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Album Reviews: The Tough Alliance: A New Chance. Issued in Scandinavia on Service (Jens Lekman, Studio), the Tough Alliance's early EPs introduced an electro-pop duo capable of covering both 50 Cent and C-86-era Primal Scream, replying to Daft Punk's "Teachers", recording could-be Top 40 singles, and spiking an optimistic love song with the words, "I don't give a flying fuck.

Album Reviews: The Tough Alliance: A New Chance

" TTA finally made inroads in the U.S. and Canada this summer when Montreal-based Summer Lovers Unlimited (Crystal Castles, Teenagers) reissued 2006's New Waves EP, which featured the shiny tropical wistfulness of "Silly Crimes". Soon the wonderful A New Chance-- which landed in Sweden this May via TTA's own Sincerely Yours imprint-- will join it, providing the best introduction yet to this singular group.

(Summer Lovers also plans to issue the group's 2005 album, The New School.) At barely more than half an hour, A New Chance may lack heft, but it's the purest expression so far of Sweden's ongoing pop hybridization.

Kanye West

Jay-Z. M.I.A. Arcade Fire en concert à Paris le 5 juillet. Chers arcadiens, il va falloir être très rapide. La nouvelle étant tombée aujourd’hui, on imagine les hordes de fans attendre impatiemment devant les points de vente pour faire partie des rares personnes qui auront l’occasion de découvrir The Suburbs (sortie prévue en août) au concert d’Arcade Fire le 5 juillet au Casino de Paris. Les précieux tickets seront mis en vente ce vendredi 4 juin dans un petit nombre de masins Fnac, à savoir : Fnac Forum, Fnac Saint Lazare, Fnac Montparnasse, Fnac Italie 2 et Fnac Etoile. Il seront nominatifs et limités à deux par personne. Toutes les infos sont disponibles sur le site de Radical Production, ici. [attachment id=298] Music - Dirty Fun - Band’s Midnight Evolution. Björk/Dirty Projectors Mount Wittenberg Orca Track "All. [Awesome Mashup] Aeroplane vs Friendly Fires vs Flight Facilitie.

As if anyone needed another reason to love Aeroplane, the duo who, up until a few weeks ago, consisted of Stephen Fasano and Vito De Luca (now De Luca is the sole member), they’ve given us this ridiculously delicious mashup of Flight Facilities’ “Crave You” and their very own remix of Friendly Fires’ “Paris”.

[Awesome Mashup] Aeroplane vs Friendly Fires vs Flight Facilitie

Both of these tracks on their own are among my favorites, so mixing the two together is beyond exciting. The track was originally found on their 500th essential mix and they’ve just posted it on Facebook as a thank you to all of their over 10,000 fans. And we couldn’t be more gracious to accept it. Aeroplane vs Friendly Fires vs Flight Facilities – I Crave Paris I Crave Paris This post was written by guest blogger Chris from Related items: DIRTY PROJECTORS + BJÖRK. Album Reviews: Gucci Mane: Mr. Zone 6. Gucci Mane makes mixtapes.

Album Reviews: Gucci Mane: Mr. Zone 6

It's what he does. About a month and a half ago, Gucci was released from prison after serving a six-month parole-violation sentence. But it's no shock to see him coming out with an hour of new songs so soon after his release. After all, one of the best Gucci songs from last year was "First Day Out", which he supposedly recorded on, literally, his first day of freedom after he served his last six-month parole-violation sentence. Going to prison for parole violation, see, is the other thing Gucci does. Even with that prison sentence, Mr. If you're a Gucci neophyte looking for a way in, Mr. For those listeners, Gucci puts on something of a rapping clinic: switching up his flow every few bars, jamming as many syllables as possible into quick-rewind clumps.

But this is still a Gucci tape, so nobody should approach it expecting Illmatic levels of insight. Pitchfork Guide to Upcoming Releases: Summer 2010. Welcome once again to the Pitchfork Guide to Upcoming Releases, our seasonal guide to upcoming releases!

Pitchfork Guide to Upcoming Releases: Summer 2010

Four times a year, we round up a big ol' list of albums, singles, EPs, and DVDs set to be unleashed over the coming months, hoping to get you pumped about going out and buying records. (You do still do that, right? RIGHT?) This installment covers summer 2010. Compiling such a list isn't easy in this day and age, with different release dates for digital and physical versions of albums, as well as different release dates for different countries.