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The Over-Repulsive Times | Fupping. Imagine you walking down the lane to your apartment with your family and some random guys ambush and mug you and mar your kid; sounds like something that could completely go berserk right? Not everyone encounters something like this, but some out on the streets do. Seclusion is what anyone would wish for, but the situation out there is not exactly so pleasant. Every day, several cases are reported under the section of torts, many go unreported too.

A tort is a not so familiar word to all; what does it mean and how is it significant in these days of ever-thriving crimes? These are hard times, there is no denial and it takes immense courage to face it and fight it with all one’s might. Torts – What are they? Torts are any actions that could harm, hassle or cause an inconvenience that is a violation or legal offense. Classifications Negligence Some examples of negligence are: Intentional torts Other intentional torts include false imprisonment, trespass, defamation, and deceit.