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BriskBard is the fast, powerful and feature-packed web browser for Windows.

BriskBard 1.9.0 Released ! BriskBard 1.8.3 Released ! Protect your privacy and navigate safely the Internet with the new security features to prevent online tracking.

BriskBard 1.8.3 Released !

Many websites and advertising companies track Internet users to show targeted ads by collecting all the information they can about each user. In order to do that they need to identify each user and track his/her Internet activities, allowing them to create a user profile. The information acquired is more than enough to show targeted ads that can be incredibly appealing, and the consequence is a complete loss of privacy because your most intimate data could end up in the hands of unscrupulous people.

BriskBard 1.8.2 Is Available! Discover the latest BriskBard web browser, the privacy respectful and feature-rich suite that includes everything you need in Internet.

BriskBard 1.8.2 Is Available!

As usual, the new BriskBard version incorporates many features and fixes suggested by the users. Several users asked for more options in the email client to select what messages have to be downloaded in case of IMAP accounts. That function is called “Customized message download” and it’s now available in the button bar and the context menu, allowing you to specify several search parameters like message dates, text contents, etc. In addition to that, the email account configuration now has a new option to select the initial sync period to limit the amount of messages downloaded the first time you click on a remote IMAP folder.

BriskBard 1.8.1 Released ! Boost your Internet experience with the new speed dial improvements in BriskBard and enjoy a browser start page that meet your needs.

BriskBard 1.8.1 Released !

As requested by some users, the latest BriskBard version includes a completely new speed dial design with many customization options. Now it’s much easier to add, edit, delete or move your speed dial links by using the context menu options or dragging and dropping each element wherever you like. The configuration window has a new “Speed Dial” tab where you can configure item colors, transparency level, a background image, the number of rows and columns, the image quality and many other things. The bookmark manager can now handle regular bookmarks and the speed dial items with ease, and it also includes new options to import or export the speed dial elements, and to import the bookmarks from the JSON files used by Firefox.

BriskBard 1.6.7 Released! Download the latest version of BriskBard and feast your eyes on the new audio visualizers in the media player.

BriskBard 1.6.7 Released!

Enjoy your music while you surf the web, read your email, feeds or newsgroups with the most comprehensive web browser in the market. The new version of BriskBard has a greatly improved media player with many performance enhancements, bug fixes and new features. You will love the new colorful audio visualizers and the support for the XSPF and WPL playlists that will allow you to enjoy your online radio stations or your music while you do your daily internet tasks. BriskBard 1.6.6 Released! BriskBard 1.6.5 Is Here! BriskBard 1.6.4 Is Now Available! BriskBard 1.6.3 Released! BriskBard 1.6.2 Has Arrived! BriskBard 1.6.1 Is Out ! 12 Free Google Maps Alternatives. There are many websites offering satellite or aerial photos, scanned street or road maps, traffic information or photos from interesting touristic places.

12 Free Google Maps Alternatives

The websites in this article group all that information in a comprehensive service usable with a web browser like BriskBard. These websites usually also include a search service, a route planning service and other interesting information from each location. However, not all these web pages have the same detail level for every place in the map. In some occasions, the most detailed information is only available for the country of the service owner.

This is the web mapping services list, in alphabetical order : ArcGIS Online describes itself as a complete cloud-based mapping platform. The ArcGIS Online map allows you to select from 11 base maps : street map, satellite images, topographic map, national map, oceans, etc. 21 Free Malware Analysis Tools. Check your files for viruses for free and protect your computer from malware threats using these alternatives to VirusTotal.

21 Free Malware Analysis Tools

Scan websites with these malware analysis services. Photo : © Yuri Samoilov. BriskBard 1.6.0 Released ! Download the new version of BriskBard with the new private web browsing mode and the portable version to enjoy a fast and secure web browser in computers where it's not possible to install software.

BriskBard 1.6.0 Released !

12 Best Free Online Vector Graphics Editors [2017] Enjoy these free alternatives to Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape in Internet to edit your illustrations, logos or vector images easily without installing more software.

12 Best Free Online Vector Graphics Editors [2017]

Definition. 8 Best Free Online Photo Editors 2017. The New BriskBard 1.5.1 Is Available! Download the latest version of BriskBard web browser with the newest version of the Blink rendering engine, PDF reader integration and more user suggested features.

The New BriskBard 1.5.1 Is Available!

6 Free Spreadsheet Editors Online 2017. Discover these free Excel alternatives to edit your spreadsheets from anywhere in the world and collaborate with your team without installing any software.

6 Free Spreadsheet Editors Online 2017

What is a spreadsheet? Spreadsheets are computer files used for analysis and storage of numeric and other kinds of data in one or several cell grids or tables. 15 Free PowerPoint Alternatives Online 2017. If you need to create a presentation easily without installing any software, share it on the Internet and engage your audience, use these free PowerPoint alternatives. Besides the price tag and the user friendly features, these services can save the presentations in a online storage service accessible anywhere in the world. This article includes free services that allow you to create complex presentations consisting in something more than a collection of slides with some text lines. All of these applications work in web browsers like BriskBard.

These are the web apps, in alphabetical order : Adobe Spark can be used to create social graphics, web stories and animated videos to share them in social media. Canva can create all kinds of designs using templates for social media, documents, blogs, ebooks, email headers, events, ads, posters, flyers, banners, infographics, menus, brochures, etc. BriskBard 1.5.0 Released! Download the latest version of BriskBard and enjoy a lightning fast web browser that brings many of the features requested by the users.

16 Best Free Online Word Processors. Word processors are tools to edit, compose and print text documents. These tools use to be computer programs that have to be installed but now you have alternative tools that don’t need to be installed locally because they work inside a web browser like BriskBard. The benefits of using on-line word processors are the following : 33+1 Best Free Cloud Storage Providers [2017] The cloud storage is a data storage service through the Internet. A great number of servers in different places are commonly used and they behave like a single storage device that can store any kind of documents, data, photos, videos, etc.

In this article you’ll only find the free services that allow you to use most of their features with a web browser like BriskBard. In may cases these services also offer you a custom application for computers, phones and other devices to make backup copies, synchronize files, etc. How To Open Blocked Sites Using A Free VPN. If your boss, school or the local government has decided to block your favorite website, these free VPN providers will help you bypass those restrictions.

What is a VPN? VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” and it’s mainly used to access a private network remotely. How To Bypass Content Filters And Access Blocked Websites With A Proxy. 20 Best Alternative DNS servers [2017] These public DNS servers will help you protect your family or business, block ads, phishing and malware, improve your privacy... and speed up your web browsing! What is a DNS server? The DNS or domain name system is a naming system used to translate domain names into IP addresses, that is, alphanumeric addresses into numeric addresses.. Domain names are easier to remember for humans and IP addresses are used by computers to establish connections between the user’s computers (client) and the computer that is serving the information (server). Best practices to prevent phishing attacks, part 2 [2017] Best practices to prevent phishing attacks [2017] “Phishing” is the modern version of the ”Confidence trick” used by Samuel Thompson in the 19th century although these kind of tricks were already known since the middle ages.

This trick exploits very common human characteristics like dishonesty, vanity, compassion, credulity, irresponsibility, naïveté and greed. 20 Tips To Optimize Your Internet Speed and Your Web Browser. 49 ways to keep your privacy in Internet [2017] Personal data has become a valuable asset and in many cases the users don’t know the basic security concepts in social networks where they share it ignoring the consequences. 43 Alternative Web Search Engines [2017] BriskBard. If you look for some files and you know they are located inside an anonymous FTP server, these FTP search engines will help you find it. Despite criticism and some premature obituaries, FTP is far from dead. It's true that the golden days of FTP are long gone but it's still used by millions of sites.

FTP is a 40+ years old Internet protocol but it has been redefined multiple times and it's still used to transfer files between computers on a network. 16+1 Best Free Email Service Providers [2017] All you need in one program - BriskBard. About BriskBard.