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Cartonniste Tutorial (English Version) Dernière actualisation le 16 Spetembre 2008 version française I will try here to translate important informations to create a cardboard furniture.

Cartonniste Tutorial (English Version)

Book About Cardboard (by Narelle Yabuka) Incredible Cardboard! Free Kindle Book: Instructables Authors. Paper Lights & Lampshades. Making A Magazine Stool. Do you subscribe to a weekly or monthly magazine and you just don't know what to do with them after you've read them?

Making A Magazine Stool

At last week's P! D The Upcycle Village (which I blogged about here), we were taught how to make a Magazine Stool with old magazines! They had a lot of Her World back issues donated to them by the publisher, SPH. Check out the steps below. Roll up 18 old magazines very tightly and secure with rubber bands on either end. Recycled Magazines Stool. Cardboard Furniture - Meubles en Carton. Incredible Cardboard! Free Kindle Book: Instructables Authors. Incredible Cardboard! Free Kindle Book: Instructables Authors.


Cardboard Furniture - Patterns & Projects. Little Princess Throne From A Pampers Box. Gomi Style - DIY Cardboard Chair Video. FoldSchool - Cardboard Furniture - Pattern - Stool. DIY Cardboard Tube Ottoman / Side Table. Why choose?

DIY Cardboard Tube Ottoman / Side Table

Ottoman or side table, you can have both. These lightweight, one foot-tall daisies, with their edgy recycled finish, will be at home anywhere, and are even equipped with a handle to carry them from one room to another. Both sturdy and decorative, they are simply made from taped cardboard tubes. Where can I get cardboard tubes? Many businesses use cardboard bobbins and tubes: fabric stores, carpet sellers, printers... Cardboard Catch-All Shelf (2nd Ed) DIY Stylish 'Wood' Wall Storage System. The idea of this striking DIY wall storage system belongs to a dynamic design duo Kathleen Hackett and Stephen Antonson.

DIY Stylish 'Wood' Wall Storage System

It’s based on using of cardboard tubes, looks really chic and is quite flexible. Materials and tools Two four-foot-tall cardboard tubes, one measuring 10 inches wide and the other 12 inches wideContact paperWashers, bolts, plastic anchors, screws1-2 inch wood planksBracesJigsawDrillUtility knife Instructions. Nit Nightstand - Adrian Candela. Nit Night Stand Year / 2012 The scenario is quite common: You move into a new apartment, which usually requires the familiar trip to IKEA (or a similar furnishing store).

Nit Nightstand - Adrian Candela

The final outcome is some new furniture and a large stack of corrugated cardboard. So I tasked myself with creating a piece of furniture with the boxes that originally held my new furniture. Utilizing the strengths of the corrugated cardboard, the design is comprised of only the necessary parts, which are either folded or slotted, so it is assembled without the need for any form of adhesives.

The final design is an extremely lightweight and surprisingly sturdy table. Cardboard Furniture Designer: YouTube Channel. Ma boîte à fils.