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Brennan recently won Puget Sound Energy's Contractor Referral Service Platinum Award for sales, service and customer satisfaction for the 6th time. That means we're ranked #1 out of the top 40 companies in the industry.

6 Mind-Blowing Facts About Air Conditioning! Air conditioning, is something so simple, so necessary, and so…interesting?

6 Mind-Blowing Facts About Air Conditioning!

Find out all the dirt we have found on everything related to air conditioning. Some facts may fascinate you, some may surprise you, and some may blow your mind! After reading, have fun quizzing your friends, neighbors, siblings and pets! 1. Historical Fact The idea of air conditioning was born in 1902 when Willis Carrier, a mechanical engineer, developed and installed the first system in a publishing company in Brooklyn, New York. 2. With help from modern-day air conditioning, advances in medicine have made living longer easier (and more comfortable). 3.

During the scorching summer months in the 1920’s, movie theaters became an insufferable environment for movie-goers alike. 4. Keeping employees and team members motivated can sometimes be a challenge. 5. A mansion in Minneapolis, Minnesota known as the Gates Mansion, (not Bill Gates) was the first home to have a home air conditioner. 6. 4 Components of a Quality Contractor. Selecting a quality contractor for heating and cooling is important.

4 Components of a Quality Contractor

In order to get the job done right, you need to be selective. Here are some questions to consider when trying to efficiently find a contractor that can provide you the most comfort for your money. Longevity Longevity is a good indicator of the level of service. More often than not, the longer a company has been in business, the higher quality of service you can expect to receive. How a Brilliant Thermostat Can Provide Optimum Comfort. A thermostat is by no means one of the seven wonders of the world; however, you may be surprised by all that the latest thermostats have to offer.

How a Brilliant Thermostat Can Provide Optimum Comfort

Did you know you can control the temperature of your own home from the palm of your hand, halfway across the world, while sipping your morning tea in Thailand? Optimum comfort can be achieved wherever, whenever. With the help of cloud connectivity, your homes temperature and humidity levels can be monitored 24/7. Your home thanks you in advance. Clean Energy For a Better Tomorrow - Natural Gas Heating. As residents of a state that charges a fairly low cost for energy, it’s easy to ignore what’s really happening when we heat our homes.

Clean Energy For a Better Tomorrow - Natural Gas Heating

Do you prefer natural gas or electric? It’s an all too familiar question we ask ourselves when purchasing or renting. Have you ever wondered what kind of impact your decision has on the rest of the world? 4 Ways To Protect Your Family - Natural Gas Safety Tips. When it comes to heating your home, a natural gas furnace is a popular choice among Pacific Northwesterners.

4 Ways To Protect Your Family - Natural Gas Safety Tips

These furnaces deliver evenly distributed heat in an efficient and fast manner. However, when it comes to your family’s safety, it’s important to take note of the following natural gas furnace safety tips. 1. Educate Your Children Teaching children to keep away from the grill of your furnace is very crucial when ensuring the safety of your family. 2. This one is a no-brainer. 3. 5 Ways to Cut Your Heater Bills this Winter. As temperatures start to drop, our heater bills are beginning to rise.

5 Ways to Cut Your Heater Bills this Winter

Learn about these 5 easy and effective ways to cut your heater bills this winter while still staying warm. 1. Cover Windows & Patio Doors with Plastic Film According to the U.S. Department of Energy, windows can account for 10% to 25% of your heating bill by letting heat out. 2. One of the most energy efficient practices you can do is to have heat evenly distributing throughout the house. 3. What to Do When Purchasing a New Furnace. As we encounter the autumn and winter season, temperatures can be unpredictable and could reach below freezing temperatures.

What to Do When Purchasing a New Furnace

Purchasing a new furnace can be a stressful time, especially if it becomes defective during the months that you need it the most. Rest assured, purchasing a new furnace can be smooth sailing if you know and understand some important items. Here are some tips to make sure you make the best decisions to avoid common and costly mistakes when searching for the right furnace for your home.

Learn About “SEER” SEER stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio” and some shoppers overlook this during their furnace purchase process. Rebates Purchasing a type of furnace that is eligible for a rebate will help you to get some of your money back from the purchase! 5 Ways to Winterize Your Home - Brennan Heating. Looking for ways to reduce your energy bill this winter?

5 Ways to Winterize Your Home - Brennan Heating

Consider these 5 useful tips to help winterize your home. 1. Furnace Tune-up Just like your car, a healthy furnace should receive an annual tune-up. Winterize Your Air Conditioner. Cleaning gutters, covering faucets, and testing out the old snow blower are all amidst the list of things that homeowners must do before winter weather is in full swing.

Winterize Your Air Conditioner

Within the scope of seasonal maintenance, preparing to winterize your air conditioner is arguably the simplest step. Assuming that your air conditioner will not be in use at all for the next few months of cold temperatures, it is important to take precautions that it’s ready for the return of warmer weather next spring and summer. In these 2 simple steps, your air conditioner can survive the elements this season. 1.

Clean By doing a quick sweep of debris in a 2-3 foot radius around the air conditioning unit, you are preventing debris from cluttering the space and damaging the unit while not in use. 2. Rinnai Tankless Water Heater, Installation, Seattle WA. Rinnai’s Continuum tankless water heater is the only system available that simultaneously offers an endless supply of hot water through multiple outlets.

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater, Installation, Seattle WA

A tankless system is unique, because it doesn’t store hot water, but uses a heat exchanger to efficiently heat the water at the time that it is needed. This helps save energy and helps you save on natural gas costs too! Homeowners will be able to run two showers and a third point of use at the same time without any loss of temperature consistency. Another plus: a tankless water heater also takes up less space than traditional tank-types. Would you like to learn more? Contact Brennan Heating for more information about this product. Tips for Managing Humidity. Washington summers have the unfortunate disposition of being hot and wet; the outcome of which is a humid climate. When the weather makes the air stick to your skin and frizz up your hair, many homeowners become uncomfortable in their own homes. What should be an oasis away from the elements ends up feeling like an indoor heat trap. Taking control of the humidity levels of your home isn’t just necessary for comfort, it’s necessary for health.

Heating Installation Seattle, WA, Service, Brennan Heating. Brennan Heating installations provide high quality heat for properties of any size in greater Seattle. Reliable, experienced, fully trained and qualified – our heating technicians will get you warm again in no time! Below is a partial list of heating installation and services that we offer our residential customers: Sales and InstallationMaintenance and ServiceMany popular HVAC Makes and ModelsHVAC TroubleshootingFast Inspections and Tune-upsPre-Season Start-upsMiscellaneous service replacementsEverything residentialENERGY STAR rated It’s easy to get more information.

Services Offered on Brennan’s New Website—Brennan Electric. By now, you probably know Brennan offers quality heating and air conditioning services. But did you know we offer electrical services as well? It’s true—we provide the very same excellent service you’ve come to expect from our heating and air-conditioning services in electrical, as well. Any residential electrical need you have, our highly trained electricians can handle. We’re staffed with an electrical administrator, journeyman electricians, and a licensed and bonded staff to ensure homeowner safety and protection. We guarantee quality and value in every single project we undertake, so that our customers are consistently satisfied. Water Filtration Systems Seattle WA, Water Purification.

What do you want from your water? Better skin? Cleaner laundry? The Research and Benefits of EcoWater. On average, Americans drink about 2.5 cups of water a day, in addition to consuming liquids found in other foods and drinks. Our bodies are about 60% water weight. All this to say: water is a huge and essential part of our lives—which is why EcoWater Systems are the best choice for homeowners looking to provide their homes with the purest water possible. EcoWater is dedicated to solving the challenges facing residential water supplies through vigorous and cutting edge research.

Seattle Furnace, Installation, Repair, Brennan Heating. Seattle Heating, Air Conditioning Contractor, Brennan Heating. Portable Air VS Central Air. So you’re looking into air conditioning systems, but can’t decide between purchasing a portable air conditioner or going big and getting central air. No problem—below, we’ve taken both and pointed out their differences to help you make the right decision. Portable Air Conditioner Strictly in regard to low energy consumption and costliness, portable air conditioners are the best option.

However, they are only effective in small spaces. Four Ways to Make Your AC System More Eco-Friendly. There’s no greater enemy to green sensibilities than a stifling hot summer. When the sun beats down on your house, sometimes it feels like the only solution is to blast the AC. Lots of eco-friendly options exist, but some of them cost an arm and a leg. Electronic Air Cleaners Seattle, Honeywell, Brennan Heating. The Honeywell electronic air cleaner is an advanced and easy-to-use, whole-house solution that traps and filters up to 98% of pollutants from the air passing through your heating and cooling system. This advanced air cleaner captures microscopic impurities like dust, smoke and smog particles in addition to larger particles like mold spores and cat dander.

Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality. Choosing a Quality Contractor - Brennan Heating. What's on your HVAC Maintenance Checklist? Let’s talk about ways you can maintain the heating and cooling systems inside and outside your home. Air Conditioners Seattle, Brennan Heating. Brennan offers air conditioners from only top manufacturers such as Lennox. Is it time to add an air conditioner? Heat Pumps Seattle, Installation, Repair, Lennox, Brennan Heating. Brennan offers heat pumps, fan coils and controls (thermostats) from top manufacturers such as Lennox. Heat pumps offer one of the most energy-efficient ways to provide heating and cooling in many applications, as they can use renewable heat sources in our surroundings.

Even at temperatures we consider to be cold–air, ground and water contain useful heat that’s continuously replenished by the sun. Seattle Heating and Air Conditioning Experts‏‏ Spring is Air Conditioner Maintenance Time. Heat & Glo Seattle, Grand 135 Gas Fireplace Insert. Tips for Choosing a Central Air Conditioner. Gas Fireplaces Seattle, Inserts, Gas Logs, Stoves, Brennan Heating. Home Heating & Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Seattle Furnace, Installation, Repair, Brennan Heating. Is Hollywood Getting HVAC Right? Brennan Heating Earns Esteemed 2014 Angie’s List Super Service Award for the 9th Year in a Row. Awards Affiliations Brennan Heating Air Conditioning. Lennox Seattle - Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning. Do the Math to Find Energy-Efficient Heating Systems. Choose a New Furnace Before Winter Hits Hard. Electrical Services List, Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning.

New Home Buyers, Brennan Heating, Air Conditioning. Heater Safety Tips. Natural Gas Furnace Seattle, Advantages, Brennan Heating. The Easiest Fire Ever: The Advantages of Gas Logs. Lennox Seattle - Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning. What's The Difference Between a Furnace and a Heat Pump? Why Choose Brennan Brennan Heating, Air Conditioning. Gas Fireplaces Seattle, Inserts, Gas Logs, Stoves, Brennan Heating. 2 Ways to Reduce Home Heating Costs. What’s That Burning Smell When I First Turn On My Furnace? Seattle Hydronic Heating System, Brennan Heating.