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Bridgeware Systems Inc.

Bridgeware Systems Inc. is a staffing software development & applicant tracking platform designed exclusively for staffing & recruitment firms, with top support services and 30 years of ongoing development.

Pricing Temporary Services – 5 Key Elements for Profitability. Last year I wrote a blog article titled “Organizing for Profit in a Staffing Company – 10 Issues to Consider”.

Pricing Temporary Services – 5 Key Elements for Profitability

One of the ten “issues to consider” was pricing. In this article I would like to dig a litter deeper into this critical issue. I have divided this topic into 5 key elements, the absolute necessity of profit, the market and competition, knowing your true costs, profit planning, and a “blended” pricing strategy. The Absolute Necessity of Profit. A Standard Temps Plus staffing software feature. Using Temps Plus you can E-Verify all of your candidates at no additional charge.

A Standard Temps Plus staffing software feature

It is a standard Temps Plus feature. With Temps Plus web-based E-Verify feature, you will minimize your risk exposure and be fully compliant. Future of Work: Building a culture of innovation and virtual collaboration. With the power of technology, today we have the ability to better prepare for the future of work, to understand the challenges and opportunities, develop new policies and solutions that can effectively bridge these transitions.

Future of Work: Building a culture of innovation and virtual collaboration

As we continue to understand the full impact of the pandemic, one thing is for certain – the future of work is destined for change. With digital transformation taking place on an unprecedented level, it will become imperative for organisations to listen to their employees, rethink their strategy to sustain their existing organisational culture and quickly adapt new communications systems that align with the new way of working. While organizations are re-looking at establishing a healthy virtual culture, they are also striving to maintain the spirit of innovation at the same time. Businesses are reconsidering how to enable collaboration and teamwork by providing the tools and technologies that fuel innovation. Paying Temp Employees with Debit Cards – A Win-Win? As this article is being written (Jan 2021) it is exactly one year since the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) first declaration of a global health emergency.

Paying Temp Employees with Debit Cards – A Win-Win?

At the time there were only 200 recorded deaths and 9,800 cases worldwide. In March, WHO declared it a pandemic and two days later our President declared a national emergency. By the end of the March the US House and Senate had passed the $2 trillion “Cares Act” and President Donald Trump had signed it into law. Part of that economic stimulus bill was a $1,200 direct cash payment (plus $500 per child) to every adult US citizen earning less than $75,000 a year. In April and May millions of checks were being mailed and direct deposits were made by the US Treasury. One problem with the distribution was that millions of Americans did not have checking accounts or there was no government record of one. The staffing industry had been paying contract workers via debit cards for several years. (Note: Data courtesy of The Money Network)

Starting a Temporary Services Agency – 6 Key Considerations. Congratulations!

Starting a Temporary Services Agency – 6 Key Considerations

You have decided to get into a business of your own. A staffing agency (some prefer the term “staffing company”) can be an excellent business model both for the relative ease of entry and the potential of achieving profitability, even in the first year. Candidate Sourcing: Top nine methods for sourcing candidates. Candidate sourcing is the continued search for potential hires to fill current and future job openings.

Candidate Sourcing: Top nine methods for sourcing candidates

This is done by collecting resumes, pre-screening candidates, and building relationships with potential hire. you can roll up your sleeves and start sourcing candidates with these golden tricks. 1. Client Satisfaction – 5 Tips for Staffing Companies. Client satisfaction is the key to any company’s prospects for growth and profitability but how to achieve it will vary depending on the industry.

Client Satisfaction – 5 Tips for Staffing Companies

In the Staffing business there are some issues that are key. A Brief History of the Staffing Industry - Bridgeware Systems Inc. Even a brief history needs a definition, a when and how it began, the institutions it fostered, and its key developments.

A Brief History of the Staffing Industry - Bridgeware Systems Inc.

As a “brief” history we will only touch upon these topics while providing links for additional details. What is the Staffing Industry? Depending on who is identifying, there are at least 25 major Industrial sectors like manufacturing, construction, mining, etc… Closer to home would be a major sector listed by IBIS World as “Administration and Business Support Services”. One of its sub-areas is “Office Staffing and Temp Agencies” and tell us, very briefly, what they do, i.e. Onboarding and Benefits Management - TempsPlus Staffing Software. A staffing company often has projects that require hiring several people at the same time.

Onboarding and Benefits Management - TempsPlus Staffing Software

Getting them onboard can be chaotic. Ditto for setting up and managing their benefits. A New Year’s Resolution: Survive & Thrive! Last year, at about this time, I wrote a blog on this same general topic.

A New Year’s Resolution: Survive & Thrive!

It was a fairly ambitious article with 5 categories and 20 resolutions. But this was just before the pandemic began. I’m sure a lot of resolutions got lost in the impending storm. TempsPlus Staffing Management Software - Bridgeware Systems, Inc. Bridgeware’s TempsPlus Staffing management Software, like all software, is in constant need of ongoing technical development. As the industry changes or the requirements of our clients, so does our software. Getting the Most from Your Staffing Software. Preliminary Notes: You can call it (ATS) or (CRM), or (HR) Software, or (CMS), but if you have simply “good staffing software”, you will have them all, plus a Payroll system, Billing System, Bulk messaging System and more.

And, you will have them all in a single, fully integrated software program that is critical to the efficient, professional, and profitable management of your staffing company. That argument was made in a previous Blog article which you can read at any time. Staffing software has been built exclusively for the 22,000 staffing companies in the US over the last 40 years. It was created, feature by feature in direct consultation with staffing companies to serve their growing needs in a highly competitive industry. Staffing & Recruitment Software by TempsPlus. “Applicant Tracking” is a TempsPlus major staffing software feature that is actually combination of several features that creates an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). A central database securely stores all applicant, new hires, and regular employee’s data. This information can then be processed by any number of criteria and instantly retrieved.

Thinking About “What’s in the Cards” for Staffing Agencies in 2021? No, I do not read Tarot cards, nor crystal balls, nor Zodiac signs. Shakespeare was a smart guy who made some literary history about this kind of “star gazing” when he had his character Cassius say, “The fault dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves”.

But that great line is only partially true. Consider the current pandemic. Bridgeware Systems Inc. — A Content Management System (CMS) For Staffing... Competing With “The Cloud” – A Crazy Idea For Staffing Companies? First, a definition of terms. By “the cloud” I am referring to the large cloud-based platforms usually referred to as “the Gig Economy”. Stimulus Stalemate & Staffing Companies - How to Break the Deadlock. Late in September 2020, I wrote a blog article claiming that a third round of PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) was imminent. I was wrong, “dead wrong”.

It is now Nov 21, 2020 (as I write) and the prospects of a deal are downright discouraging. Still, most think it will come but it may be 2021 before any new relief will be passed. We have the same senate until 2021 and there is no real incentive for the President to sign it before he leaves office. Some pessimists believe it may not pass at all since the same Senate may well be in place beyond 2021. There is a third view that is much more realistic, i.e. there will be a relief package that will be more targeted and less costly and could well pass before the new year.

The Senate believes that even the reduced relief package of $2.2 trillion which the House passed in early October 2020, as a compromise, is still too much money. Then it went briefly to $1.2 trillion (Steve Mnuchin suggested) but that amount did not go anywhere either. CRM, CMS, ATS, & HR – What is Good Staffing Software? “Words, Words, Words – I’m so sick of words – say one more word and I’ll scream!”.

Staffing Agency Activities for Year-End - A Few Important Topics - Bridgeware Systems Inc. Staffing Trends and Challenges for 2020-21.