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How to Cook Home Style Chicken Broth. Buffalo Balls (No, not really) Superbowl is coming up in a few days and like most of you, we’re having a few friends over.

Buffalo Balls (No, not really)

In the past, classic buffalo wings were a must at our parties, and they are still pretty awesome. But from a logistics point of view, they can be annoying – especially with a large crowd. They are incredibly messy for one thing, and it’s not easy to eat them gracefully. So if you are an unattached woman looking for the man of her dreams, gnawing and slavering over a saucy piece of chicken like a dog on a bone may not be the best game plan. And so there you are, staring longingly at them, but not partaking so you can look all graceful and demure and stuff.

But after a few drinks the three grapes you ate aren’t cutting it, so you cave and resort to sneaking them into the bathroom, where you can attack them in private and hide the bones in your purse. Anyhoo, all you single ladies rejoice! Buffalo Balls (No, not really) Ingredients For the Meatballs For the Sauce Instructions Notes. Closet Cooking.


Coated. Casserloe. 52 Uses for a Rotisserie Chicken. Keep Scrolling down.

52 Uses for a Rotisserie Chicken

Recipes and links for all the dishes are below... But First... I am so confused... $5.49 for a fully cooked, fully seasoned Oven Roasted, Rotisserie Chicken. Yet shop in the raw meat department and most raw chickens are at best $8 each and usually far closer to $10. Anyone have an answer??? Me either. So, I can either rail against the machine, or learn to embrace the beauty that is the $5 chicken! Below are recipes I have made, and recommend.

In fact, if I counted the chicken stock that I make from the bones and bits of pieces hanging off the carcass, I would guess that half of these posts would and could be soups. If you are just looking for a leftover weeknight dish to make... Here's my first and MOST important.. A Chicken in Every Pot- Chicken Stock With the price of store bought chicken stock (and comparing the taste to the cubes), this gets a free chicken and is almost no effort at all. I started this project a year ago and it has taken on a life of it's own... The Super Easy Way to Getting Meals Ready ~ DUMP Cooking. What is Dump Chicken?

The Super Easy Way to Getting Meals Ready ~ DUMP Cooking

Dump chicken is one of the easiest forms of Freezer cooking! The idea is VERY simple, do NOT over think it. You take raw (never frozen) OR Frozen chicken pieces, toss them into a One Gallon Freezer Bag, then toss in the sauce and freeze flat. The key is never RE-FREEZE Raw chicken. Then thaw the chicken and cook! 1 1/2 Pounds Chicken Pieces -- (4 to 6) 1/2 cup apple juice 1 teaspoon chicken bouillon 1/4 teaspoon mint -- crushed 1 cup Seedless Grapes For immediate cooking: Pre-heat oven to 350 F. For freezing: Place all ingredients into a 1 Gallon freezer bag.