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VisualTW - Wysiwyg, tabs, fields editor and encryption plugins. On VisualTW, you will find several plugins for TiddlyWiki Wysiwyg edition EasyEdit, a lite and fully integrated solution.FCKEditor, a more powerful solution, but requires an external component (FCKeditor).Externalize, to edit tiddlers in your favorite application like html editor, text or word processor, javascript IDE, css editor, ...Externalize requires Firefox and it's All Text!

VisualTW - Wysiwyg, tabs, fields editor and encryption plugins

Extension.A demo of these different plugins is available here. Tabs, fields, encryption, ... Encrypted vault, protects a whole wiki with a single password. Popular Plugin Sites - Twab - the tiddly wiki address book. MonkeyPirateTiddlyWiki - some plugins and hacks for tiddlywiki (2.0.10) * A tiddler's tags are show ''above'' the tiddlers title (instead of in a right-floated box).

MonkeyPirateTiddlyWiki - some plugins and hacks for tiddlywiki (2.0.10)

\n* A tiddler's tagging list is shown ''below'' the tiddlers content (instead of in a left-floated box). \n* When editing a tiddler the tags edit box is above the tiddler content (instead of below). \nThese layout changes are done with small changes to ViewTemplate (See TagglyTaggingViewTempplate) and EditTemplate (see TagglyTaggingEditTemplate) and with some CSS from TagglyTaggingStyles. \n The default TW tagging macro is called "tagging". The "New Here" button is optional but very useful. This is also optional. TagglyTagging (also known as "TagglyWiki Style Tagging") is set of plugins, templates and styles you can install in your TiddlyWiki that let you use tagging in powerful and useful ways. Actually a lot less than there used to be since TiddlyWiki version 2.0! TagglyTagging lets you better utilise the power of tagging your TiddlyWiki data.

See TagglyTaggingHistory. sdfdfg <<clock2 350>> Bullet List Accordion Menu. Bullet List Accordion Menu In this menu example, the menu headers are H3 tags, with each sub menu being UL tags that expand/ contract.

Bullet List Accordion Menu

A CSS class gets dynamically added to a header when it's expanded to style the expanded header. The headers are toggled via "click" of the mouse, and all headers can be collapsed. The previous expanded header (if any) is closed before expanding the current. Required external file (right click, and select "Save As"): ddaccordion.js Full HTML Source: The menu uses three images for the purpose of styling the menu (download by right clicking, and select "Save As"): See the frontpage of Accordion Content script for a full explanation of each setting inside the script. Bullet List Accordion Menu with nested levels The same menu as above, but this one illustrates how you would add a collapsible second level.

TiddlyVault - An index of TiddlyWiki extensions from. TiddlyTools... Small Tools for Big IdeasTiddlySnip - Firefox extension that lets you use your TiddlyWiki as a scrapbook. SidebarPluginVault - TiddlyWiki plugins and extensions.

AbegoExtensions - TiddlyWiki macros, plugins and other extensions. Small Tools for Big Ideas™ Call directly into TW core utility routines, define new functions, calculate values, add dynamically-generated TiddlyWiki-formatted output into tiddler content, or perform any other programmatic actions each time the tiddler is rendered.

Small Tools for Big Ideas™

Documentation see InlineJavascriptPluginInfo Revisions 2010.12.15 1.9.6 allow (but ignore) type="... " syntax 2005.11.08 1.0.0 initial release Code Backward-compatibility for TW2.1.x and earlier if (typeof(wikifyPlainText)=="undefined") window.wikifyPlainText=function(text,limit,tiddler) { if(limit > 0) text = text.substr(0,limit); var wikifier = new Wikifier(text,formatter,null,tiddler); return wikifier.wikifyPlain(); } GLOBAL FUNCTION: $(...) — 'shorthand' convenience syntax for document.getElementById() if (typeof($)=='undefined') { function $(id) { return document.getElementById(id.replace(/^#/,'')); } } LaunchApplicationPlugin - Sourced from TiddlySnip - Firefox extension that lets you use your TiddlyWiki as a scrapbook.