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Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Lisa Katsiaris - Hundred Heroines. I feel calm when I look at your images.”

Lisa Katsiaris - Hundred Heroines

It makes me smile when I hear comments like that about my images. It means they’re connecting with the viewer and conveying my vision of the world. But it’s also a bitter-sweet smile, because my serene, contemplative images were borne out of heartbreak and turmoil. I started doing photography in 2013 when I was looking for an activity-based holiday. I enjoyed the experience but my images were little more than a step up from the snaps I’d enjoyed taking in the past.

There’s no roadmap to navigate the path through despair. I began by photographing many of Mum’s possessions. Shaping my thoughts and feelings through images and words way was very cathartic. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. A quiet observation at the break of dawn of the natural beauty that surrounds us. The small gifts of our world that remind us there’s life and there’s light.… Salzburg 1945 Ernst Hass… Boating Sunset… Davenant □ sur Twitter : "Shepherd in Spain in 1962 by Evelyn Hofer. She was driving past and saw him with his sheep so stopped to ask if she could take his portrait. He agreed but the sheep ran away as Hofer was setting up her tripod and camera. After ta. You can try for free to use reference photos. I discovered it today coincidentally.… Heres another from last nights permitted exercise - this one looking towards the Langdales @StormHour #StormHour #POTW… Sunset in Denmark… Great article in the Guardian today about including people in photographs. Not a thing I do often but after reading will try and do more.

Bette Davis by Alfred Eisenstaedt.… My favourite image from an extraordinary sunset at Snettisham Beach #Norfolk a couple of weeks ago. But I must show you the sequence of moments that came before and after this too: a thread… Stopping to watch. #mist #morning #canoe… Think this is you in first boat this morning… One from the drive in to work this morning… Sicilian musings – in focus. “Taking photographs is an attempt, repeated innumerable times to give a more immediate answer to the fundamental question of existence of the world.”

Sicilian musings – in focus

Ferdinando Scianna (born in Bagheria, Sicily in 1943) has been taking photographs since his youth. The first Italian to be part of the Magnum photojournalism agency, his images cover a wide range of genres: current events, war, travel, fashion, landscape, religion, still life, portraits and the Sicily of his boyhood. “I began to take photographs because Sicily was there. To understand it, and through the photographs to try and understand, perhaps, what it means to be Sicilian.” I visited an exhibition of Scianna’s work recently at the Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice. As a young man, Scianna studied literature, philosophy and art history at the University of Palermo.

ITALY. ITALY. “First comes your relationship with life, then comes photography… If you start from life, life will present you with the photographs.” LEBANON. ETHIOPIA. ITALY. ITALY. Claire Brooks sur Twitter : "I dedicated my entire week to getting this single image; travelled miles to stay in a remote shack with people I’d never met, survived a loo roll shortage and frequent power outages. Then the god of light shone upon me momenta. The golden colors of wheat. #photography #photo #photographer #corn…

Cellulari spenti.… A lovely frosty morning at Shapwick today @AvalonMarshes… The sky right now here in Glastonbury. What a pretty sunrise it looks like it will be. Shame it is so late in the day or I might have caught it from the top of the Tor.… Me right now...mists and a clear morning!! Wow...#glastonburytor… The next photos in my "mists of Avalon" series..taken from Glastonbury Tor, the wave of mist slowly covered the land below. #glastonburytor… Michelle sur Twitter : "Thank you for all the support for this photo taken today. I have added to my online shop to purchase in A4 or larger size prints (mounted or unmounted). For canvas in different sizes etc. please email me on michelle@visionsofsomers.

Michelle sur Twitter : "I apologise to people that don't like misty pics as there may well be quite a few today/tomorrow (I took 135 photos□), here is the first one taken as the sun came up this morning on Glastonbury Tor. A wave of mist moved across. #gl. The next in the "Mists of Avalon" series. Before the sun came up, you can see the difference in the wave of mist between this one and the one earlier just after sunrise.… I’m out marshalling for @Maidstonepkrun this morning. Nice early morning view of the Medway on the way to my marshalling post!…