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re you looking for the best boarding facility for your pet? Bridewell Hilltop implements all the requisite measures, and ensures a safe and healthy pet boarding.

Know What Should be Included in Your Dog’s Diet! In an ideal pet-friendly world, all kibble would be made equal.

Know What Should be Included in Your Dog’s Diet!

However, dog owners are presented with a variety of options – all claiming to be the best food for your dog. Wading through these dozens of choices to find the right dog brand that is not just appealing to your dog, but also is healthy and affordable can be a daunting and frustrating task. Listed below are a few foods that experts in dog grooming in San Rafael recommend adding to your dog’s diet if you feed him commercial food.

Yogurt: Yogurt is a natural source of probiotics and can be safely fed to your furry friend. Not only is it inexpensive but is also easy to feed. Eggs: Eggs are chock-full of nutrition that is also dog friendly. Amazing Ways to Care for your Pet this Winter. When the temperatures begin to dip, and snow starts to cover the ground outside, it is important to not just don your coat, but also adjust the daily routine of your dog to keep him safe, happy, and comfortable until the signs of spring begin to appear.

Amazing Ways to Care for your Pet this Winter

Caring for your dog in winter can be hard and is a multipronged routine that will certainly take some thought as well as preparation. Listed below are a few Novato pet grooming tips to make this winter the best ever for your pet. Adjust the Daily Calorie Intake: A dog’s diet is calibrated to give him all the calories, vitamins, and minerals that he needs on a daily basis.

But when the activity levels of your dog begin to change, like it does during winter, adjustments need to be made to ensure that he gets adequate nutrition. How to Keep Your Dog Cool When It's Hot Outside. Summer can be a testing time not just for us humans, but dogs as well.

How to Keep Your Dog Cool When It's Hot Outside

Unlike humans, dogs cannot sweat as well. While humans can also suffer heatstroke in summer, the risk is much greater for dogs. They are also at higher risk for dehydration, footpad burns, and sunburns. Why Send Your Puppy to Daycare? Your dog loves you more than anything.

Why Send Your Puppy to Daycare?

They get sad and anxious when you leave them alone at home. Here’s Why Pet Owners Need Pet Sitting Services In Novato Even When They Aren’t On Vacation. Whether you are leaving for the day, the weekend or off on a business trip, your pet will still need to be cared for.

Here’s Why Pet Owners Need Pet Sitting Services In Novato Even When They Aren’t On Vacation

Many people have friends or family who take care of their pets when they have to leave for business or take a day trip with the family. There are also kennels that specialize in pet sitting in Novato. Vacations are not the only time you should consider a pet sitter though. Even if you are only going to be gone for a day or two, your pets still need attention and proper care. Here are a few occasions when these services make a lot of sense. Dog washing tips from head-to-tail. Whether your dog has been rolling around in the backyard or slapping through puddles on their rainy morning walk, sooner or later its going to need a bath.

Dog washing tips from head-to-tail

Some dogs enjoy a bath as much as a walk, while others simply prefer to stay dry and continue with playtime. Bridewell Hilltop Boarding Kennels & Cattery offers dog grooming in San Rafael and we know that however your dog reacts come bath time, this step-by-step guide will help you prepare and give you the tools needed to ensure they’re comfortable. Find the right spot For smaller-sized dogs, the perfect bath spot can be as simple as the kitchen sink or a basin outside. For regular and larger-sized dogs, the bathtub or a kiddie pool in the backyard are ideal choices. Hiring a Pet Sitter in Novato? Here’s What to Consider. If you are someone who loves to travel often, or spend extra hours at work, arranging care for your furry companion while you are away, can be sometimes overwhelming. 9 out of every 10 pet owners consider their four-legged friends to be a member of the family which means they are not just on the lookout for pet sitting in Novato, that provides basic necessities such as water and food, but also a reliable service that renders companionship, play time, and reassurance while you are away.

Hiring a Pet Sitter in Novato? Here’s What to Consider

In short, pet owners look for someone who can take their place in their absence. Why Dog Grooming Care is Important for Dogs. In our busy lives, dog grooming can sometime feel like a chore.

Why Dog Grooming Care is Important for Dogs

Pet owners often ignore grooming of their pets. Contrary to common belief, dog grooming services in San Rafael is more than just a quick swipe with a brush. Grooming is an essential part of caring for your fur kids and involves caring for their eyes, skin, nails, teeth, ears, and yes, the coat too. 4 Benefits of Dog Grooming Service in San Rafael Appearance: The main advantage of grooming is that it makes your dog look nice. Household Cleanliness: Grooming also helps in keeping your home clean and tidy. How Dog Daycare Improves Dog Behavior. Dogs are social animals.

How Dog Daycare Improves Dog Behavior

They love being around their humans. If you think your pooch has an eventful time while you are not home, you are wrong. Dogs get bored when they are alone and can develop behavioral issues. To ensure your furry friend is taken care of, leave it at dog boarding near you before going to work or out of town. Dog boarding facilities employ animal lovers and animal behavior specialists who interact with and keep their guests busy. Dogs left alone during the day can get bored. Dogs are pack animals. What is the Right Age for a Puppy to Go to a Dog Daycare. Do you hate leaving your puppy alone at home when you go to work or out of town?

What is the Right Age for a Puppy to Go to a Dog Daycare

If so, consider using a dog daycare in Marin County. Daycare facilities employ passionate pet lovers who go above and beyond to create a homely environment for their guests. Benefits of Daycare Facilities There are several advantages to daycare centers. A professional and well-managed dog daycare provides a safe and controlled environment for their guests. Dogs that are left alone frequently get bored and can develop behavioral issues. Tips On Dog Park Safety And Etiquette From Dog Grooming Experts In San Rafael. Dog parks are a great way to exercise your pet, but there are a few pet safety tips you should keep in mind whenever you choose to visit one. Here are some of the tips recommended by professionals offering dog grooming in San Rafael. Keep Your Pet’s Shots Current Always keep your pet’s shots current. This is essential especially since you will be exposing your dog to other people and their pets, who may or may not be as careful as you are.

Make sure your pet goes to its annual check-up each year and gets a clean bill of health along with all of their required shots. Always Bring What You Need. Dog Grooming Service to Prevent Fleas, Ticks & Heartworms. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes carry viruses that can seriously harm your four-legged friend. They also carry diseases that lead to various skin conditions and health issues. Thus, it is prudent to protect your pets from these parasites. Thankfully, it is also very easy, and Bridewell Hilltop Inc. offers dog Grooming in San Rafael to help. As your partners in fighting parasites, we suggest the following tips to prevent fleas, ticks, and heartworms.

What Can You Do to Prevent Dog Straying? Do you believe your dog is nothing less than a hairy Houdini that can find his way to escape from your backyard when you aren’t watching? If your dog tends to escape despite repeated efforts to keep him confined, you are right in fearing tragic consequences. Your dog can escape, and get injured in a fight with another dog, get hit by a car, or get hurt in numerous other ways. That is not all! Does Your Dog Stress Out Going To The Boarding Facility? Dogs are social animals.

They do not like being left alone. Why leave your dog alone all by itself when you go out of town when you can leave it at a pet boarding facility in the care of trained animal behaviorists? Pet boarding facilities go to great lengths to create a homely environment. However, some dogs may stress out at boarding. Your Pet Needs Grooming In Novato, But May Also Need These Supplements. Novato pet grooming professionals at Bridewell Hilltop Kennels and Cattery understand that your pet’s health depends on the type foods it eats. With a proper diet, their coat will be thick, shiny, and full of volume. A healthy diet that includes the right supplements will make for a healthier, happier pet.

Probiotics Probiotics support the natural balance of enzymes and bacteria in the gut. This allows the digestive tract to function more efficiently so your pet gets the most out of every meal they consume. Lysine Both dogs and cats can suffer from the same types of infections humans do. Heatstroke in Dogs: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment. Like you, your furry friend can be susceptible to the hot summer sun. 6 Ways To Deal With Muddy Paws While Dog Grooming In San Rafael. Dog Boarding Kennels Near Me. How To Choose A Pet Groomer In Novato. Choosing the right pet groomer is an important decision, and there are many things to consider if you are looking for top-quality care. 4 Tips to Finding the Right Pet Boarding Facility.

Most dog owners dread the very idea of boarding their dogs; however, there is nothing to worry about! A kennel stay, these days, is more of a camp-like experience for your pooch, with swimming pools, televisions, and comfortable beds among many other pet-friendly amenities. In fact, with the right preparation, your dog may be as excited about his vacation as much as you are about yours. How To Pack for Dog Boarding: Is Your Pup Prepped? While you might think your dog enjoys its freedom when you are at work or out of state, but truth be told, most dogs dislike being left alone. Dogs are social animals. They enjoy being around their families and spending time with the people who matter. 5 Dog Grooming Tips – Healthy Fur, Teeth, Ears and Nails. Dog Kennels Marin County. 4 Training Tips for New Dog Owners. Dogs unconditionally love their owners. They are always there for their human parents through thick and thin, supporting them both mentally and emotionally. Their furry friends’ smile and antics brighten up dog owners’ days.

If you do not have a dog, you should seriously consider bringing one home. Tips for Puppy Socialization. The importance of socializing a puppy cannot be emphasized enough. Pet Boarding in San Rafael. When you combine the high quality of our dog kennel and cattery boarding facility in Novato with a dedicated and professional staff, you will discover a pet care center that is second to none. While our Marin County dog and cat boarding kennels are roomy and comfortable, we limit the time your dog spends there to feeding, digesting, much-needed downtime and sleeping. Dog Boarding Petaluma. Prepare Your Pet for Spring.

Ask people their favorite season and many will say spring. There is much to love about spring. The spring months are neither too hot nor too cold. Flora and fauna thrive in spring. Spring can, however, be a challenging time for pet owners. 3 Benefits of Hiring an Honest Dog Walker in Novato. Dog Kennels in San Rafael. 5 Common Dog Grooming Mistakes San Rafael Pet Owners Should Avoid. Why Pet Sitters Stringently Follow Diet & Exercise Routines. Easy Diy All Breed Dog Grooming. Dog Boarding Petaluma. How To Protect Your Pup From Kennel Cough. Basic Supplies You Must Have Before Going to Pet Grooming in Novato. Dog Boarding Near Me: Day Boarding Provides Great Benefits for Your Dog and You Too. Dog Boarding Near Me: Great Benefits For Your Dog And You Too.

4 Tips to Finding the Right Pet Boarding Facility

Tips to Finding the Right Boarding Facility for Your Pet.