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24 Movies You Absolutely Must Watch Before You Turn 30. 24 Of The Most Fucked-Up Horror Movies Of All Time. 19 Seriously Scary Documentaries That’ll Scare The Hell Out Of You. Indian Feminist Documentaries: A Starter Kit. What is it like to be a woman in India?

Indian Feminist Documentaries: A Starter Kit

Some of the best attempts to answer that question are in the amazing movies below. Art, caste, sex, fear, bar dancers, anti-arrack movements, zardozi, toilets, fairness products. All in this list. 1. Chhatrabhang by Nina Shivdasani (1976) Nina Shivdasani — a painter and photographer — might well be the first Indian woman to direct experimental films. 2. This film underlines the fact (in case you still had doubts) that domestic violence is a friend to all classes. 3. This Mira Nair film follows the lives of women who work as dancers in a bar in Bombay. 4. In 1995, in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, a woman found her alcoholic husband trying to molest her daughter. 5. 13 Australian Horror Movies That'll Scare The Shit Out Of You. Drool Alert! - Go Chase Life. What’s the worst that can happen when you’re hungry?

Drool Alert! - Go Chase Life

I’ll tell you. Being subjected to gorgeous pictures of the most delicious food. Can it be worse? Oh yes! Try watching the following movies on an empty stomach. Caution: Much drool will happen. (Almost) Ultimate Netflix Compilation. 10 Critically Acclaimed Hindi Films You Can Watch This Weekend On YouTube. 33 Documentaries That Are Way More Interesting Than Mainstream Films. 23 Breakup Movies That'll Make You Feel Better About Your Own. Best Horror flicks of 2014 - Album on Imgur. Need something good to watch, Imgur?

9 foreign films worth watching! - Album on Imgur. 9 revenge movies worth watching! - Album on Imgur. 19 Underrated Movies Every Horror Fan Needs To See. Misery - The 50 Most Hard-To-Watch Scenes in Movie History. 19 Underrated Movies Every Horror Fan Needs To See. 9 vampire movies worth watching! - Album on Imgur. Creepy, Scary, Disturbing Videos on the Internet Part 3 - Album on Imgur. Creepy,Scary,Disturbing Videos on the Internet Part 2 - Album on Imgur. 15 movies that will leave you emotionally drained...just in case you were looking for that kinda thing - Album on Imgur. 17 Feel-Good French Films You Should Definitely Stream On Netflix. Some of my favorite short films - Album on Imgur. Some of my favorite short films. - Album on Imgur.

Some movies you don't hear much about. - Album on Imgur. Mind Fuck Movies List - Album on Imgur. Top 10 Asian Horror Films You Have Never Heard Of. Alright, so the title is a little misleading.

Top 10 Asian Horror Films You Have Never Heard Of

We have a large array of horror fans and I’d be foolish to think I’m the only one who has ever seen or heard of these titles. However, for the most part when you talk to people about Asian horror you get a LOT of the same titles thrown around. There is nothing wrong with that because there are some pretty damn good Asian horror flicks that most people have seen. With that said, I wanted to broaden people’s horizons and came up with a list of ten Asian horror films that often go overlooked. It’s a big genre so it’s my attempt to get people to branch out a little and get past all the scary dark haired girls of Asian horror cinema. 10.) This is a tough one to start this list off with. The film is basically gore scene after gore scene with some pretty intense torture. 9.)

Here is a film series I am surpirsed hasnt been remade yet. 8.) Must Watch Mind Fuck Movies. The 19 Best Horror Films Of 2014. 5 Fantastic Found Footage Films. Romantic Comedies That Don't Suck Part 2. The 19 Best Horror Films Of 2013. Movie facts & trivia. 20 Visually Stunning Movies (Last 15 Years Or So) Romantic Comedies That Don't Suck Part 3. 6 Mind Expanding Movies That Will Make You Question Reality And Life. By Sofia Some movies are made to touch our heart and soul with an overabundance of sentiment.

6 Mind Expanding Movies That Will Make You Question Reality And Life

They make us come in touch with our humanity and empathy. And some films are made to touch our mind, to get our mental cogs working, to awaken and expand our consciousness. They are films that deal with questions that we are all too eager and too afraid to ponder. It is those films that signal our awakening, and that push us into seeing life and our existence differently. 1. What is a dream, and what is reality? 2. “Samsara” is a little documentary film made in 2011, by the same people who had collaborated on two similar in terms of style and theme films in the last decades, “Baraka” and “Chronos”. 3. “Uncle Boonmee” came out in 2010 and was the first Thai film to win the Palme d’Or.

The film was actually the last part of a loosely linked film trilogy, titled “Primitive”, and was mostly focused on a particular area of Thailand. 4. 5. Otherwise known as “acid on film“. 6. Literally, anything. MicroCosmos. Utilizing special macroscopic photographic techniques, filmmakers Claude Nuridsany and Marie Perennou created this fascinating and visually spectacular look at the hidden worlds in the life cycle of an ordinary meadow in France. When seen through the lens of Nuridsany and Perennou's cameras, insects become gigantic beasts, blades of grass turn into towering monuments, and raindrops form puddles that resemble vast oceans. The filmmakers find humor, drama, and beauty in the lives of these tiny flora and fauna as caterpillars transform themselves into butterflies, beetles struggle with their day's foraging, and snails reproduce their species.

Microcosmos was a multiple prize winner at the 1996 French Academy of Cinema Awards; the American release version features narration by actress Kristin Scott Thomas. The Best Period Films You MUST Watch list. Brother and sister Viola and Sebastian, who are not only very close but look a great deal alike, both survive a shipwreck, and both think the other dead.

The Best Period Films You MUST Watch list

When she lands in a foreign country, Viola dresses as her brother and adopts the name Cesario, becoming a trusted friend and confidante to the Count Orsino. Orsino is madly in love with the lady Olivia, who is in mourning due to her brother's recent death, which she uses as an excuse to avoid seeing the count, whom she does not love. He sends Cesario to do his wooing, and Olivia falls in love with the disguised maiden. Things get more complicated in this bittersweet Shakespeare comedy when a moronic nobleman, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, and a self-important servant, Malvolio, get caught up in the schemes of Olivia's cousin, the obese, alcoholic Sir Toby, who leads each to believe Olivia loves him.

- StumbleUpon. Midnight in Paris Woody Allen’s latest places starving writer Owen Wilson in Paris with his fiancée, Rachel McAdams.

- StumbleUpon

Searching for inspiration for his incomplete novel, Owen begins taking strolls around the city at night where he discovers an unexpected group of people. I wish I could be more specific, but it would ruin the surprise. Know that it is brilliant, witty and full of mystique. 92% on Rotten Tomatoes (RT). Cult Movies - Top 10 List - Top Ten List. Top 10 Films About Nonconformists "This is a world where everybody's gotta do something.

Cult Movies - Top 10 List - Top Ten List

Ya know, somebody laid down this rule that everybody's gotta do something, they gotta be something. You know, a dentist, a glider pilot, a narc, a janitor, a preacher, all that . . . Sometimes I just get tired of thinking of all the things that I don't wanna do. All the things that I don't wanna be.

"If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, then all possibility of life is destroyed. " "Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth.

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My 100 Must-See Movies - a list by taniasalinas8.