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Brittany Vanover

THE BASICS: My name is Brittany (not that you don't already know that). I am 20 years young. I graduated from Alexander Central and am currently a student at Lenoir-Rhyne University. I'm studying to get my bachelors in Information Technology and also thinking about minoring in English. Weird combination, I know. But it's what I like. I'm easy to get along with...most of the time. At first I may seem shy but once you get to know me it's hard to get me to shut-up. I'm a very strange person, but not in a bad least I don't think so. I love trying new things! I love the beach and anything else dealing with water. I have a wonderful boyfriend who goes by the name Andrew. He's simply amazing! I love to hang out with friends and family. And this is pretty much, like I said, the basics.

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Technology. Food. Health. Literature. Self Improvement. Inspiration. Random. Cool Videos. Crafts. Beauty. When bored...