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We have been formulating cleaning chemicals for years, trying to make ones with better results at reasonable cost. For many years, we have only sold products to the automotive detailing community. About 5 years ago we began selling our products at small airshows and been asked if we had a good metal polish. So I began the long process of research and development. Locally, our product is well known by aircraft owners and detailers. So it was time to share this product with the entire aviation community, because lets be real, everyone wants their aircraft to shine bright.

Airplane Metal Polish. The propeller is one of the most important parts of the aircraft, but it often doesn’t get the attention that it deserves.

Airplane Metal Polish

If an aircraft experiences propeller failure mid-flight, the pilot would lose control of the aircraft and disaster would ensue. If your plane has a propeller, it’s imperative that you learn how to care for it in order to prevent safety issues. Here’s everything that you need to know about propeller maintenance: Pre-Flight Inspections Before taking off, pilots should examine the propeller as part of their pre-flight inspection. Remove Damage Use a hand file to remove dings and dents from the surface of the propellers. Inspect Often Pilots should conduct preflight inspections before every flight, but they should also conduct more thorough inspections at fixed intervals. Airplane Metal Polish. People who own their own aircrafts tend to be incredibly passionate about flying.

Airplane Metal Polish

But, it can be difficult to enjoy this hobby if no one in your family shares the same passion for aviation. Airplane Polish. What should you bring with you if you’re about to take flight?

Airplane Polish

Besides the basics, pilots should also consider packing some of these accessories that every aircraft owner needs: Sun Visors If you fly during daylight hours, you will need a sun visor to block out the sun. Most aircrafts are designed with some type of sun visor, but the one that’s in your plane may not offer you the level of protection that you need to see clearly. In fact, the visor that is in your plane is probably made out of fabric. Airplane Polish. If you have a passion for all things aviation, you may want to plan a trip to see one of the many air shows that take place across the country every year.

Airplane Polish

With so many air shows, it can be hard to choose which one you should attend. Luckily, we’ve rounded up a list of the must see air shows that you won’t want to miss out on: EAA AirVenture OshKosh in Oshkosh, Wisconsin This event, which takes place between July 24-30th, is packed full of different events that pilots will love, including The Blue Angels air show. The U.S. Airplane Polish. The vast majority of maintenance mistakes are caused by human error and would lead to dangerous conditions if they went undetected.

Airplane Polish

How can you prevent making mistakes when performing maintenance on your plane? It helps to learn the cause of maintenance mistakes. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, these are the most common causes of aviation maintenance mistakes: Distractions Taking care of your aircraft requires your full attention, so if you are attempting to multitask while maintaining your plane, it is very likely that you will make mistakes. Aviation Polish. Polishing an aircraft may not sound like rocket science, but there are a few things you should know to ensure that you do it correctly.

Aviation Polish

Here are the do’s and don’ts of airplane polishing: Don’t: Use polish to remove frost The Federal Aviation Administration used to allow pilots to fly planes that had ice on the wings as long as the ice had been polished and smoothed down. But, the FAA noticed that accidents involving planes with ice on the wings were still occurring even if the ice had been smoothed over. Aviation Polish. The snow is starting to melt and the temperatures are finally climbing upwards, which means the warmer months of spring and summer are right around the corner.

Aviation Polish

Many pilots pack their bags and take off into the skies to explore new areas or go on vacations with their friends and families. In fact, pilots often think of spring and summer as the perfect time to fly. But, before you go anywhere, make sure you have read these tips for flying in warmer weather: Plan for heat and humidity. Pilots often moan and groan about flying in the winter, but flying in the warmer weather can be just as challenging because of the changes in temperature and humidity levels. Aviation Polish. Every pilot wants to be in the sky as much as possible, but there comes a time where every pilot has to land and put the plane in storage.

Aviation Polish

This is especially common in the cold winter months when poor flying conditions keep a lot of pilots away from their planes. Airplane Polish. One of the best parts about having your own aircraft is the freedom to fly away and explore new destinations.

Airplane Polish

If you’re looking for somewhere new to fly, let this list of the best airports in the United States inspire you: Albert Whitted Airport in St. Petersburg, Florida Just minutes from Tampa, Florida, the Albert Whitted Airport is the perfect place to land if you want to be near the beautiful Florida beaches, amusement parks, and various sporting events scattered throughout the area. Although this airport only covers roughly 110 acres of land, it handles approximately 89,000 aircraft operations every year. First Flight Airport in North Carolina’s Outer Banks This is one of the smaller airports on the list as it only covers approximately 40 acres of land. Steamboat Springs Airport in Steamboat Springs, Colorado Steamboat Springs is a popular skiing destination, so many pilots fly into this airport during the winter. Lake Tahoe Airport in South Lake Tahoe, California. Aviation Polish.

Winter is notorious for bad weather, so it’s not a surprise that many aircraft owners decide to put their planes in storage until spring.

Aviation Polish

But, some pilots actually prefer flying in the winter months. Why? Visibility can be higher in the winter unless there are snowstorms. Some pilots also believe aircrafts perform better in winter because the air is much denser when it is cold. Airplane metal polish. Aircraft owners must ensure their planes are polished on a regular basis in order to remove corrosion, dirt, debris, and water spots from the surface of the plane. Polishing isn’t just about making sure the airplane looks nice, but also about increasing its fuel efficiency, extending its lifespan, reducing downtime, and lowering its carbon footprint.

In order to begin polishing, you will need to decide whether you want to use an electric buffer or hand buff the entire aircraft. Product Categories. What Is The Difference Between Oxidation And Corrosion? To some, oxidation and corrosion may simply be scientific terms learned back in high school, but as an aircraft owner, you know that they’re much more than that. You simply never want oxidation and corrosion to be associated with your aviation, as it can cause serious deterioration and/or destruction of your aircraft. Before learning about the valuable variety of proper precautions you can take to help deter them from happening to your aviation, you must understand the differences that separate these two very similar processes. Since both oxidation and corrosion can occur when under natural or forced conditions with several external factors having the ability to accelerate the effects, you certainly don’t want this topic to fly on past you.

What is Oxidation? Oxidation is described as an electrochemical reaction between Oxygen and other substances, whether metal or living tissues. Best Airplane Metal Polish for Corrosion Control. When the winter’s over and a new season begins, it’s time to think about ways to keep your brightwork and airplane metals corrosion-free. While it’s tempting to avoid the extra time and hard work it takes to keep your brightwork in top condition, it’s not the wisest choice. Doing so can cause major problems down the line, and sometimes those issues create irreversible damage.

Using Aircraft Metal Polish for Corrosion Control. Controlling corrosion could quite possibly be one of the biggest challenges for aircraft owners, and getting to know the best ways to address it is important. Corrosion is a form of metal erosion that can cause costly and extensive damage to a plane’s structure. If not controlled, it can also lead to serious safety risks. Tips for Using Aircraft Metal Polish for Hobbies.

Your favorite toy car or heirloom hobby airplane may need a good polishing, but which polish will work best? A good aircraft metal polish might be a good choice for the job. Aircraft metal polish is not just for airplanes. The best aircraft metal polishes can go far beyond the norm and work on even hobby projects with above average results. The ultimate goal of any hobby project is to restore and maintain the original shine or condition of your project. Best Metal Polish for Your Recreational Vehicle. Owning a recreational vehicle (RV) invokes a sense of freedom and relaxation like no other. According to the Pennsylvania Recreational Vehicle and Camping Association, America is home to as many as 30 million RV enthusiasts and currently 1 in 12 households report ownership.

7 Things You Should Know About Vintage Aircraft Polishing. Vintage aircraft polishing can be the hobby of hobbies – if you know what you’re doing. For decades, enthusiasts have enjoyed restoring and maintaining the finest antique specimens of aviation history. The unique tradition thrives on smart decisions about maintenance and upkeep as well as experienced technique. Even for the experienced, polishing vintage aircraft is a huge undertaking. The type of polish selected must be versatile enough to address aged surfaces or slightly delicate machine parts and fixtures.

It must also be capable of addressing tough appearance issues, like years of oxidation, color swirls, cloudiness and even light body damage. Best Aircraft Polish. Airplane Metal Polish In Best Price. High Quality Aircraft Polish. We have been formulating cleaning chemicals for years, trying to make ones with better results at reasonable cost. For many years, we have only sold products to the automotive detailing community. About 5 years ago we began selling our products at small airshows and been asked if we had a good metal polish.

So I began the long process of research and development. Airplane Metal Polish At Best Price. We have been formulating cleaning chemicals for years, trying to make ones with better results at reasonable cost. For many years, we have only sold products to the automotive detailing community. About 5 years ago we began selling our products at small airshows and been asked if we had a good metal polish. So I began the long process of research and development. In those 5 years we tested and reformulated these products until the current 3 were developed. Aviation Polish In Windsor Locks. We have been detailing cleaning chemicals for quite a long time, attempting to improve ones with results at sensible expense. For a long time, we have just sold items to the car specifying group.

BrightWork Airplane Polish. Polish Your Silverware and Other Metal Before The Holidays. It’s not too early to start thinking about the holiday season, and preparations would not be complete without a freshly polished collection of silverware and accessories to make your holiday gatherings perfect in every way. Bright Work Airplane Polish. Brightworkpolish Aviation Polish. We have been formulating cleaning chemicals for years, trying to make ones with better results at reasonable cost. For many years, we have only sold products to the automotive detailing community. White Polish – 8 Ounce. Product Description Bright Work White Polish is designed to remove light oxidation, water spots and cloudiness. Manta. Buffing Tool For Aviation Polish.

Aside from metal polish, the buffing tool used in an aircraft metal polish job can be one of the most important aspects of getting the desired, quality results. It’s no wonder, then, that technicians make it a point to stay up-to-date on all the latest innovations in buffing tools and have a working knowledge of the terminology associated with them. Yet, the average everyday metal polisher may not be familiar with the terms and definitions associated with buffing tools, and may need help when it comes to sifting through the plethora of devices on the market.

This post will serve as a guide for buffing tool terminology and will provide important information on selecting the best buffing tool for your project. Aviation Metal Polish And Preservation Jobs. Blue Airplane Polish – 8 Ounce. Aviation Custom Metal Polish. Red Polish – 16 Ounce. Buffing Pads For Airplane Metal Polish. Electropolishing Aviation Polish. Airplane Polish Inspection Process. Airplane Polish In Best Price. Airplane Polish At Best Price. Best Buffing Tool For Aircraft. Blue Polish. Red Polish. Aluminum & Metal Aircraft & Airplane Polish.