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Sacred Places: Sacred Geometry. Courses in the history of art provide the student with an understanding of art and architecture in a cultural context.

Sacred Places: Sacred Geometry

The student will be introduced to the means by which art can be critically observed, intelligently analyzed and knowledgeably discussed. ARTH 115, Survey of Art History I, and ARTH 116, Survey of Art History II, provide a survey of art from prehistoric times to the present and are the prerequisites to most upper level courses. Students considering majoring in art history should plan to complete ARTH 115 and ARTH 116 by the end of their sophomore year.

Of value to art history majors are courses in literature, religion, philosophy, classical civilization and history. A required course in studio art is intended to give students some practical knowledge of how a work of art is produced. The Secret Knowledge of The Ancients Number Nine Code 911. The number 9 is the last number in a base 10 system which is the last and limit of all that is.

The Secret Knowledge of The Ancients Number Nine Code 911

Nine is a number which has many interesting qualities that other numbers do not have and has been used to hold a hidden code that affects every person on earth. If you think nine is just another number, you are in for a big surprise. The number 9 is very interesting and suspect looking like an upside down 6. Even more interesting, there is something about it that most people and scientists don't know. As you will soon discover, there is a hidden code that reveals the greatest truth of all and it is encoded into the construction of our universe and affects our lives called the 9 code which many times appears as 911.

There are small coincidences that all add up to something universally amazing which was created for us then given to mankind through Enoch, which he wrote down on stone tablets and passed down to his great grandson Noah which built the arc. From Alice In Wonderland: Precession of the equinoxes. Thoth's Time Temple - Giza Alignment Code Time-Shift. Mystic Places - The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. If you have Google Earth installed, use this GP Google Earth Placemark file (Save and Open) and it will fly you to a location*.

Mystic Places - The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt

If not, you will need to install Google Earth first (available at ). *Image Placemark Location: longitude: 31.13101332492434 N, latitude: 29.97697709832755 E Google Earth streams the world over wired and wireless networks enabling users to virtually go anywhere on the planet and see places in photographic detail. This is not like any map you have ever seen. This is a 3D model of the real world, based on real satellite images combined with maps, guides to restaurants, hotels, entertainment, businesses and more. The Great Pyramid (the Pyramid of Khufu, or Cheops in Greek) at Gizeh, Egypt, demonstrates the remarkable character of its placement on the face of the Earth.

The Plate XX from an original 1877 copy of Piazzi Smyth's "Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid". The height of the Great Pyramid times 2π exactly equals the perimeter of the pyramid. Consciousness. Consciousness We exist in a matrix, simulation, hologram, or virtual programmed reality that we believe is real because our brains tell us it is.


Consciousness is all and everything in the virtual hologram of our experiences brought into awareness by the brain - an electrochemical machine forever viewing streaming codes for experience and interpretation. Consciousness originates from a source of light energy for the purpose of learning. The human biogenetic experiment is consciousness brought forth into the physical by the patterns of sacred geometry that repeat in cycles called Time. Reality is about the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time. Rene Descartes said, "Cogito, ergo sum" -- "I think, therefore I am. " Consciousness may involve thoughts, sensations, perceptions, moods, emotions, dreams, and self-awareness.

Many philosophers have seen consciousness as the most important thing in the universe. Mysterianism. Sacred-Geometry.gif (557×596) Sacred Geometry. Seedoflifebw.jpg (245×228) Circles and Triangles nested. Triquetra-Interlaced-Triangle-Circle.png. Equilateral Triangle Equations Formulas Calculator - Circumscribed Circle Radius Geometry. Change Equation Select an equation to solve for a different unknown Scalene Triangle: No sides have equal length No angles are equal Scalene Triangle Equations These equations apply to any type of triangle.

Equilateral Triangle Equations Formulas Calculator - Circumscribed Circle Radius Geometry

Reduced equations for equilateral, right and isosceles are below. Law of Cosines Equilateral Triangle: All three sides have equal length All three angles are equal to 60 degrees Equilateral Triangle Equations Right Triangle: One angle is equal to 90 degrees Right Triangle Equations Isosceles Triangle: Two sides have equal length Two angles are equal Isosceles Triangle Equations Where Reference - Books: 1) Max A.

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