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Socialgraphics Help You To Understand Your Customers: Slides and. Companies should have a ‘Customer Strategy’ not a ‘Twitter or Facebook Strategy’.

Socialgraphics Help You To Understand Your Customers: Slides and

To start, first understand your customers social behaviors, below are the slides and recorded webinar featured yesterday by Charlene Li and myself. We know that customers are adopting new technologies to communicate with each other –and companies must change their own behaviors to reach them. Yet, to often, we hear of companies ‘fondling the hammer‘ where they have knee-jerk reactions to which ever technology emerges. The problem with this strategy is that new technologies are emerging in rapid iterations due to low-cost of innovation.

As a result, focus on their behaviors, which we cover in detail in the Engagement Pyramid. N o t e s . B r i e u c . b i z. 10 Ideas For The New Decade. How to sell Social Media in your organisati. Why don't they understand that social media can help us working more efficiently?

How to sell Social Media in your organisati

Those stupid corporate drones! I want to get it more widespread in the organisation but every time I hit this frustrating wall! Sounds familiar? It's a frustration I've experienced myself and I see it often recurring during client engagements where some people inside a large organisation see value in adopting social software (whether it is client-facing social media or Enterprise 2.0) and they are trying to get more widespread acceptance.

Their enthusiasm often drives the adoption of these tools but at a certain point it hits a wall because the legal department, PR or corporate IT starts to ask questions about this successful "under-the-radar" product that violates numerous "company policies". PAUL ISAKSON: A Brand's Most Urgent Questions. Flickr // “Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”

PAUL ISAKSON: A Brand's Most Urgent Questions

- Martin Luther King, Jr. The above quote came up a few times last Monday over Twitter in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.