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Same-sex relationships (Equal treatment in Commonwealth laws-Sup. Super tax break not just for employers. THE ability to claim a tax deduction for super contributions is not limited to employers.

Super tax break not just for employers

Those who qualify as self-employed can also claim a tax deduction for super contributions. In some cases, a person can be employed full time and still qualify for a self-employed superannuation tax deduction. Q I am 62, employed by a company and fully sacrifice my salary into superannuation and my employer pays the SCG (superannuation guarantee charge) on the amount salary sacrificed. My payment summary certificate will include a small amount of salary plus fringe benefits for the provision of a car. REST Superannuation. Winding up a SMSF. Setting up a self-managed super fund. Thinking about self-managed super. Claiming repairs and maintenance expenses. Claiming capital works deductions. Association of Financial Advisers. Running a SMSF. FPA. Simplified Superannuation. Financial Industry Complaints Service Limited. Financial Services Roadmap.

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