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Brian Shepard

Brian is professionally a researcher for past 6 years, evaluating and managing business practices, using the latest in modeling and data analysis to anticipate future needs.

07 Must-Know Benefits of Mortgage Refinance in Ontario. When you obtain a mortgage to buy an asset, you now have the key to unlock other financial ventures such as refinancing your mortgage.

07 Must-Know Benefits of Mortgage Refinance in Ontario

To refinance a mortgage means to get yourself a new mortgage on better terms. This often happens when the interest rates for the current mortgage drops or you have paid back a sufficient amount of your existing mortgage. In order to check if you can do it, your loan-to-value ratio can be calculated by mortgage calculator. If you are looking for a trusted mortgage agent who can guide you about your mortgage options, you must contact Shant Nalbandian who will provide FREE initial consultation. An agent will let you know if you can refinance your mortgage or not based on your current financial state. 1. 2. A term is the time period during which a fixed interest rate is applied, with a new term this rate may change. 3. One of the major benefits of mortgage refinance is to reduce the interest rate on your mortgage by refinancing it. 4. 5. 6. 7.

An Ultimate Guide on Hand Hygiene During COVID-19. Did you know that a simple act of washing hands can save thousands of people from being infected every year?

An Ultimate Guide on Hand Hygiene During COVID-19

This is the reason, why Global Hand Washing Day is celebrated every year on October 15th as a yearly reminder to wash hands with soap to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. While washing hands with water and soap is the best-recommended way to ensure hands are properly washed and are rid of germs, it isn’t always a feasible option, you can’t find soap, water, and a sink to wash your hands everywhere you go. In situations like these, hand sanitizers and hand sanitization dispensers come to your rescue. Hand hygiene should be everyone’s priority, and this pandemic has enforced and integrated this important aspect in people’s minds. It not only keeps one save but saves other lives as well. Well, Modell Printing should be your go-to trusted brand for purchasing hand sanitization kiosks.

Facts You Need to Know About Protective Shield Sneeze Guard. Since the outbreak of the viral disease, COVID-19 has reached the level of a global pandemic, businesses around the world have been reacting responsibly to make drastic adjustments to ensure the maximum safety of their employees and customers.

Facts You Need to Know About Protective Shield Sneeze Guard

While many corporations have issued a “work from home” policy for their staff, many businesses in the retail sector do not have that luxury and have to keep up with all the precautionary measures and set them up to operate amidst the epidemic. As mentioned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the only way to control the spread of Coronavirus is Social Distancing. However, many organizations are unable to keep people six feet or more apart simply because of the nature of their business. The interactions between a customer and teller, or for employees working side by side in cubicles, makes it difficult to keep that distance.

Counter Top Protective Shield / Sneeze Guards are available at Modell Printing. Importance of Floor Decals for Social Distancing - Modell. It’s easy to apprehend the concept of social distancing on a theoretical level, but have you observed how challenging it can be to implement it?

Importance of Floor Decals for Social Distancing - Modell

This is where floor decals come to the rescue. The COVID-19 epidemic is unlikely to disappear anytime soon and it is expected that social distancing measures will have to be followed for the time being. As we’re moving forward and learning to live with this pandemic, governments have started to lift lockdowns and certain regulations, as a result of which businesses need to prepare themselves to welcome their staff and the public into the workplace in a safe way. However, will the companies be able to do this while abiding by social distancing rules? The answer is yes! With the use of floor decals, stickers, and floor sign holders you can now regulate the flow and amount of foot traffic by placing them at a distance of 6 feet or more.

Thus, investing in COVID-19 decalsand stickers is worth it. Designs and sizes with COVID-19 specific content. Importance of Social Distancing - Modell. As we try to make our new routines the “new normal” we’re faced with new challenges and uncertainties.

Importance of Social Distancing - Modell

However, in times like this, where the COVID-19 is spreading like a wildfire, we must focus on what is in our control, that would help us in contributing to the fight against Coronavirus and that is “Social Distancing.” As the name implies, it means avoiding close physical contact with others to prevent being affected by this highly infectious and contagious disease “Coronavirus.” Adhering to the guidelines set by the health experts as to how much distance is to be kept, it is recommended that a six feet distance must be maintained because Coronavirus is transmitted through respiratory droplets. These droplets emanate when a person sneezes or coughs and can travel an average of six feet distance or less. Thus, keeping a six feet distance or more will ensure safety from these droplets.