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100 Creepy Hand-Picked Horror Wallpapers - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Today’s desktop wallpaper collection is all about horror.

100 Creepy Hand-Picked Horror Wallpapers - Smashing Magazine

Wallpaper can convey the depths of emotion and feeling and whatever you want them to convey. You will always find a wallpaper to express your feeling or mood. It’s always nice to refresh your perspective with some inspirational, elegant, stylish and beautiful wallpaper. Paintings. Horror Movies Desktop Wallpaper. 100 Illustrated Horror Film Posters: Part 1. For some, Halloween means costume parties and drunken debauchery.

100 Illustrated Horror Film Posters: Part 1

That’s never really been my style. Personally, I like to spend my Halloween evenings eating candy and watching scary movies. Yeah, I’m a nerd – I know. Joshua Hoffine. The Art of Horror - Paintings & Illustrations by Eric Swartz. Dark Illustration Horror. 30 Terrifying Examples of Horror Digital Art. Horror and macabre are incredibly common themes for artists, due to the powerful impression that can be made using a combination of color, shadow and perspective.

30 Terrifying Examples of Horror Digital Art

Perhaps the most commonly recognized painting of a horror-style scene is “The Scream”, an expressionistic painting by Edvard Munch. As always, with the advent of digital art, the horror genre has made tremendous leaps forward in the art world. In this post, we’ve gathered up 30 terrifying examples of horror digital art. Whether the horror and fear is directly obvious, with monsters, demons and blood, or merely insinuated through the clever use of colors and shadows, and character emotions, there’s a great variety of works in both true digital painting form, grunge form, and even line-art form. As a word of caution, some images contain depictions of violence, blood, monsters and other horror elements. Horror, Morbid and Mystic Art Pictures - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement It is true that art communicates what words can not and art is the language that communicates with the soul.

Horror, Morbid and Mystic Art Pictures - Smashing Magazine

Morbid art stands for works that illustrate a very deathly and deathlike mood. It has many variations starting from its gore scenes to its dark and depressed atmosphere – and sometimes its daydreams, night screams, corpses and horrifying imagery. As such, it has some similarties with the mystic art that is also quite “charismatic” in terms of its themes and motifs. The beauty of mystic art is the simple fact that it captures your attention at the very first glance, provides you with the imagery of something that doesn’t exist, looks surreal or even bizarre and hence impresses you in a very mystifying way.

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Top 50 scariest horror movies of all time - Halloween movies

We have rebooted our list of the 50 scariest movies of all time. While the term “scary movie” is somewhat subjective, we focused on three main categories: 1. Is the movie so scary that it could change one’s behavior?