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API Overview. Evernote Developer Documentation The documentation is organized into three major areas: Our Quick-start guides will show you how to install and configure the Evernote SDK for your chosen language or platform.

API Overview

The topical Articles describe individual concepts or functions used when interacting with the Evernote API. Evernote. Evernote and GTD. First off I want to say that I've been a GTDer for about three years.

Evernote and GTD

I've used paper based GTD, electronic based GTD, and a combination of the two. Personally, I've found a combination of the two works best. The beauty of the GTD methodology is that it can be customized for most everyone. Some parts of GTD I don't use at all, but I believe all 'parts' of GTD could be applicable given the right situation. Black Belt Productivity » GTD Primer. How I use GTD with Evernote.