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Brian Cozzi

Brian Cozzi, Inc. is a Chicago based web design and software development firm, providing logo design, graphic design, SEO, web hosting and security.

Quora. Has Your Business Gone Mobile? January 30, 2015 The invention of smart phones has completely revolutionized the way people live and communicate.

Has Your Business Gone Mobile?

When friends meet for coffee and have a discussion, the moment something is questioned, either party can pull out their phone, perform a quick search, and find the information they need almost instantly. Web Hosting Made Easy. September 25, 2015 Owning and operating a website has become incredibly easy to do.

Web Hosting Made Easy

Brian Cozzi, Inc. now offers several distinct and easy to use options for anyone looking to own a website. It is common for a new website owner to think that all hosting options are the same, which is completely false. With such a wide variety of hosting options available, the task of picking a particular service can seem daunting to any website owner. This article will explain, in simple, easy to understand terms, the difference between three major types of hosting: shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting.

Increasing Content Quality: Strategies for Top Performance. May 19, 2017 The main driver of Internet traffic is content, making creation an essential part of online marketing.

Increasing Content Quality: Strategies for Top Performance

Given this, competition is steadily on the rise, requiring content creators to find strategies that stand out from the crowd. What is Branding? June 9, 2014 Potential customers who never think of your business are unlikely to pay you a visit.

What is Branding?

However, the art creating an image in the minds of customers is more challenging than many imagine; how do you make your company more memorable? Perhaps the most powerful technique is to focus on your company's branding. Branding is the creation and use of various elements to form an image in the minds of potential customers, and it is essential for having an impact with your marketing and other outreach efforts. Top Trends Shaping Mobile Development. April 14, 2017 Mobile applications have officially taken over.

Top Trends Shaping Mobile Development

The future of mobile application development promises to see the continuing emergence of new, cutting-edge techniques and tools accompanied by growth in traditional technologies. New developments encompass the “mobile first” concept paired by enterprise mobility. Let’s take a look at the top trends shaping mobile development. Brian Cozzi, Inc.

Brian Cozzi, Inc. Website Development. Brian Cozzi, Inc. Video Production. How Social Media Management is Imperative for Your Business. March 24, 2017 Many companies have the belief that social media management is a meaningless task that utilizes unnecessary funds.

How Social Media Management is Imperative for Your Business

In a down economy, the first budget that is generally cut is marketing efforts, unless the company is forward-thinking and understands how vital this component is for their business. Hiring a social media manager who maintains marketing initiatives on varying applications is imperative for the following reasons: Brian Cozzi, Inc. Brian Cozzi, Inc. is a full-service interactive communications and design firm based in Chicago, Illinois that specializes in fully integrated marketing solutions for emerging and established ventures.

Brian Cozzi, Inc.

From traditional media relations to developing websites created for the ever- changing webs cape, we offer a “one-stop shop” for all of your digital marketing solutions. Branding & Corporate Identity Mobile Design, Mobile Marketing Website Design Social Media Setup & Maintenance Development & Maintenance Graphic Design & Print Services Brian Cozzi launched his digital marketing service in 2011 with a passion for teaming with companies and personalities who are eager for a fresh, forward thinking approach to marketing.

We understand what it takes to produce a successful corporate image. The right image embodies the company’s fundamental essence, and at the same time increases the customer’s identification with the brand. Chicago Web Design, Development and SEO Services.