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Start from scratch - RSpec Rails - RSpec. RSpec Documentation. RSpec is a Behaviour-Driven Development tool for Ruby programmers.

RSpec Documentation

BDD is an approach to software development that combines Test-Driven Development, Domain Driven Design, and Acceptance Test-Driven Planning. RSpec helps you do the TDD part of that equation, focusing on the documentation and design aspects of TDD. RSpec Rails 2.6 - RSpec. Tutorials and Related Blog Posts - GitHub. Here is a list of Cucumber related blog posts/tutorials.

Tutorials and Related Blog Posts - GitHub

Please keep in mind that blogs can become dated quickly with a fast moving project like Cucumber. Cucumber’s RDocs and wiki should be considered the canonical documentation source with the, hopefully, most up to date information. Some blog posts may refer to the RSpec Story Runner but they still provide value since Cucumber started out as a rewrite of that project.

Please add any helpful blog posts that you have found or written about all things Cucumber. at master from thoughtbot/factory_girl - GitHub. Selenium web application testing system.