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- StumbleUpon. Holy-crap-a-SQUEEZE-comic.png (536×397) Post_full_1282868099bikelane_dd97.jpg from - StumbleUpon. Anteater. Premium Funny: Japan, you suck at art - StumbleUpon. Weekend Pic Dump (9.25.11) &Its Dangerous To Go Alone& Zelda Flyer. PANDA therapy for stress relief. - StumbleUpon. Itz No Wonder The World Has Fallen In Love With These Animals.. :) The captions are very clever.. :) ;-) Mum?

PANDA therapy for stress relief. - StumbleUpon

Can you come and get me down now? :) Drowning lol. Tiger & baby. Photoshop Trolls. Cute pigs. Close But No Cigar. It seems from the comments on the Duke Nukem comic that a lot of people don’t really understand what Uncanny Valley is, or why it’s horrible and creepy and something no designer should approve of unless they’re in the horror business (in which case you need to push it to the limit).

Close But No Cigar

“Uncanny Valley” does not necessarily refer to things that are trying to be realistic, nor does it mean “anything you think is ugly”. Specifically, the term “Uncanny Valley” was meant to refer to robots, saying that people will like things that look like obvious abstractions of people, and people will like things that look exactly like people, but people are repulsed by things that look almost like people but not quite. You can hit up the Wikipedia page on the matter for an in-depth explanation of exactly what it means, but I broke it all down into easily digestible pictures of how this all relates to design because I felt like drawing toasters and gluing eyes on lions when I got home from work today.