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Nutella Crack Pie - World Nutella Day. Last year, for World Nutella Day, I made 3 cocktails.

Nutella Crack Pie - World Nutella Day

It was only fitting that I continued the theme of adult Nutella consumption. However, although the name sounds adult, the entire family can enjoy and fight over this pie (you may want to change the name to "Eat It All Up Nutella Pie" for the kids.) I had such a good time trying different ways to best include Nutella into this recipe. The original pie is dense, sticky and rich, which also describes Nutella right out of the jar. So, some adapting and developing needed to happen to keep the balance while adding the chocolate and "hazelnutty" richness to the filling. If you can't get enough Nutella (join the crowd), check out World Nutella Day on Facebook and Twitter and see what Sara at and Michelle from have put together for this year's World Nutella Day.

Lemon Blueberry cupcakes « There Goes the Cupcake… My BFF wanted something light and fresh for her birthday, this recipe looked fabulous and tasted even better.

Lemon Blueberry cupcakes « There Goes the Cupcake…

The combination of lemon and blueberries is very good not to mention biting into creamy lemon curd inside the cupcake. The recipe I used called for a lemon butter cream but I knew I wanted to use either a cream cheese or my favorite mascarpone frosting. After contemplating, I decided on the mascarpone, it really is delicious and so rich and creamy. I tweaked it a little bit to get a stiffer texture and it came out perfect. These cupcakes are as close to perfection as I have ever made. If you can, take the time to make your own lemon curd it is really worth it. Farmgirl Gourmet: Delicious Recipes for the Home Cook.: Updated: Dark Chocolate Stout Brownies. When I think about a really good brownie, I think rich, ooey gooey, butter laden, high calorie, stick to my rear end, kinda brownies.

Farmgirl Gourmet: Delicious Recipes for the Home Cook.: Updated: Dark Chocolate Stout Brownies

Don’t you? Well, you don’t have to stare at the brownie longingly anymore, you can eat it. These brownies are completely vegan delish even with no eggs, butter or oil. Yep, I’m serious, not one stick of butter was harmed in the making of these moist brownies. Don’t they look delish? Both beer and wine are sometimes processed using animal by-products including gelatin, casein, glycerin or in the case of Guinness – isinglass. Guinness’s statement on the matter:“All Guinness brands are free from animal matter.However, isinglass, which is a by-product of the fishing industry, is used as a fining agent for settling out suspended matter in the vat. Inside-out carrot cake – Carrot Cake Muffins. Spring = bunnies Bunnies = carrots.

Inside-out carrot cake – Carrot Cake Muffins

And carrots = Carrot cake! Oh, the deep-gold, moist, flavorful cake! The rich, sumptuous cream cheese icing! My FAVORITE Chocolate Chip Cookie. I have experimented with countless recipes searching for that perfect chocolate chip cookie. The characteristics of the perfect cookie are a very personal matter, and here are my preferences: texture: chewy w. medium thickness --- everyone has their preference, and this is mine!

Chocolate to cookie ratio: 50/50 --- I really enjoy having a lot of chocolate in every bite chips vs. chunks: chunks --- I like sizeable pieces of chocolate in my cookie. type of chocolate: bittersweet --- I like using Valrhona 61% extra bitter nuts or other add-ins: NONE!! With the above criteria in mind, this recipe is the closest I've come to experiencing CCC perfection.

Cinnamon & Sugar Pull-Apart Bread. I saw this on Pinterest and got the recipe from Mandy's Recipe Box blog** and had to try them out! I'm so glad that I did. The recipe is pretty simple though there is a lot waiting time involved for when the dough is rising/resting. I loved the mouth-watering aroma while the bread baked in the oven. I couldn't wait for the timer to go off. The end result was ooey goey delicious-ness. Sopapilla Cheesecake. My friend, Kelsey, is amazing.

Sopapilla Cheesecake

That I already knew…but then she brought these to small group: Ingredients:-2 cans pillsbury butter crescent rolls-2 (8oz) packages cream cheese (softened)-1 cup sugar-1 teaspoon vanilla-1/4 cup butter (melted)-Cinnamon & sugar Instructions: Unroll and spread 1 can crescent rolls on bottom of un-greased pan. Combine softened cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla. Spread mixture over crescent rolls. **Edit 8.20.11: to save some calories (and dough…as in mulah! **Edit 2.2.12: I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about this recipe, so I thought I’d update with an FAQs section. Does this need to be refrigerated? Also, lots of you wonderful people have been leaving suggested variations.