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Community building as engine of growth - Growth digital Growth digital. Layervault is a tool for syncing, versioning, and sharing design files.

Community building as engine of growth - Growth digital Growth digital

As the founders discovered a lack of good websites to discuss and share links for the designer community, they decided to build and foster a standalone community website. One year and a half later, Designer News is the one stop shop for designer discussions. The Layervault brand benefited widely from the exposure of the community and the designers sympathy. Pushbullet, an android app that brings your notification on the desktop, has also leverage the community website Reddit with a dedicated forum for its app. With a no-brainer and direct communication strategy and embracing consumer feedbacks from day 1, they leveraged their early adopter community and kept 2’700 brand ambassadors engaged with their product.

Internet connects people together, there is no need to demonstrate the value of such niche communities. However, a buzzing community is hard to develop and you might face the cold start problem. Growth.Digital: Die digitale Bibliothek für alle Growth-Hacker. A new marketing era - prepare for growth - Growth digital Growth digital. The digital economy has drastically changed over the last two decades, so did the marketing techniques and mindset.

A new marketing era - prepare for growth - Growth digital Growth digital

Not only have classical distribution channels like newspapers, TV and retail stores been supplanted by their digital counterparts, a whole new set of tools, platforms and channels have emerged. Digital marketers have to evolve. In this new era, the separation between marketing and programming becomes blurry.

The 6-month marketing master plan is being replaced by short cycles full of experiments. The marketer don’t need to blind trust his gut feeling anymore as his assumptions will be validated by data. Welcome to the data-driven and experiment-based digital marketing or what is also called Growth Hacking. Home - Growth digital Growth digital. Home - Growth digital Growth digital. Careers at Uber. How A Dancing Cat Doubled Our Conversion Rate.

Here at Strikingly we’ve recently rolled out a new referral system that rewards you with free periods of our Pro plan for each friend you invite.

How A Dancing Cat Doubled Our Conversion Rate

We were wondering about how to increase the usage of this new system. Here’s what our invitation page looked like before: It’s just a basic form – enter your name and some email addresses and you can tell your friends about We drew inspiration from Dropbox’s referral system. But the page itself looked empty, and there was an awful lot of extra space on the sides. At first we experimented with clip art in the background – faded illustrations of gifts and happy faces and such. Dafeng, our backend developer and a perennial 9GAG fan, jokingly suggested that we put a dancing cat on this page. Once you submit the form, the cat will dance for you. 1. 2. 3. Ask GH: Where can I get listed? - Email Automation powered by User Data.

Bounce Exchange™ Imagine Having The Power To Turn Abandoning Visitors Into Customers.

Bounce Exchange™

Leveraging our exclusive “Exit-Intent” technology, Bounce Exchange™ is leading the paradigm shift in automated customer acquisition. How Does Our Patented "Exit-Intent” Technology Work? Mouse Gestures: The BounceX software is tracking all the cursor movements of every visitor in real-time. Breaking The Browser Plane: We detect the precise millisecond that a visitor abandons your site. Cleanly Overlays Your Site Upon Abandonment: An elegant lightbox appears after a visitor leaves your site.

Digital Pain Points 90%-99% Of Your Marketing Spend Is Completely Worthless 70%-96% of the visitors abandoning your site will NEVER RETURN Email is a phenomenal profit driver, however most websites capture less than 1 in 400 emails from visitors (who have not purchased) Up to 85% of shoppers who add to cart DO NOT BUY ANYTHING Data Brain “Voted Top 12 Start-Ups 2012” “Honored Great 8 Companies of 2012” Pricing Structure Success! Live Chat Software. Google Keyword Planner – Keyword Research: The Definitive Guide. Search for New Keyword and Ad Group Ideas This is the bread and butter tool that’s perfect for finding new keywords.

Google Keyword Planner – Keyword Research: The Definitive Guide

Keep in mind that the keywords you get from this tool are usually very closely based on the seed keywords you put into it (as we saw in The Introduction, the GKP doesn’t tend to generate completely new keyword ideas). When you choose the “Search for New Keyword and Ad Group Ideas“ tool, a menu appears with a list of options: Let’s break down each of these options: Enter one or more of the following This is a REALLY important option. Here’s how to get the most out of it: Your product or service: This is actually a list of keywords. Your landing page: This is primarily for Adwords users.

Your product category: This allows you to access Google’s internal database of keywords for different industries. Once you’ve entered your information into one – or all three – of the options, it’s time to choose your “Targeting” options. Targeting But let’s say you’re based in Germany. (“Ad impr. Net Promoter Score Software & Customer Loyalty Management. Communicate personally with every single customer. Mobile Analytics. Startup Pack for marketers!