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GoOrigami. Cool paper toy. Do it yourself, 3D hand - Binnit. Things to Make From Your Photos. 8c47416bjw1dyk8xmpe4uj.jpg (440×1934) How to make your own Crop Hopper or Cardstock Storage. From all become snowflakes - Part Three. Само шепот, само бледи стъпки, заслушвали ли сте се колко е тихо когато вали сняг.

From all become snowflakes - Part Three

Колко кротко въздиша земята. После слънцето прокъса перлените облаци, и един лъч изпъва златните си ръце за да изплете елмазена дантела върху всяко клонче. Така беше днес когато отидохме навън, миг слънчице и замръзнания мъх заприличва на килим изтъкан от сърма. Децата се попързаляха, a когато се прибрахме се сетих за горещия шоколад които, пихме заедно сутринта. Top 17 Ideas for Recycling Toilet Rolls. Abstract Doodles. Here are some more fun abstract doodles to print out and enjoy.

Abstract Doodles

They are great fun for people of all ages and work well at school and home. Just find the picture you like, click on it, download and print. Basic inkjet transfer using mod podge – the details. Toiletpaper Roll Bird Feeders. I remember being in Brownies and making these peanut butter bird feeders.

Toiletpaper Roll Bird Feeders

I knew that I wanted the girls to have the same sweet experience, so I figured I would wait for the Spring to make these homemade bird feeders. What?? What until Spring? It dawned on me that it is bird feeding month and these poor creatures could use some food NOW!! So here is Audrey's birdfeeder. Spread on your peanut butter. Printable Tags and Labels. Brenna’s book page fabric. I love the look of old book pages.

brenna’s book page fabric

The toasty brown edges and pale centers of the pages pair perfectly with the stark black type. Simple design with such a vintage feel, but so fragile and brittle. To fix their fragility, I coated the paper with silicone. This technique preserves the fragile pages, making them flexible, waterproof and durable with a feel similar to oilcloth.

With a little basic sewing, these plasticized pages are turned into useful durable items with a vintage appeal. CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump! Coffee - Crafty Canisters. Color by number coloring pages. How to make Sky Lanterns. Lovely Illustration by Tuhin Paul We made sky lanterns to celebrate “Diwali”, a festival of lights in India.

How to make Sky Lanterns

You can find the step-by-step tutorial here:Step 1: Make Paper Balloon The paper balloon is made using rice papers,butter paper, kite paper or tracing paper. Butter paper works best as it has good tensile strength which prevents the paper from tearing and is easy to handle. While sticking the sides of the butter paper make sure you stick it properly so that the hot air could not escape from it.Step 2: Making the rim of the balloon The open end of the balloon is stuck with a bamboo ring to attache the fuel. Step 3: Making the Fuel For making the fuel of Sky lantern, you need wax and napkin papers.

How To Make a Secret Hollow Book: The first step into making the hollow book is to select a book.

How To Make a Secret Hollow Book:

Make sure this is a book your own, and not one belonging to the library, or your family. I suggest rummaging through books at yard/garage sales. Make sure it is a hardback; otherwise you will cut all the way through the other side when you are cutting out the insides.You'll also need: Elmer's white gluea container to hold glue solution (I've chosen a film canister)X-acto knife, and/or box cutter. Both if you have thembrush to apply glue solutionpencil/penruler, or other rigid straight edgeSelect a page that you want to be the first one cut out, and save that page to be cut out at the end.

Mix a solution of white glue and water. Holding the remaining pages together, brush the edges with the glue solution - enough to soak in pretty well, but not too drippy. Allow this to dry, but use a spacer so the first couple pages, and the front cover don't get stuck. When dry, open the book to the first glued page. Happy hiding. The Shop House. While looking through etsy the other day, this wonderful shop caught my eye .

The Shop House

I seem to be drawn to old books used in interesting ways these days. Perhaps it's my subconscious attempting to prepare me to return to school in the next few days. Thrifty Crafty Girl: 31 Days of Halloween - Eyes in the Bushes. If you're enjoying my Halloween posts, be sure to follow with GFC or Facebook...

Thrifty Crafty Girl: 31 Days of Halloween - Eyes in the Bushes

I'm doing another 31 Days of Halloween series this year! **UPDATE: If you've read the comments for this post, you'll see that some much smarter people than I have suggested using glow sticks in the place of Christmas lights. GENIUS IDEA. My brand spanking new organised pantry. Line Design w/Shading - 4th Grade. It's that time of year again!

Line Design w/Shading - 4th Grade

The Line Design project I do with 4th grade every year is turning out wonderful! I have some great artists in the 4th grade, and even some of the ones that struggle are doing well with this project. 4fef75ba9d899.jpg (521×960) Papírguriga-ring. Egészen sokáig bírtam az elvonást, és jó ideig nem írtam vécépapír-gurigás ötletet... de ennek ezennel vége. :-) Valamelyik este azon kaptam magam, hogy felsorakoztatom magam elé az éppen aktuális gurigakészletet, és az államat a tenyerembe támasztva nézegetem őket tűnődve, hogy mi is lehetne belőlük... de mivel ez egy olyan hálás alapanyag, ami nem igényel sok tűnődést, a múzsa puszija ezúttal is gyorsan érkezett, és arra jutottam, ajtókoszorút készítek az én szeretett gurigáimból.


Most biztosan felsóhajtotok: már megint egy koszorú....? Hát igeen, de higgyétek el, ez más, mint a többi :-) Szóval, lefestettem a vécépapír-gurigákat akrilfestékkel zöldre - kétféle zöldre, de akkor sem lett volna semmi, ha csak egyféle színt használok. Minden gurigát laposra tenyereltem, és egyenként négy csíkra vágtam. Printable Paper. You Are Your Words - AHD. Inkjet Printing on Fabric. Transfer Images Using Freezer Paper. Wax Paper Transfer Tutorial. Free Mandala Designs to Print: Get Your Free Printable Mandala Coloring Pages Here. Looking for free mandala designs to print? You are invited to download and print the 2 free mandala designs below! The 2 mandala designs below are free samples from my $8 Mandala Coloring Pages e-book (shown right), which contains 23 printable mandalas to print and color.

If you like the mandalas on this page, check out the full Mandala Coloring Book! What is a mandala? Happy birthday! For your ... My Favorite Free Fonts and How to Download Them. You asked for it, so here it is – Vol. II I got such a great response from the font list I posted last week thanking me and asking me for more. I am amazed and so happy that the tutorial I posted helped so many of you. I am no computer wiz, but I guess I have learned more than I think and took that knowledge for granted – thinking that everyone must know how to do it. I have a lot of fonts on my computer and went down the list and picked my other favorites for Vol. If you didn’t see the first post – My Favorite Free Fonts and you don’t know how to download the fonts, click here for the step-by-step photo tutorial. Build an Amplifying Speaker Out of a Pringles Can. Turn a Pringles can into a low-cost amplifying phone speaker with this fun do-it-yourself (DIY) project.

This amplifying speaker will give your music extra volume and a crisper, cleaner sound. Building your own speaker is simple, and it will save you money — it cost us less than $6 to create! A Pringles Can (cleaned out and dried)Toilet Paper (approximately 14 inches)X-ACTO Knife (or scissors, but be careful!) Two Binder Clips (the bigger the better)Spray Paint (choose your favorite color)Tape When you are marking a slot to cut for your phone, start with a small opening and carefully make it bigger. DIY Dorm: Smartphone Projector. Nowadays, we can do almost anything on a smart phone: send emails, play games, and even watch movies. Sometimes, however, squinting at the small screen can leave our eyes feeling tired.

Rather than watch a movie or show on the tiny screen, why not magnify it via your very own projector? Check out this fun and simple addition to our DIY Dorm series: What You’ll Need: Faux Metal Wall Art (Including FREE patterns!) BySusan MyersonAugust 31, 2012 This faux metal wall art project was originally published on The Sitcom in December 2010, and was recently featured in the August issue of Crafts ‘N Things Magazine. Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art ∙ How To by Lauren M. Faux Metal Filigree Frame Tutorial. My youngest daughter got married last month and I now have a new son-in-law. And I thought it would be nice to put together a hand-made frame for some of her nicer photos of the two of them together. So naturally, my mind went to toilet paper. Yep. Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art « Made2Style. Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas.

40 + Fun Toilet Paper Roll – Craft Projects – Collection. Thrifty Crafty Girl: Wrought Iron, Except It's Not. Before I start talking about this awesome project, I have to give some props to the blogger who inspired it. Her name is Suzy. She has a sitcom. I haven't found it in my local listings yet, which probably means she held out for the big HBO or Showtime money. Smart girl. See Suzy's blog here. In my own words: Pinterest 7: Toilet paper roll art. DIY Project: Roll with Me, TP. Tiolet paper rolls on the wall. Think twice before you pull that last square of toilet paper off the roll, then throw that roll in the trash. Faux Iron Gate. Top 17 ideas for recycling toilet paper rolls - Popular DIY & Crafts Pins on Pinterest. Revolutionaries: A Project for Fall! Winter Craft: Coffee Filter Snowflakes. Share ! This is a super fast, quick, easy and cheap winter craft or Frozen movie theme party fun.

Hand_cut_paper_snow_flakes/paper_snowflake_how_to_template.pdf. How to Make a 3D Paper Snowflake: 11 steps (with pictures) Collection of beautiful pictures, and the establishment of a small fresh picture wall! PStar/Flowers. Scrapbook Paper.