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BriskBard is the fast, powerful and feature-packed web browser for Windows.

33+1 Best Free Cloud Storage Providers [2017] The cloud storage is a data storage service through the Internet.

33+1 Best Free Cloud Storage Providers [2017]

A great number of servers in different places are commonly used and they behave like a single storage device that can store any kind of documents, data, photos, videos, etc. How To Open Blocked Sites Using A Free VPN. If your boss, school or the local government has decided to block your favorite website, these free VPN providers will help you bypass those restrictions.

How To Open Blocked Sites Using A Free VPN

What is a VPN? VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” and it’s mainly used to access a private network remotely. VPNs use a secure connection between the user’s computer (client) and the VPN server. When then connection is established, the client will work as if it was connected directly to the private network. Usage. How To Bypass Content Filters And Access Blocked Websites With A Proxy.

Unblock your favorite websites bypassing censorship and navigate anonymously with these lists of free public proxy servers.

How To Bypass Content Filters And Access Blocked Websites With A Proxy

In addition of the method described in the last article to avoid censorship by using a customized DNS configuration, you can also use proxy servers. 20 Best Alternative DNS servers [2017] These public DNS servers will help you protect your family or business, block ads, phishing and malware, improve your privacy... and speed up your web browsing!

20 Best Alternative DNS servers [2017]

What is a DNS server? The DNS or domain name system is a naming system used to translate domain names into IP addresses, that is, alphanumeric addresses into numeric addresses.. Best practices to prevent phishing attacks, part 2 [2017] In the first part of this article we explained what is phishing and how to identify email scams.

Best practices to prevent phishing attacks, part 2 [2017]

In this article we’ll talk about the scam websites and how they try to deceive us by impersonating another site. The purpose of these fraudulent websites is the same as the email messages with phishing. Best practices to prevent phishing attacks [2017] “Phishing” is the modern version of the ”Confidence trick” used by Samuel Thompson in the 19th century although these kind of tricks were already known since the middle ages.

Best practices to prevent phishing attacks [2017]

This trick exploits very common human characteristics like dishonesty, vanity, compassion, credulity, irresponsibility, naïveté and greed. 20 Tips To Optimize Your Internet Speed and Your Web Browser. A computer in bad shape or a bad Internet connection can have disastrous consequences in the web browsing speed.

20 Tips To Optimize Your Internet Speed and Your Web Browser

This article will help you fix the most common problems to boost the performance of your computer, your Internet connection and your web browser. Malware infections. It’s highly recommended to have a firewall and an antivirus installed. Keep them updated and scan your computer for infections periodically. Other programs using the Internet connection. Other users using the same Internet connection. Overheated computer. Excessive CPU or RAM usage. Too many open web browser tabs.

Too complex web pages. Web pages hosted in slow or distant servers. Web browser cache cleared frequently. Slow DNS. Hardware failure or fragmentation problems in the hard drive. 49 ways to keep your privacy in Internet [2017] Personal data has become a valuable asset and in many cases the users don’t know the basic security concepts in social networks where they share it ignoring the consequences.

49 ways to keep your privacy in Internet [2017]

Once the information is publicly available, it will stay in Internet for many years generating many problems. The cause of those problems is not only the information that the user published voluntarily but also the information he/she provided to companies and the personal data those companies get by other means. What can be considered personal information? The personal information is not only the name, address, phone number or ID card number. Other information is also included like political affiliation, creed, gender, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, medical information, geographic location, place of birth, education, birthday and age. 43 Alternative Web Search Engines [2017] If you think there are only 3 or 4 search engines in Internet you'll be surprised at how many different Google alternatives are available.

43 Alternative Web Search Engines [2017]

Even if you discard specialized search engines, web directories and price comparison websites you'll easily end up with hundreds of websites in the list. For this article I've only included the general purpose search engines. This is the alphabetically ordered list of generic search engines that have their own web crawler : Active Search Results was launched in 2009 and it's an independent search engine that uses a patented ranking algorithm called ASR Ranking. This algorithm is based in user activities in the ASR website and it ranks the websites according to the points given to the users who submitted each website to ASR.

BriskBard. If you look for some files and you know they are located inside an anonymous FTP server, these FTP search engines will help you find it.


Despite criticism and some premature obituaries, FTP is far from dead. It's true that the golden days of FTP are long gone but it's still used by millions of sites. FTP is a 40+ years old Internet protocol but it has been redefined multiple times and it's still used to transfer files between computers on a network. The users connect to FTP servers using FTP clients like BriskBard, that allows them to upload, download, rename and delete files and folders on the server. It's usually necessary to login to the server but some of them allow public access and they are known as anonymous FTP sites.

FTP was extensively used in the 90's but with the increasing popularity of the web and P2P services, its role has changed. According to the IEEE Computer Society, there are more than 13 million FTP servers and about 1.1 million of them allow public access. 16+1 Best Free Email Service Providers [2017] There are many situations when you may need to create a new email account and this list will help you decide which provider to choose. In this article you will find many alternative providers that offer a secure, reliable and fast email service. All you need in one program - BriskBard. About BriskBard.