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Untitled. Untitled. Education Resources. Educational software is available for every subject area.

Education Resources

There are hundreds of different software packages around. We have located the best resources in the educational software arena—from professional software developer networking groups to producers of innovative, cutting-edge software for math and sciences. These websites contain valuable resources for everyone, as well as carefully selected lists of further resources. While hands-on experience is best, it is not always possible in some situations. A great software package can make the difference between the opportunity to learn and understand, and the problem of remaining uneducated about a subject. Reviewed Sites The Math Forum at Drexel University: The Math Forum provides resources for parents, students and teachers.

Digital Frog: offers perhaps the most interesting educational software available anywhere. Shodor: Essay Punch/ Paragraph Punch: Tips for Success. Lesson Plans. Math Goodies. For Kids Only - Earth Science Enterprise. BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper. HowStuffWorks "Learn how Everything Works!". Welcome to Starfall's Download Center. We love Starfall!!!

Welcome to Starfall's Download Center

I have the entire Kindergarten class reading!!! It is so exciting! — Reading Specialist Pennsylvania For the last two years I have been using your wonderful website, as well as your books and journals with my kindergartners. I cannot tell you what a difference it has made! — Kindergarten Teacher Missouri My children are already reading, and it's only the 8th week of school. — Kindergarten Teacher Arkansas Welcome to the Download Center To view and print these downloads, you will need the free Adobe Reader. These downloads may be reproduced by individual teachers or parents for noncommercial use in their classroom or home. Please visit the Starfall Store to purchase low-cost, full-color, bound editions of the items listed below "Starfall Printed Materials.

" Starfall Printed Materials Online Printouts If you experience difficulty viewing or printing these files try these quick tips: Download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader. Still not working? Free Software. In an effort to foster hands-on, inquiry-based learning in science and math, the NASA Glenn Research Center has developed a series of interactive computer programs for students.

Free Software

All of the programs are Java applets which run in your browser, on-line, over the World Wide Web. The programs can also be downloaded to your computer so that you can use them without being on-line. The programs are in the public domain and are constantly being modified and upgraded based on your input. We have also developed a series of Beginner's Guides that accompany each of the software packages to explain the science and math. Special education resources for parents, educators, and psychologists. Ultimate Guide to Creative Writing Resources for Students. Creative writing: that's my thing.

Ultimate Guide to Creative Writing Resources for Students

I love to teach it, I love to do it, I love to read about it. Creative writing often gets shoved aside, playing second fiddle to report and essay writing. I hear parents lament often that "My kid hates to write! " But the vast majority of kids do, in fact, like to write. They just may not know it because they have only known the world of report writing. In teaching creative writing classes at our homeschooling co-op and, of course, with my own three kids, I have pinned and bookmarked dozens of resources for teaching creative writing at home or in a classroom.

For more posts in the Ultimate Guides series, be sure to visit iHomeschool Network! Inspiration Teaching Creative Writing: This is one of my most popular posts ever. Teaching Children to Write Poetry: Aadel of Natural Family Today embraces one of my mantras: "To write poetry, you must learn to observe and love the elements of language.

" Writing Prompts and {Free} Creative Writing Programs Books. 2013 Calendar Main Page. Download the artwork pages and the monthly grids.

2013 Calendar Main Page

Tape each month's artwork and grid together, trim the edges, and either tape or spiral bind the top. You can print out each page on a standard printer and then tape the artwork and the grid together to form the finished calendar which measures 10 x 16 inches after you trim the edges. All of the artwork and grids are in portrait mode (this is the standard printer mode). You may want to read the Help with Printing file first for some hints.

100 Editable Lapbook Templates – Free. FREE Country Lapbook Templates. Free lessons in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus. Butterfly Fractions: an Easily Remembered Strategy for Adding and Subtracting Fractions Using Cross Multiplication. Butterfly Fractions To add or subtract fractions the butterfly way, 1.

Butterfly Fractions: an Easily Remembered Strategy for Adding and Subtracting Fractions Using Cross Multiplication

Write the fractions side-by-side as usual and draw two wings along the diagonals made by the numerator of one fraction and the denominator of the other fraction and draw an antenna on each wing. 2. As suggested by the wings, that look like a multiplication sign, multiply the numbers in each wing and put the product in the antenna for the wing. 3. Fantastic Flexible Foldables. Fantastic Flexible Foldables by Carol DeFreese.

Fantastic Flexible Foldables

Free Letterhead Templates. Writing Prompts. Graph Paper for High School Math. Free truetype fonts - downloadable fonts for windows and mac at