finding these apps could prove to be a chore as Microsoft Store’s search and discovery isn’t really all that great. How to Add Bots to Your Discord Server (2020) Discord – the free chat service for gamers – is very popular, and is used by thousands of gamers worldwide.

How to Add Bots to Your Discord Server (2020)

The app is really easy to use, and managing servers on Discord is also pretty easy. While the app itself is quite powerful at what it does, there is always a scope for adding more features. After all, not everyone uses Discord the same way. How to Fix Ping in PUBG Mobile [New Methods - 2020] PUBG is one of the most popular online multiplayer games and frankly, we have no qualms in accepting that fact.

How to Fix Ping in PUBG Mobile [New Methods - 2020]

However, while the game’s servers are adequate, sometimes we face issues like higher pings which make the gameplay completely unresponsive. While some users may have a slow internet connection, even users with better connectivity can’t seem to get ping below 100 ms in some cases. So to resolve this issue, we have come up with this article where we have listed out 8 ways to fix ping in PUBG mobile.

We have kept the guide pretty simple and straightforward so no worries there. With that said, let’s get started. 25 Best Online Games for PC You Can Play (2020) 8 Best Deepfake Apps and Websites You Can Try in 2020. Deepfake videos are on the rise and this time, a deepfake Chinese app named Zao has taken the internet by storm.

8 Best Deepfake Apps and Websites You Can Try in 2020

It lets you create deepfake videos within seconds and the results look incredibly authentic. While the app is for fun, deepfake videos can be deeply problematic if used for misrepresenting someone, particularly in politics. So in this article, we have carefully selected deepfake apps and websites which are mostly harmless and can be used for research purposes.

You can utilize these services for studying machine learning, image recognition, computer vision and of course, for fun too. Now having said that, let’s go through the list without any delay. 20 Useful Discord Bots to Enhance Your Server (2020) Discord, if you’re unaware, is currently one of the most popular chat platforms among the gaming community.

20 Useful Discord Bots to Enhance Your Server (2020)

It is really intuitive and has been adopted by gamers across the globe, thanks to its robust and customizable nature. If you’ve ever got your hands on Discord and set up your own server, you already know that it’s highly customizable. The best part being that you can add bots to enhance the functionalities of your server. They can both help you better manage your server while bringing fun add-on features in tow. Top 12 Hamachi Alternatives for Virtual LAN Gaming (2020) A lot of PC games have been designed with the idea of local multiplayer in mind. Rather than always hooking up to the internet, you can just get together with your buddies, connect each system to a LAN router, and play your hearts out in the multiplayer game of your choice. Sadly though, if you’re away from your friends, the only option is to hook up to an online public server.

There’s always the choice of creating your own server, but it requires port forwarding your router, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. As such, Virtual LAN Creators come into mind, and the name Hamachi is the first one to pop up. Hamachi has been around for quite a while now and is the most preferred choice of many gamers. That being said, Hamachi does come with its own drawbacks. 7 Best Android Emulators for Windows (2019) If you’re looking to run Android on your Windows PC, there’s no shortage of emulators available today. For those who are wondering, there are numerous reasons why you might want to use an Android emulator on your Windows PC.

For instance, Android developers can debug their apps right onto their desktop, gamers can enjoy Android-specific games on a larger screen and the list goes on. So, now that you see the various benefits of using Android emulators, it might be tempting to try one. The problem with Android emulators is that a lot of them are finicky and tend to not work as advertised. Therefore, I tried more than a dozen emulators to bring you the 7 best Android emulators for Windows.

25 Best Multiplayer Games for iPhone in 2020 [Free and Paid] 35 Best Multiplayer Games for Android in 2020 (Free and Paid) Android gaming has been on the rise lately, with devices featuring heavy-duty processors and great GPUs. I mean, there are some great games available for Android on the Play Store and while single player campaign modes are a lot of fun, what’s truly amazing is multiplayer gaming. Be it with your friends or against the world, multiplayer gaming gives you a much better experience of gaming through and through. But with so many options to choose from, which game should you and your friends play? Well, fret not, as we are here to help. Top 10 Best Epub Reader for Windows (2020) While there are dedicated tablets designed for reading Epub books, it doesn’t mean that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on a tablet to enjoy reading them. In fact, reading them on your Windows machine gives you a similar if not better reading experience.

It is even better if you own a convertible or 2-in-1 Windows machine like a Surface Pro or Lenovo Yoga line of device as you can hold those devices in one hand and read Epubs just like you would read them from a dedicated tablet. 40 Best Netflix Hindi Movies You Should Watch (2020) One of the best things about Netflix is that it doesn’t only feature international movies and shows but also offers a great selection of Indian movies. The catalog of Indian movies on Netflix is second to none, with the service offering some of the best movies that Bollywood has ever produced. So, if you are a Bollywood movie aficionado or want to play a movie for your family, you will find some really good options on Netflix.