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Fruit Cozy (to Knit) Project Instructions Stitch glossary Alt = Alternate(ing).

Fruit Cozy (to Knit)

Approx = Approximately. Inc = Increase 1 stitch by knitting into front and back of next stitch. K = Knit. K2tog = Knit next 2 stitches together. Psso = Pass slipped stitch over. Rem = Remain(ing). Rep = Repeat. Wavy Shoulder Bag Knitting Pattern. Pattern-HoboBag. TRIO Knit Tote Bag - free knitted bag pattern from Crystal Palace Yarns. The bag is knit on circular needles and finished with DP needles. 4 balls of TRIO, 2 balls each in 2 colors shown in colors (A)9090-kiwi/white & (B)2856-circus/celery Size 11 circular 26" CPY Bamboo Needles & 8" DP size 11 needles With 26" circulars, cast on 79 sts loosely with color A and join to form circle being careful not to twist sts when joining.

TRIO Knit Tote Bag - free knitted bag pattern from Crystal Palace Yarns

Note: A cable cast on is suggested since you will be adding I-cord to this bag edge later. (See here if you don't know how to do a cable cast on.) Begin Bag (knitting from top down): Work in Seed St (k1, p1 for round, then p the k's and k the p's next round, keep reversing sts each round.) Tip: Make the I-cord handles and top edging on the bag using color B before knitting color B in center band of the body of the bag so that you can use up the rest of Color B in the body of the bag. Back to body of the bag: Change to color B and continue in Seed St on 79 sts. Change back to Color A. Knitted Felted Tote Bag with Pockets Part I. ( Jump to Knitted Felted Tote Bag Part 2: Finishing ) This tote bag is just the right size to carry a knitting project around, use as a basic tote bag, or even as a purse.

Knitted Felted Tote Bag with Pockets Part I

You can choose to line it, so instructions for lining are also included here. Gauge before felting: 12 sts, 16 rows = 4"/10 cm Gauge after felting: 16 sts, 29 rows = 4"/10 cm Knitting Instructions: The entire piece is knitted in a Stockinette stitch. Knit the First Strap Cast on 12, k in St st for 116 rowsStill on R 116 (do not turn), cast on 4 more sts at the end of the row. Knit the Body of the Bag Turn, (RS) k the 16 sts. 579. Square Cake handbag - Winter 2007.


Market bags. Babys got a Brand New Big Bag. Green for stpats. The Story: I had been thinking about knitting a lunch bag for some time and a ‘green’ web letter offered the opportunity to design one.

Green for stpats

I based the shape on a paper lunch bag, all straight lines with creases in the middle of the sides to help it fold in. I added stability to the bag by using a slip stitch pattern on the bottom and by knitting all the pieces separately and sewing them together. For a bit of whimsy, I used an allover cable pattern paired with some contrasting French knots and added an I-cord closure/handle tied into a bow. When we were talking about this web letter, Kristen TenDyke came up with the idea of a natural air freshener, something to replace those scented tree-shaped car fresheners.

While it would be nice to bring home all our groceries in hand-knitted or crocheted bags, sometimes we end up leaving the store with a plastic bag in our hands. Because this project got me thinking "green" I've knitted up another little project and posted about it on my blog. Melody. Magnolia Hand Bag. I doubt I've ever been prouder of myself.

Magnolia Hand Bag

My goodness. I should award myself somehow for this. I'm speechless. My new hand bag took ages to finish. It was quick to knit, easy to felt, but oh sweet Jebus, what in the world convinced me that embroidering a million tiny leaves was a good idea. Without further ado, let me present my very simple knitting pattern for a knitted felted hand bag plus embroidery instructions.

Yarn: Viking Naturgarn (50g = ~55m, 100% wool) 6 skeins Bag: Cast on 50st on size 6mm 50cm cable needle. Handles: Cast on 6st on 6mm double pointed needles and knit i-cord: Knit the first row and instead of turning slide the stitches to the end of the needle. Finishing:Sow a plastic bag (see through, not coloured) on the inside of the bag with few loose stitches of cotton yarn so that the inside of the bag doesn't end up felting together.

Toss the bag in the washer along with an old towel etc you don't mind getting hairs all over.