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Using Iron On Patches For Promoting A Business. Owning a business takes responsibility.

Using Iron On Patches For Promoting A Business

Apart from keeping the kiosk clean and satisfying your customers, you also need to promote it. Promoting your business is quite expensive. You need to use all forms of media to do so. Though you can use the internet to save money in advertising your business, there is still no assurance whether you can reach your target sales or not since not everyone uses the internet. Also, with the number of websites released each day, it is impossible to know whether someone has seen your web page unless they view the site. Surely, you don’t want to take that risk. A SHORT ORIGIN (AND DEFINITION) OF PATCHES. Please follow and like us: The history of the modern patch for clothing is an interesting story to review.


It is a testament to human ingenuity and creativity that something as simple and utilitarian as repairing torn clothes will be the beautiful art form it is today. There are many people today who collect these patches as a hobby. Is there a Rule in Choosing the Design for Iron On Patches? You should know that you can have the most suitable iron on patches if you choose the right manufacturer that can provide the patch for your particular purpose.

Is there a Rule in Choosing the Design for Iron On Patches?

There is just one simple rule that you need to keep in mind when designing your patch and that is to make it attractive enough for your target audience. However, if you lack the talent to create an attractive drawing, then you can ask your patch manufacturer to create the design for you. You can put your design ideas in writing and make sure to describe in details the things you want to include in your patch. Most manufacturers have talented in-house artist who can create the design that you need for your patch.

The usual practice when you commission a patch provider is to submit first the design that you have created. After finishing the enhanced design, the manufacturer will send you the finished proof for you to inspect. Choose the Right Backing for Your Custom Embroidered Patches. Alright, you got your concept art for your custom embroidered patches!

Choose the Right Backing for Your Custom Embroidered Patches

Now you’re ready to make your order. Then they ask what type of backing would you choose? Below are the common options: iron-on backing, adhesive backing and Velcro backing. The History Behind Patches. The history of patches can be traced down in early history.

The History Behind Patches

Nowadays, an embroidered patch comes with various uses as it is widely utilized for military insignia, scout badges, sporting events and other similar activities. During the ancient times, especially in the Mediterranean and Middle Easy, embroidery was used to decorate the garments and other possessions of the rich. The Beginning The practice started out during the 5th – 3rd BC in China. The Chinese utilized different sewing methods to mend and patch clothes which led to the practice of integrating various designs to the clothes by sewing. The Use of Machines While most patches are made by hand, most of them are machine-made.

In today’s modern world where technology reigns supreme, people can now use digitized patterns to come up with different embroidered designs through the use of computers. The Modern-Day Patch Creation Process When it comes to creating a patch nowadays, computers mostly do the majority of the work. How to Get Creative with Iron On Patches? Iron on patches are stylish and convenient items that you can use for many things.

How to Get Creative with Iron On Patches?

Normally, you can use the patches in uniforms and clothes to add a distinctive logo or emblem to them. For example, military personnel have patches on their clothes to show their designation and eve their names. School uniforms also have the said patches to show what school a student belongs to. In that sense alone, the iron patches are useful. However, that is not the only use there is to the said patch. One of the obvious uses of the clothing patches is the ever-classic patch-a-hole. Small tears may appear not only on the pants, but also on the kids’ favorite shirts. Stained clothes are common as well. Friendly Tips in Using Iron On Patches. Iron on patches offer several decorating possibilities.

Friendly Tips in Using Iron On Patches

You can use them for quilting, home decoration, scrap booking, crafting and of course on clothes. Making Custom Patches Work for your Company or Organization. Custom patches are more worthwhile than you think when it comes to promoting your company, cause, or organization.

Making Custom Patches Work for your Company or Organization

To make them work for you the way you intended to use them, you need to come up with an effective design that tells something about your company, organization, or cause. Iron On Patches: Choosing the Type of Adhesive for DIY Iron On Patches. If you are the type of person who looks for quick and creative alternatives to sewing those hole-y or ratty fabric clothes and bags up, you are most likely already familiar with iron on patches and how it works: You buy one to your liking which is big enough to cover the hole of your old jeans, you peel off the protective cover on the adhesive at the back, and press it down with your flat iron for a few minutes till it sticks on the fabric and voila, in place of that nasty hole is a cute patch accessorizing your old jeans.

Iron On Patches: Choosing the Type of Adhesive for DIY Iron On Patches

But did you know that you can make your own iron on patches? All you’ll be needing are the following materials: embroidered patterns from old or outdated clothes, a pair of scissors, flat iron, a base fabric to decorate or stick your patches on, and most importantly, your fabric adhesive. IRON ON GLUE SHEETS and DOUBLE-SIDED FUSIBLE WEBS : These are the MOST advisable and appropriate glue for sticking on embroidered patches. These are definitely NOT fabric-friendly. History of the Embroidered Patch. Most uniforms, jackets, bags, and other items of clothing have embroidered patches.

History of the Embroidered Patch

It has become a sign of distinction for most people. But, what most people do not know is that this special kind of embellishment has undergone a long and interesting journey through history. Embroidery is an ancient form of art which has been present for a thousand years. Its heritage can be traced back from the ancient history of different cultures in the Mediterranean, China, Egypt, India, and even South America.

It is a traditional art done to decorate a piece of fabric. Traditionally, embroidery is made by hand with the aid of a needle and thread. 5 Valid Reasons Why Custom Embroidered Patches are better than Direct Embroidery. People nowadays use patches for a variety of reasons. Gone are the days when patches are just for bike clubs or bikers, the military, and local law enforcement. Patches do come if different shapes, styles, sizes, designs, and color. You can even make your own custom embroidered patches. There is, however, an ongoing debate whether which is much better, direct embroidery or embroidered patch.

How to Create Custom Patches: A Simple Guide. Patches are originally used to cover a tear or hole in someone’s clothes. When people talk about patches in the old days, they basically refer to a piece of cloth that will be used to conceal something on a dress, shirt or jeans that has been damaged. It required some sort of creativity and skill to sew a patch on a hole and make it appear whole and usable again. However, nowadays, patches have revolutionized into something more valuable than just covering a damaged part. When people talk of patches today, they basically refer to something that does not cover a hole or a torn but something that promotes an organization, represents a team and upholds identity.

How to make custom embroidered patches. There are companies that sell high-quality custom embroidered patches. If you want high-quality patches in bulk, look for one that sells them at a lower price. If, however, you only need one or a couple of patches either for yourself or for your loved ones and you want to personalize it, we can show you a how-to guide to make your own custom embroidered patches. These are very easy steps and will not take much of your time. Make sure you follow the guide step by step. Choosing the Right Company for Your Custom Patches. There are many companies that advertise creating custom patches online, but only a few can provide their huge claims. It will be a good idea to do some research to find the right patch company that creates high quality products at reasonable prices. Here is a little check list of the things that you need to examine before you choose a certain company. 1.

Customer Service. Common Organizations and Situations Where Custom Embroidered Patches are used. When running a business or an organization, it’s important to create unity in order to show the world what the company can do and what the company is all about. Although logos and company t-shirts work, another best way to promote the organization and camaraderie around the people inside it is by using custom embroidered patches.

How do organizations and certain situations benefit from these patches? Take a look at the examples to see : 1.