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I am a content writer. I love to get and share knowledge of Ecommerce industry and on its latest technologies. I like writing blogs on E-commerce.

12 Best Strategies for Online Retailers to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment in 2017. We ecommerce owners investing a good deal of amount of money, time, and resources to create ecommerce store online, spending on product, warehouse, shipping & distribution channels, and support staff.

12 Best Strategies for Online Retailers to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment in 2017

Every day we examine ecommerce analytics data to check our progress, growth, and performance. We constantly try to improve it all by implementing various techniques. Among the so many hindrances of ecommerce conversions, shopping cart abandonment is one that makes us anxious much! It is because it spoils all our hard efforts to bring traffic to the ecommerce web store, tempt visitors to buy our products, engage them to enter into the shopping funnel and bring visitors to checkout page by converting them into shoppers. When any shopper adds items into the cart and leaves the cart without making the final payment, it shocks us a lot and compel us to think of the reasons then cure for shopping cart abandonment. Possible Reasons of Shopping Cart Abandonment. 3 Best Engagement Methods to Engage With Offshore Development Team in 2017.

In simple words we can refer it to a certain occupational task of an enterprise handed over to a third party vendor on a contractual basis located mostly in another country.

3 Best Engagement Methods to Engage With Offshore Development Team in 2017

The tendency of outsourcing has rapidly on rise over the past decade with companies from a multitude of industries enjoying the benefits by off-shoring their IT or back office task to take advantage of globalization. Bees: The hardest workers in the Almond Business. Even California’s almond growers will admit that for four months of the year the hardest workers in their orchards are not paid by the hour.

Bees: The hardest workers in the Almond Business

From December to March, when almond trees flower, turning the Central Valley into a pinkish white wonderland, growers truck in millions of bees to pollinate the blossoms. If it were not for the millions of bees working 9 to 10 hours a day, seven days a week, there would be no almond industry. California grows 82% of the world’s almonds – a figure that continues to grow as countries such as China, India and Turkey discover the great taste of the California almond.

Almost 70% of the crop is exported, but that still leaves enough to supply 99% of the United States’ needs. It takes about 1.6 million beehives to pollinate the state’s 800,000 acres of trees, and at $400 per acre, it’s a major cost for most growers. 18 Things You Should Consider before Launching an E-commerce Site. Launching a brick-and-mortar store involves rigorous efforts at pre-launch, launch, and post-launch stages.

18 Things You Should Consider before Launching an E-commerce Site

The same goes true for the modern eCommerce storefront launch. In a broad sense, online storefront owner or a company has to pass through following phases and answer the respective questions on each stage. Initial Research & Market Strategies: 16 Resources to Become a WordPress Expert in 2016. Literally, WordPress has occupied 1/5th space of the Internet where PHP is a technology of source code of the websites or web applications.

16 Resources to Become a WordPress Expert in 2016

Therefore, a charm for WordPress is unending. Some want to be power users only and wish to read some basic tutorials to operate graphical interface in the backend using excellent admin panel of the dashboard. However, beginners want to improve their skills to go further or hunt a good job in the market. Therefore, they need to go beyond basic and spend some bucks on intermediate learning with better quality code skills and more structured training. The great thing about WordPress is that developers can find different resources to gain varying levels of expertise, and the Internet is a perfect place for it. Therefore, let’s explore those fabulous WordPress learning places in this post. Before jumping into WordPress world, developers should estimate own capabilities and skill levels so they can select resources accordingly.

No. 15: WordPress TV. Why Mobile Developers Switching to Xamarin. Why Hybrid Mobile Apps Cross-platform mobile applications or hybrid mobile apps are answers of costly, time-consuming, and resource-intensive native mobile applications for each mobile OS platform.

Why Mobile Developers Switching to Xamarin

What Are Hybrid Apps Fundamentally, hybrid apps are web applications running in native mobile browsers, not standard mobile browsers like Safari, Chrome, etc. Native mobile browsers are different for each mobile OS. For instance, UIWebView is in iOS while WebView is on Android and other platforms. Hybrid App Technologies Therefore, basic web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript have great support for the native web interface.

Hence, cross-platform app development with web technologies proves faster, easier, and cheaper compared to native mobile OS app development for each platform. 9 Reasons to Choose Xamarin for Mobile App Development. Today world is moving towards mobile applications for each need.

9 Reasons to Choose Xamarin for Mobile App Development

People have easy access to computing devices while on the go in the form of mobiles. Increasing performance of mobile devices, connectivity, and capacities have made mobiles in-thing. Successful Mobile Startup – A matured strategy. “Mobile app startup without a matured strategy is like creating a film without background score.”

Successful Mobile Startup – A matured strategy

The strategy depends on several factors: your concept, your target people, region and business model. Undoubtedly, a marketing strategy must be highly specific in every separate case. Nevertheless, there are few universal things important for each venture. Many of smart investors have already achieved the feat in the market and receiving handsome returns on their investment. Now, thinking about the investment in the app venture and optimistic to see some fortunes in the evergrowing mobile app market. “In 2015, An Australian restaurant directory platform Urbanspoon was acquired by Zomato” Smart Investors Many experienced investors have noticed the mobile app market maturity. The Shape of App Market. 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Xamarin Developer. The software market is still on the way to tap the mobile app potentials by applying existing and upcoming technologies.

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Xamarin Developer

Making cost-effective mobile applications with the best quality is still the motto of mobile developers. Developing an app three times requires investment, resources, and time that hardly any business seems ready to do. Of course, when SMBs target native user experiences as sole focus, native platforms are the best bet. The same is true for big brands, which are eager to please the target audience at any cost by giving the excellent UX in their mobile app adventures.

While for the rest, cross-platform frameworks are the best bet and feasible solution. Xamarin project is under the umbrella of .NET framework and use C# as main coding language. However, it does not mean that all Xamarin developers are experts and capable of doing any scale of the project. Outsourcing Vs In-House - Mobile App Development Project.

Ever-Hungry Marketers Marketers are always in search of innovative ideas to serve the audience better and keep engaged forever.

Outsourcing Vs In-House - Mobile App Development Project

With the advent of technologies, smartphones and tablets have captured a vast audience and created new opportunities for the modern businesses and their marketers. Modern Shoppers Shoppers are avoiding rushing to a brick store, at far distances by burning fuel and sweating in traffic if they have all comparative shopping info available with a single tap on the touch screen. If the outgoing lovers go to experience the physical touch of the product in the real world market, they still tempt to check the option for better bargaining on the smart screens through the Internet or the mobile apps they accumulated on the home screen.

How Apple’s ResearchKit Can Take Your Healthcare App to The Next Level. Now-a-days, everyone wants their personal care done via phone whether it be booking an appointment in salon or clinic or booking a restaurant. And it is foreseen that people would prefer measuring their healthcare data with iPhone before appearing to the doctor. Gadgets like Fitbit, are the beginning in healthcare industry and with the arrival of ResearchKit things will be perfect over the period. It’s also seen that iPhone’s flashlight has already reduced the use of torch for doctors and as said above this is a good sign for futuristic vision of mobility. In united states, the researchers are curious for study on child’s growth, human’s mental health and many others. Apple’s new research-kit framework will gradually solve such problems of medical industry in near future. This blog will guide you about the powerful features of research kit you can add in your app.

What Can Be Done with ResearchKit. How Apple’s ResearchKit Can Take Your Healthcare App to The Next Level. 9 Benefits of Using AWS for Your Business in 2016. It indicates the varied needs of the people internal and external for the business needs, personal needs, device preferences, and mobility solutions. At present, three areas are leaving impacts on it, such as mobility, social, and cloud computing. Among them, Cloud Computing Solutions is a critical factor deciding the future of the organization as well as SMBs. Cloud Services a Focal Point Today the penetration of the cloud services is immense, as it expands from the freelance professional to SMBs, and large enterprises are using it in different modes.

Which Mobile Application Development Platform is Ideal for Your Business? As today’s world is transforming all technologies to mobile and why not since a layman is now spending 20% of his day time on Mobile. So it has become obvious for many enterprises & startups to create apps. But these companies struggle to find the best firm who can drive their requirements on hand of users, outsourcing is an easy process but hard for clients to get quality out of it from the remote place. So it has become mandatory for these enterprises and startups to find a technology company who can not just understand the requirement but suggest the bests of technology and today’s trends. Top 6+Bootstrap UI Editors of 2016 For Web Developers. Do you know that these days, every businessman becomes a website oriented?

Therefore, the design of the website matters a lot. Apart from the layout of a website, the compatibility to different browsers and devices also matters like mobile phones, tablet and etc. 8 Places to Learn Iphone Application Development From Home. We have gathered 8 places which give a strong core knowledge to learn the ropes of app development. By spending few hours every single day, You can become an expert in iPhone app development. From these 8 exceptional tools, some of allow you to make applications without writing a single line of code. You can save lots of time with the help of these tools and turn your app idea into reality. 8 Reasons Why Your Beauty & Hair Salon Business Must Have a Mobile App? As far as the industry of beauty and hair salon is concerned, it has marked its special place in the online business quite briskly and quickly.

17 Reasons to Hire iPhone App Developers From Indian Company. The countries where people get their education in English as their English language allow European countries and the US to outsource their virtual tasks and get them done in a proficient and excellent manner. Only in India, English language is spoken the most, population-wise. Step-by-Step Magento2 Installation Guide For Ubuntu. At start point, we too faced issues, some easily understandable and some troublesome. 6 Most Important Tips to Hire Perfect Developers for Mobile App Development? Top 5 Android App Development Frameworks in 2016. When it comes to selecting a right framework for the Android application, a lot of android developers are facing tough competition.

12 Amazing iPhone Apps That Every User Must Have in 2016 - Infographic. 12 Reasons to Choose PHP For Developing Website in 2015. 10 Reasons Web Developers Should Learn Web Designing in 2015. Top 15 HTML Templates That Can Be Used To Develop Business Websites. Are you running an HTML based website? PHP vs Java vs Python - Which Programming Language Better to Learn First? Infographic. Why HTML5 Boon for Developers in 2015. Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone - Comparison of Mobile OS. Day-by-day, the competition among different mobile OSs like Android, iOS and Windows Phone has been increased. Neck-to-Neck Comparison Between iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 & iPhone 6 - Infographic. We all know that Apple’s iPhone is ruling the smart-phone industry as the device comes with excellent number of features to take your experience to next level. 5 Highly Impressive Ways Small eCommerce Merchants Can Give Tough Competition to Large Ones. Thinking to Hire eCommerce Development Company? 10 Questions You Must Ask First!

Hire WordPress Coder With Flexible Pricing Packages. Get Highly Flexible WordPress Mobile Theme Development Service. WordPress Corporate Theme Development Service for Every Business Type. Guide to Customize Theme for Magento. Hire Shopify App Development Company to build Robust eStore. 6 Best Magento Store Development Tools To Build Your Store Easily. Get X-Cart Store Development Services From Professional Company.

10 Secrets Ways to use Pinterest for Your Ecommerce Business. 10 Ways to Judge Reality of Ecommerce Payment Providers. All About Enterprise App Stores That You Should Know. Create Your Own Web Portal With 10 Simple Steps - infographic. Why Yahoo Store Template is Useful for eCommerce Merchants? 3 Major Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Should Use Mobile Application. Why Developing an Online Customer Portal Is Worthy? 3 Effective Reasons With Its Process. 8 Things Retailers Should Never Say to Their Customers. 5 Reasons Why Career In eCommerce Preferable? 7 Ways to Deliver Superior Customer Experience.

Pros and Cons of Custom and Pre-made eCommerce Templates - Which Becomes Merchant’s Choice? X-Cart 5.0.11 Gets a First 3rd Party Template From Perception System. 2014’s Best yet Effective 5 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Wow. Some Minor Changes Can Give Big Increment in Conversion Rates. 7 Simple Ways to Enhance Customer Experience This Year. 8 Customer Service Trends to Experience in 2014. Boost Conversion Rate with Effective Add-to-Cart Button in 2014. 23 Killer eStore Conversion Optimization Guidelines of 2014 (Part - 2) E-Commerce. Ultimate Ecommerce Guide For Online Entrepreneurs. 23 Killer eStore Conversion Optimization Guidelines of 2014 (Part - 1)