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Move out Acknowledgement and Instructions. Photo 101: Five Tips for Shooting Interiors. I’ve never been a huge fan of rules—especially when it comes to creative outlets like photography, writing, or decorating.

Photo 101: Five Tips for Shooting Interiors

Who is anybody to tell you what looks good? Who is anybody to tell you how to decorate your home? If you really love that picture of your cat wearing a Snuggie, who is anybody to tell you that it’s a bad photo? Spotting Fake Certification/Registration/ID. Who does it hurt when you pass your pet off as a service dog when it' isn't?

Spotting Fake Certification/Registration/ID

Be sure to check out our article On the Consequences of Fake and Undertrained Service Dogs Certification does not mean an individual dog is a service dog. Neither does registration or an official looking ID. IMG_0605. City of Indio : Business License Information. 1.

City of Indio : Business License Information

Before applying for a City of Indio Business License you must: 2. Before applying for a City of Indio Business License please check if the following applies to you: 3. Inspection by the following departments will be required: Look Out for These Red Flags When You Show the Apartment to Your Prospective Tenant. This article is the second in a 5 part series that describes what a good screening process should entail.

Look Out for These Red Flags When You Show the Apartment to Your Prospective Tenant

This part of the series describes the apartment showing and how to use this as a step in the screening process. Last week, we talked about screening your tenants during the first stage, the point of first contact. Average Home Exterior Painting Prices. Average Home Exterior Painting Prices. Pacific Northwest Private Investigator.


Online Services. Cabo Luxury Penthouses. Pet-friendly Residence Policy. Background Alfred State is engaged in a pilot project to allow resident students the privilege of having family pets live with them in selected areas on campus.

Pet-friendly Residence Policy

A successful experiment rests upon the willingness of students to abide by and comply with established policies. The owner is financially responsible for the actions of their pet including, but not limited to: bodily injury, housing damages, and campus damages. Participants should be aware that policies will be modified and adapted as needed. Palm Desert Property & Homeowners Association Management. Welcome Trilogy La Quinta to our Family of Communities.

Palm Desert Property & Homeowners Association Management

We look forward to serving you. Tracie Blankenship Joins Team as Regional Director Tracie Blankenship brings more than 15 years of HOA community association industry experience to the Palm Desert team. As the Regional Director, Blankenship oversees current association community management clients throughout Coachella. Twelve Month Calendar. All Carpet Tiles. 10 Questions for Prospective Tenants. When interviewing prospective tenants, there are some questions you should ask to help determine if the tenant will be a good fit for your property.

10 Questions for Prospective Tenants

These qualifying questions can be asked over the phone. If the prospective tenant does not meet your qualifying standards over the phone, it can save you the time of physically having to show the property. It is important that you have the same qualifying standards for all tenants so you are not accused of discrimination. How to Market Your Property Using the 5 Senses. We are born with the five senses: Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell, and Taste.

How to Market Your Property Using the 5 Senses

We therefore have five methods of perceiving things. When trying to rent a property, landlords often only focus on the sense of sight and ignore the other four. Because people can perceive things so many different ways, it would make sense to try and appeal to all the senses to leave the tenant with the most complete and favorable impression of the property. In addition to the five senses, learn how to use the sense of temperature when marketing your property. Sense of Sight. Indio Water Authority : Indio Water Authority Home. Click on the link below for more information on IWA's Variance Policy:Variance Policy and Application Click on the Proposition 218 Notice below for more information on the new Budget-Tiered Rate Structure effective January 2014: Office HoursWalk-In Office Hours: Monday thru Friday from 8AM to 5PMCall Center Hours:Monday thru Friday from 8AM to 4PM.

Indio Water Authority : Indio Water Authority Home

Imperial Irrigation District : Residential Rebates. Installing energy efficient appliances in your home is an easy way to save money, reduce your energy consumption and help save the environment.

Imperial Irrigation District : Residential Rebates

Through IID’s Residential Rebate Program, customers are offered a rebate on the purchase of select energy efficient products. Not all measures require a certified contractor to perform the installation. If you are not sure whether the measure you would like to install is a do-it-yourself project or requires a contractor, you are encouraged to call the Rebate Processing Center at 1-760-482-3656 (Imperial Valley) and 1-760-396-5656 (Coachella Valley) or visit the California Contractor's State Licensing Board website at If you choose to work with a contractor, visit our informed consumer page for helpful tips on a successful project.

You tube 914 rd 46 pasco wa. Is your Federal Pacific Circuit Breaker Panel safe? Your electric panel ensures your home’s electrical safety, but is it safe? If your home was built between 1950 and 1990 and is equipped with a Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) panel with Stab-Lok circuit breakers, you run a significant risk of breaker malfunction and fire. The breakers inside the panel are designed to guard your home’s electrical system against circuit overload, short circuits and outside power surges coming into the panel. When an overload occurs, a breaker protects you by tripping, thus shutting down the power to the circuit. However, if a breaker is defective or not operating properly, the risk of fire to the panel and consequently to your home becomes imminent. Retain Judge Burrowes – Benton County District Court, Position 4.

Chapter 59.18 RCW: RESIDENTIAL LANDLORD-TENANT ACT. Normal Wear and Tear Apartment Cleaning.

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