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Stream Diagnostics is Australia's leading and mostexperienced provider of hydrogen/methane breath testing for Fructose, Lactoseand Sorbitol malabsorption and Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

Irritable Bowel Syndrome- Problem and Treatments. Fodmap Diet That Can Control The Fodmap Intolerance. What will be your reaction if a doctor asks you to minimize the intake of FODMAP elements in your diet, obviously you will think that you are caught by some serious physical problem and which might deprive you from enjoying the taste of your beloved food.

Fodmap Diet That Can Control The Fodmap Intolerance

Whereas, the fact is that the problem is not as big as it sounds especially because of its name. Well, without pulling the topic let's come directly to the main point. You will agree that the problems like bloating, diarrhea, stomach pain are some of the common problems which are faced by almost all of us during our day to day activities.

But, if these problems take place on regular basis then it is an indication that you are suffering from the problem of poor digestive system and that your body is not able to absorb carbohydrates found in the food in-taken by you. This might surprise but the dairy products and fruits which we eat on regular basis are enriched with natural sugars like fructose, sucrose, lactose etc. Breath Test Diagnosis and Help Blog: IBS Can Now be Treated by Going Through the Blood Test. Diarrhea, constipation, gastric problem, stomach bloating, cramping etc. are few problems from which today most of the people suffer, but as these problems are related to the human digestive system, despite of suffering from it, people hesitate to talk about it or discuss with their doctor.

Breath Test Diagnosis and Help Blog: IBS Can Now be Treated by Going Through the Blood Test

On the contrary these problems are found common in all people equally despite of their age and sex. Glucose Breath Test to Fight Against the Bacterial Overgrowth in Human Body – H2 Methane Breath Test Diagnosis Blog. There would be hardly one who must be not aware about the word Glucose.

Glucose Breath Test to Fight Against the Bacterial Overgrowth in Human Body – H2 Methane Breath Test Diagnosis Blog

For a layman, it is the source of energy and enriches the person suffering from any kind of tiredness or weakness in his body. But, sometimes it is seen that there are lots of person who suffer from the problem of stomach pain, gastric, bloating etc. This is mainly because of bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine due to which they are not able to absorb the glucose elements present in their food items. SUCROSE BREATH TEST - Do Not Make Situation Panic for Patient.

Sugar Intolerance: What it is and how it is tested? – H2 Methane Breath Test Diagnosis Blog. There are lots of persons who after eating their favorite cakes and pastries feel the problem of bloating, stomach pain, diarrhea etc.

Sugar Intolerance: What it is and how it is tested? – H2 Methane Breath Test Diagnosis Blog

This might sound something unusual because as these items don’t have any spicy elements in that which are mainly considered responsible for emergence of these health problems, then how can use of sweet items affect the body of some person by eating these food items. Well, an answer to this question in simple words is Sugar Intolerance. The problem arises in the persons who are not able to digest the necessary percentage of sugar recommended for human beings during day to day consumption.

The problem may also take place in the person who consumes excessive sugar that compared to required sugar.Symptoms of Sugar Intolerance: Pain in different joints of body;Improper sleep during the night;Lack of sex desire;Obesity;Anxiety or depression;Bloating and gastric problems;High blood pressure;Pain in backLack of energy. Breath Test Diagnosis and Help Blog: When the H2 Breath Test is conducted? Do you feel any type of gastric problem for instance bloating, pain in stomach, diarrhea etc after drinking milk or eating any sweet?

Breath Test Diagnosis and Help Blog: When the H2 Breath Test is conducted?

If you answer to this question is yes, then it is an indication that you are suffering from the problem of gastrointestinal, which mainly arises due to production of hydrogen by the bacteria, known as anaerobic found in the colon of human body. When this anaerobic bacteria comes in contact with the unabsorbed portion of food especially the sugar and carbohydrates it develops the hydrogen gas, which sometimes if produced in excess results in different types of gastrointestinal problems. The problem mainly arises due to poor digestion or non-absorption of food items like different types of sugar including fructose, sucrose, sorbitol etc and carbohydrates but not the fats and proteins.

The large quantity of hydrogen is also produced when anaerobic bacteria moves into the small intestine, the condition known as bacterial overgrowth of the small bowel. Breath Test Overview. Breath Test Diagnosis and Help Blog: Understanding the necessity to hydrogen breath test. What is Hydrogen breath test?

Breath Test Diagnosis and Help Blog: Understanding the necessity to hydrogen breath test

H2 Breath test to analyze the percentage of sugar... How to get rid from bacterial overgrowth? – H2 Methane Breath Test Diagnosis Blog. Before understanding the different types of tests conducted for testing the bacterial overgrowth, it would be better to understand what in-fact is the bacterial overgrowth?

How to get rid from bacterial overgrowth? – H2 Methane Breath Test Diagnosis Blog

What is the meaning of Bacterial Overgrowth? Literally, the bacterial overgrowth is the self explanatory term which refers to overgrowth of bacteria. But, now the question arises that what types of bacteria does it refers to, as since your childhood you would have been listening the term ‘bacteria’ when any of your class mate had been suffering from cough or cold, then your teachers must be warning you to stay away from him, as his bacteria might also grab you in the web of cough and cold.

Test for Bacterial Overgrowth. IBS Blood Test: Don’t hesitate in disclosing your problem with the doctor - Stream Diagnostics​ FODMAP Diet: Will Intolerance help in controlling the problem? – H2 Methane Breath Test Diagnosis Blog. Generally it is said that sitting in same posture impacts your body structure, but do you know that along with it also results in emergence of various other health problems also in form of bloating, diarrhea, acidity etc.

FODMAP Diet: Will Intolerance help in controlling the problem? – H2 Methane Breath Test Diagnosis Blog

This might be quite surprising for you, because being a sensitive person you have always tried to eat your meals in control, despite of concerning their delicious taste. At first instance you might feel that these problems may be arising due to regular sitting at your desk and therefore you might even work on your working habits and start taking short breaks during your work. But, still you might find no change in your problem therefore as the second step you might even start using small quantity of salt, chilly and sugar in your food. What is FODMAP: As a general practice FODMAP refers to Fermentable Oligosaccharides Disaccharides Monosaccharides and Polyols. Why the problem of FODMAP does arise? Save Like this: Like Loading... Hydrogen Breath Test: An Overview. Hydrogen Breath Test is the self-explanatory term which pertains to testing of hydrogen in breath.

Hydrogen Breath Test: An Overview

But, now the question arises that why do doctors conduct this test to diagnose the emergence of certain health problem in our body. Necessity of H2 Breath Test by Breath Test. It is said that way to your heart goes from stomach and therefore when it comes to make your angry person or get his consent for buying a new golden necklace you would have always cooked his favorite dish for him for dinner.

Necessity of H2 Breath Test by Breath Test

If said that this practice is one of a proven amulet, there would be hardly anyone to disagree with me. But, sometimes this practice could quite be harmful for the health of your beloved ones resulting in form of various abdominal problems in form of severe pain in stomach, acidity, gastrointestinal disorder, bloating etc. In-fact this problem has taken a serious shape in current scenario and every next person among is found suffering from this problem. The reasons which seems to be responsible for the origin of this problem at first instance is due to irregular eating habits of generation next people and absence of nutritional elements in food that we eat today.

Breath Test Procedure,Fodmap Intolearance Test,Hydrogen and Methane Breath Test How To Guide. “Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper” “Eat food for living and not live for food” You would have read the above-mentioned quotes lots of time during your lifetime, especially whenever you had suffered from any stomach problems and visited a clinic close to your home. But how many of you had followed this principle, I mean when we are in any kind of trouble we will sorry for our mistake and sometimes even take an oath to not repeat that mistake again in future, but as soon as we come out from that problem we forget our oath and start living life according to our choice without any restrictions.

Breath Test Diagnosis and Help Blog: Mannitol Breath Test: To Identify sensitivity of airways in your body. Taking medicine during illness is necessary to get rid of illness and therefore depending upon the type of your sickness a doctor prescribes necessary medicines and treatment to get you recover from that physical problem. But, do you know that taking an over doze of medicine might be risky for your health and affect the other parts of the body, sometimes even to those parts which are sensitive. It is seen that sometimes in desire to get faster recovery from the physical problem various persons take an extra dose of medicine than compared to doze suggested by their physician and on the contrary get themselves caught by various other physical problems.

Why Hydrogen Breath Test is Effective Method to Diagnose Malabsorption? – H2 Methane Breath Test Diagnosis Blog. Human body is very sensitive and keeping it healthy is really a very big problem due to unhealthy eating habits. Have you found your stomach bloated after having a meal? Do you often suffer from abdominal cramps? If the problem of flatulence and belching embarrass you often, then you need to contact a doctor. When a human takes any type of food which contains a specific sugar, then enzymes available in the body help in absorbing the food in the small intestine to make the passage easy.

Things you don’t know about FODMAPs in your Food - Breath Test - Quora. Unhealthy eating habits and diet have becoming the major factor of several gastrointestinal disorder symptoms, such as bloating, abdominal cramp, flatulence, etc. However, after recognizing the problem, most doctors suggest for improving eating habits, adding fruits, vegetables and fibrous food in diet. But, these nutritious foods are not making any difference and the problem remain in the body, and sometimes it gets worse. What could be the reasons that are making the life difficult instead of a healthy diet? Well, we make you clear that fruits and vegetables also have malnutrition that can cause severe gastrointestinal disorders.

Breath Test Diagnosis and Help Blog: How SIBO can be diagnosed? Effective Method for the Diagnosis. Is your stomach feeling bad with recurrent cramps, flatulence, or diarrhea? The abdominal problems are getting increased day by day in majority of people in this changing lifestyle. You can easily find one person near you with some symptoms of gastrointestinal disorder. To diagnose the cause of all these disorders, medical professionals suggest breath test. This test is considered as the best method to diagnose any kind of sugar malabsorption. Intestinal bacterial overgrowth can also be diagnosed through the same test. Hydrogen & Methane Breath Test to Find the Cause of Unhealthy Digestive Tract – H2 Methane Breath Test Diagnosis Blog.

A human can also produce hydrogen, is it really? You might be thinking that I have made a joke with you, but, it is the fact. A human with unhealthy digestive tract can produce not only the hydrogen, but the methane as well. This Easy Breath Test can Help Discover the Cause of your Recurrent Abdominal Cramps. Living a healthy life has become an impossible thing in today’s ecosystem. With the polluted environment, people’s eating habits and diet have also become worse, which is affecting the digestive tract and making them sick with several gastrointestinal disorders.

Well, it happens sometimes even when you are taking a healthy diet, rich in vitamins, protein, and minerals. Despite all this, your gut starts reacting badly to some of the meals you have. Hydrogen and Methane Breath Test to Interpret the Type of Sugar Intolerance « Hydrogen and Methan Breath Test. Hydrogen Breath Test.

Do you have difficulty in absorbing the food nutrients and fluid? Does your flat belly bloated after consuming any type of sugars? Intestine is Complicated, No one knows how it will react with Carbohydrates by Breath Test. In our daily diet, we take lots of carbohydrates and sugars. Test your Fructose & Glucose Malabsorption with Breath Test – H2 Methane Breath Test Diagnosis Blog. Breath Test Diagnosis and Help Blog: What you ought to know about Hydrogen & Methane Breath Test? If your body is finding difficulty in absorbing the nutrients and the sugars, then it causes the diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, and several other symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, which occurs due to the sugar malabsorption.

Stream Diagnostics - News, articles and cooperation. Have you ever found your belly is bloated excessively or abdominal pain is not making you sleep at night? Several other gut functional disorders are also there which have become common in every next person, such as gas, excessive wind, diarrhea, constipation, etc. This happens due to the bacteria in the small intestine, which pass the unabsorbed sugar to the large intestine for fermentation. How To Diagnose the Types of Malabsorption for Gastrointestinal Disorder? Introduction If you have the problem in digesting food nutrients and fluid, then it is a sign of gastrointestinal disorders. When the bowel is unable to absorb fats, vitamins, sugars, proteins and other important nutrients and fluids, then it is simply referred as malabsorption.

Steps This disease is categorized into several types according to the type of nutrient which you find difficult in absorption or you are intolerant with. Diagnose the Gut Functional Disorder through Breath Test – H2 Methane Breath Test Diagnosis Blog. Gas, bloating, abdominal pain and several other functional gut disorders have been a common problem with every second person in Australia. These symptoms get increased day by day in the majority of people due to the unhealthy eating habits or some other problems. Hence, it is necessary to diagnose the disorder to find the cause of gastrointestinal disorder. Breath Test Diagnosis and Help Blog: Is FODMAP Diet Beneficial for the patients of Gut Functional Disorder? Having some functional gut disorder is becoming a common problem with every second person in the Australia.

The unbalanced diet and lack of time is considered as the base reason of abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and several other symptoms. If these symptoms are getting increased day by day and making your healthy life worse gradually, then there is one dietary approach which can help you in gaining back your healthy gut, known as the Low FODMAP Diet. What Are The Symptoms & Treatments For Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Do You Have Bloating or Gas Problem? Go For the SIBO Test – H2 Methane Breath Test Diagnosis Blog. Breath Test Diagnosis and Help Blog: What Conditions Need the H2 Breath Test for the Diagnosis?