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Bronze Wing Trading LLC

Bronze Wing Trading is a Limited Liability Company (L.L.C) registered in Government of Dubai, Department of Economic Development and Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are one of the Leading importers & exporters in general merchandise having more than decades of experience in international trade and are direct provider of Trade Finance Facilities from Top-Rated European Banks on behalf of Importers, Exporters & Manufacturers to conclude their Trade Deals. We are specialized in facilitating Trade Finance Services from European Banks for those who do not have enough Bank Facilities to complete their trade transactions. We provide; Letter of Credit - LC, MT700 Standby Letter of Credit - SBLC, MT760 Bank Guarantee - BG, MT760 Performance Bond / Performance Guarantee Tender Bid / Tender Bond Advance Payment Guarantee Letter of Comfort / Bank Comfort Letter - MT799 Due to our professionalism & honesty, we have achieved massive trust worldwide and have a huge Clientele among international traders across the globe with the immense satisfaction of our clients from USA, Europe, Africa & Asian countries. With us you will get; Competitive Rates No Collateral Required Deal Close in 24 HRS* We will be at your service immediately once you submit your requirements online to our website. We are here to expand your business & accomplish your business goals to have long term relationship. For Free Quote e-mail us: OR Visit our website for more information:

Letter of Comfort - Bank Comfort Letter (BCL - MT799) Letter of Comfort – Bank Comfort Letter Procedure Bronze Wing Trading can provide Letter of Comfort – Bank Comfort Letter (BCL MT799).

Letter of Comfort - Bank Comfort Letter (BCL - MT799)

That will be on behalf of purchaser’s company and in favor of the seller. Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C. Tender Bid – Tender Bond Procedure Bronze Wing Trading provide Tender Bid or Tender Bond on behalf of tenderer and in favor of the tenderee.

Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C.

This Bid Bond is a mandatory document while submitting the tender. It helps the tenderer to avail worthwhile contracts from the importers or developers. Following are the steps to obtain TBG from BWT: In the first place, Seller / Contractor shall provide their Bond requirement to BWT. Tender Bond Procedure on Video Tender Bid Information TBG is useful when a buyer or developer is obtaining tender for a large commodity contract or construction of a project. TBG is important if you want your company to become competitive in construction industry. If you want to get awarded worthwhile contracts by the importers then you need to provide them bid bond being your financial obligation.

Parties involve in Bid Bond There are three parties involve with a bid bond guarantee. Advance Payment Guarantee - APG. Advance Payment Guarantee Procedure Bronze Wing Trading LLC provides Advance Payment Guarantee on behalf of Contractor / Supplier which enables them to acquire the advance payments as per their contract.

Advance Payment Guarantee - APG

To get APG, follow the below procedure: The Client will send the pro-forma invoice or buy & sell agreement of their trade deal. Also will provide details of their APG application.BWT will review and carries out due diligence of the client’s APG deal. Performance Bond - Performance Guarantee. Performance Bond – Performance Guarantee Procedure Bronze Wing Trading LLC can support your exports or projects by providing Performance bond – Performance Guarantee or Bid Bond on behalf of the supplier/Contractor.

Performance Bond - Performance Guarantee

And in favor of the buyer/developer to avail trade deals or projects. Below is the simple process to avail PB/PG from BWT: Bank Guarantee - BG - MT760. Bank Guarantee Procedure We, Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C. can assist you in your commercial transactions by providing Bank Guarantee – BG – MT760.

Bank Guarantee - BG - MT760

This will help you to achieve your business goals. Below is the easy process to obtain a BG from us: In the first place, the client will submit the important details of their requirements to Bronze Wing Trading. The documents will also include the signed copy of pro-forma invoice or sales & purchase agreement/contract of their trade deal or project.BWT will assess the commercial transaction that is between buyer & seller or contractors. BG MT760 Process on Video Bank Guarantee – BG – MT760 Information BG or MT760 is an irrevocable commitment issued by a bank on behalf of their customer. Furthermore, BG often helps firms conduct their business with parties they would never get the chance to deal with. Bank Guarantees are issued for a variety of purposes such as; Parties Involve in the BG MT760: There are three parties involved: Standby Letter Of Credit - SBLC - MT760. Standby Letter of Credit Procedure Being a direct provider, we can support your imports and exports by providing Standby Letter of Credit – SBLC – MT760 on behalf of importer and in favor of the exporter to conclude your trade deals.

Standby Letter Of Credit - SBLC - MT760

Below is the quick procedure to get Standby LC from Bronze Wing Trading: At first, importer / purchaser will submit their SBLC request to Bronze Wing Trading. They should provide buy and sell agreement or pro-forma offer of their trade deal accordingly.BWT will review the commercial transaction between Purchaser and seller. After careful study then will inform the Purchaser about our consent or refusal of their MT760 request.After the MT 760 request acceptance, we will draft a service agreement between client and us consequently. Standby LC Procedure on Video Stand by Letter of Credit (SBLC) Information. Letter Of Credit - LC - MT700. Letter of Credit Procedure We can assist you in your trade deal by providing Irrevocable Letter of Credit (LC- MT700) on behalf of the buyer & in favor of the seller to conclude your imports & exports.

Letter Of Credit - LC - MT700

Below are the simple steps to avail LC or DLC from us: Client submits their LC or DLC request to Bronze Wing Trading in terms of Signed Copy of Pro-forma Invoice Or Sales & Purchase Agreement of their Trade deal and informs the Face Value & Validity of their required LC or DLC.BWT carries due diligence of their trade transaction and after its assessment informs the client about approval or rejection of their LC or DLC application.Once the LC application is approved, we will draft a service agreement between client & BWT. And also inform the client about the admin charges to begin the client’s LC or DLC transaction.After both parties sign the service agreement and BWT received the admin charges.