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Cabin remodel

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616146. Glass Trans–Fusing: custom warm fusion glass art. Foscam F18904W Outdoor Wireless IP Camera Review - - Foscam F18904W Outdoor Wireless IP Camera As the PC becomes integrated into almost all facets of our lives, so is home security that can not only deter intruders but may prevent you being a victim.

Foscam F18904W Outdoor Wireless IP Camera Review - -

Impulse Gamer was given the chance to review the F18904W Outdoor Wireless IP Camera from Foscam which supports a wide variety of features to ensure you a little additional piece of mind. A close-up of the 24 LED of the F18904W The F18904W is basically a wireless outdoor security camera that supports both day and night-time surveillance of your property. The beauty of this camera is that your PC does not need to be turned on 24x7 as you can configure the camera to automatically e-mail you photos (or FTP) of anything that the camera picks up thanks to its infra-red motion detection.

Another highlight of the camera is that no matter where you are in the world, you can access the camera via a live field through a web browser or through your smart phone such as the Apple iPhone. Installation. Fannie Mae Requirements Re Permanent Foundation- Manufactured Housing - Appraisers Forum. Thank you so much for all of your replies.

Fannie Mae Requirements Re Permanent Foundation- Manufactured Housing - Appraisers Forum

Re-reading the email from my loan broker, maybe I have read it wrong - here is what she wrote: The underwriting department declined the loan because the investor that they use will not accept a Post & Pier foundation on any manufactured home - no exceptions. There was no way getting around the appraisal for not stating a post & pier foundation, which your foundation is - FannieMae issued new mandatory guidelines for appraisers about 18-24 months ago in which appraisers must submit form 1004C "Manufactured Home Appraisal Report Addendum" and on this form it clearly asks if there is a Pier & Post Foundation. When I purchased the home, I was very specific through escrow to make sure that the home was on a permanent foundation that was in compliance with all state, city, and county regulations.

I was assured that it was. - Motive Gear: You'll Be Floored - What's the best garage-flooring option for you? When we were all growing up, garage floors were covered with one of two things — dirt or oil, or maybe both. - Motive Gear: You'll Be Floored - What's the best garage-flooring option for you?

With the exception of that one whackjob neighbor at the end of the block who installed Astroturf on every hard, level surface, no one much cared what garage floors looked like; hell, you were lucky enough if you even had a garage. But somewhere along the line — perhaps it was with the dawn of the McMansion era — our garages became more than just a place to park the minivan and the John Deere.

Today's garages are sort of the contemporary equivalent of the once-ubiquitous rec room, except that they are often visible to the entire neighborhood, so there's a showroom element going on as well. SM120X. Dispatcher?RequestType=PDF&Name=49-85181-3. 4a1862a3-b972-4813-b91c-1fc61095fd40. The Last King Acrylic Print By Scott Thompson. Acrylic Prints Bring your artwork to life with the stylish lines and added depth of an acrylic print.

The Last King Acrylic Print By Scott Thompson

Your image gets printed directly onto the back of a 1/4" thick sheet of clear acrylic. Below or above ground concrete slab. Garage door weather seals by the Overhead Garage Door Store. The Lowest Price Available Online The largest line of high quality cost effective garage door weather seals online.

Garage door weather seals by the Overhead Garage Door Store

We represent the worlds finest manufacturers and suppliers of garage door weather seals along with an excellent service and support system. The overhead and garage door weather seals sold here online are a diverse product line for use in all industrial, commercial, and residential door applications. Our online store includes the widest variety of overhead garage door weather seals, and door insulating supplies available. You will soon discover that our products offer innovative solutions for commercial or residential settings and have been engineered with more inventive features than any other company in the world. Weather Seals & Insulating Products for All Garage Doors Our goal at the Overhead Garage Door Store is to provide you with a complete line of products to insulate and weatherize your garage. Countertop overhang and depth standards - Kitchens Forum.

In general, counter overhangs are 1.5" give or take a bit depending on your fabricator or your slab(s) (how much material is available, etc.)

countertop overhang and depth standards - Kitchens Forum

This is true for all frameless cabinets as well as non-inset framed cabinets. With inset, it can vary from a flush (not recommended) to 1/2" or more. (Frameless can also sometimes have counters flush w/their doors...more on that later.) 3 Steps to an Organized Laundry Room : Rooms. Evaluate the Laundry Room Ask yourself these three questions before getting started: 1.

3 Steps to an Organized Laundry Room : Rooms

Is the space so small it will only accommodate laundry and associated supplies? 2. (3) Beemun's Bike and Ski Loft. Reverse osmosis filter under main kitchen sink. Water softner tiner SXT Service Manual 42713. SXT Spec Sheet 42748. 9000 Service Manual 40944. 9000 Spec Sheet 40736. Preventing Frameless Shower Water Leakage. Home > Information Center With proper design and installation frameless showers should not have problems with water leakage, but they are not 100 percent watertight.

Preventing Frameless Shower Water Leakage

Fixed glass panels are sealed at the base of the floor and along the sides with clear silicone sealant. Most water seepage comes from the frameless glass door which needs at least 1/4" clearance space along the top, bottom and opening side. And there are many ways to prevent water leakage around a frameless shower door. Here's what we recommend: DOs. Steam shower door - Ceramic Tile Advice Forums - John Bridge Ceramic Tile. Untitled. VeraLite is designed for users that already have a Wi-Fi router and want to add home control.


VeraLite runs the same home control engine as Vera3 and comes with all the capabilities of user interface 5 (UI5). The only difference is that VeraLite is a more affordable model created for light users. Vera 3 Z-Wave based Home Automation, Monitoring, and Internet Control System - VERA-3. Overview Please note, this item may not be returned without authorization from the manufacturer's technical support team.

Vera 3 Z-Wave based Home Automation, Monitoring, and Internet Control System - VERA-3

To contact technical support, follow this link: Watch the Vera Demo video now! The dashboard has 2 purposes: 1. Controlling your Devices and Scenes 2. Advanced setup and configuration of the system Dashboard Overview NOTE: by default, Vera does not have any rooms or sections. You can optionally create rooms if you have lots of devices and scenes, and you can create sections if you have lots of rooms. The dashboard has 4 parts: Untitled. Whynter Ice Maker 15 in. UIM-155 - Sears. Sears makes it easy for Canadian customers to shop for pickup in the United States. Simply log into and you can order anything you want for USA delivery, from sturdy Craftsman lawn and garden tools to dependable Die Hard car batteries. Whether you're planning on picking up your order in an American Sears location or shipping to an American address, the process is simple and hassle-free.

The USA pick up in store feature at Sears puts your shopping convenience first. If you're planning a trip across the border, simply place your orders online before you leave and you can pick up your purchases at any USA Sears location at your convenience. On the other hand, if you're shipping to friends and relatives on the other side of the border, Sears' USA delivery feature is an easy way to send them the perfect present.

It's easy to get packages of any size delivered to a USA address, at Sears. PDS_SulfurGuard. Beacon/Morris Residential, Commercial, Heat, Hot Water, Steam, Gas, Hydronic, Kickspace Heaters, Oil. Approved for residential use, thousands of homeowners have installed Beacon/Morris BRT units in their garages. By design, our BRT units are compact and fit nicely in the corner of a garage. The unique hanging mechanism allows the installer to mount the unit close to the ceiling, further keeping the heater out of the way of the homeowner. Most commonly, BRT garage heaters are used with natural gas. If natural gas isn't available, units are available for use with propane as well. Beacon/Morris unit heaters not only keep your garage environment comfortable, but also may help prolong the life of your car's engine by eliminating cold start-ups in the dead of winter.

The BRT Unit Heaters offer a highly efficient, extremely durable unit design. Beacon/Morris Residential, Commercial, Heat, Hot Water, Steam, Gas, Hydronic, Kickspace Heaters, Oil. Flexcon Industries - About Us. Cycle Stop Valves, Inc. Sizing a Pressure Tank with a CSV Old Pressure Tank Sizing Method: In the past, pressure tanks were sized to store at least 1 or 2 gallons of water for every gallon per minute the pump can produce. A 10 GPM pump needed a pressure tank that holds 10 or 20 gallons. A 20 GPM pump needs a tank with 20 to 40 gallons of storage. Almost 2/3s or more of a tanks volume is filled with compressed air, it takes a very large tank to hold 10 to 40 gallons of water.

The higher the pressure switch setting, the less water volume a tank can store. The following charts show the drawdown of tanks from 2 to 119 gallon actual size, with 40/60 compared to 60/80 pressure switch settings. A pressure tank supplies water as the pressure drops from 60 to 40 PSI. The maximum number of cycles allowed for a 1 HP pump to survive is 100 times per day. Cycling causes the premature destruction of pumps, motors, pressure switches, relays, capacitors, check valves, and even the pressure tank. Turbo Air TWR-28SD-D2 2 Drawer Worktop Refrigerator - 27" The Turbo Air TWR-28SD-D2 27" Super Deluxe drawer worktop refrigerator gives you a spacious storage area to keep all of your ingredients, and a convenient work surface all in one unit!

Its stainless steel exterior is both durable and easy to clean, and comes with a 3 1/2" backsplash to protect your walls while you're working. Two stainless steel drawers allow you to keep pans (sold separately) of ingredients handy at all times. The 1/4 hp compressor, R-134a refrigerant and high density polyurethane insulation help this unit maintain temperatures between 33 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Cycle Stop Valves, Inc. Matrix Wine & Beverage Cellar 2-Drawer (Dual Zone)

Ito. How to Build a Murphy Bed. The Adam horizontal wall bed unit, with or without sofa. Single Swing Automatic Gate Openers & Operators. Our single swing gate openers include a single operator unit for automating driveway gates weighing no more than 500 to 600 lbs. Choose the gate opener or operator that provides the best value while accommodating your duty cycle, i.e. the frequency of use each day. West Chop Residence Kitchen - contemporary - kitchen - boston - by Martha's Vineyard Interior Design.

Hansgrohe Talis S Single Handle Dual Function Roman Tub Faucet and Hand Shower. Water. Over seventy percent of the earth's surface is awash in water, and it is a part of everyone's daily lives. Most people don't think twice about this essential element, but at Hansgrohe, it is their passion. P Hansgrohe 31060001 Bathroom Faucet at Laticrete SpectraLOCK PRO Epoxy Grout Mini Unit Color Powder Part C. LATICRETE® SpectraLOCK® PRO Grout is the finest grout available. You Never Need To Seal This Grout! LATICRETE SpectraLOCK PRO Grout offers the high performance, color uniformity, durability and stain resistance of an epoxy grout with extraordinary ease of use.

Bestar Queen Wall Bed with Two 25" Storage Units and Drawers in Tuscany. Create a more functional living space with the wall bed collection by Bestar. Perfect for the guest room or any place where space is at a premium, the wall bed provides a sleeping area and 2 storages including 3 drawers each. How Many Cubic Yards of Concrete Do I Need. The amount of concrete you need for a paving project depends on the total volume of the poured concrete. Concrete volume is typically measured in cubic yards, so you need to compute the cubic yardage in order to calculate how many bags of concrete you will need. Once you know the number of cubic yards of concrete, you can easily determine the number of bags with a simple conversion formula.

Just follow the easy math steps below, or use the handy concrete calculator on the left. (Requires JavaScript enabled in your web browser.) Rinnai RC98HPi Installation. For this job the installation of the Rinnai condensing unit replaces a 75 gallon propane water heater. The house has a recirculating line and pump built in. The homeowner is very concerned about getting his hot water quickly so as not to waste water unnecessarily.

Stairs and How they Work. Alternative Stairways When it comes to custom Stairways, 3DHA is rather limited. The Alternating Tread staircase (also called the Jefferson stair as it was invented by Thomas Jefferson) is shown here. It is an example of one that 3DHA will not produce. However, this type of stairway can be used as an alternative to a ladder or very steep stair. Coat Hook with Beach Rock Flush Mount by aimeesrockworks on Etsy. Beach and River Rock Cabinet Knobs Pulls by aimeesrockworks. Unique and organic cabinet hardware! Naturally rounded beach rocks on your choice of Satin Nickel, Chrome or Oil Rubbed Bronze bases.

*Each stone is drilled and a metal post is inserted between it and the base. Portfolio: Intrinsic Landscapes. Unmodified Thinsets – A User’s Guide. SMART VENT Foundation Flood Vents — Product Catalog. Smart Vent Flood Vent - Vented. Amerec - AK14 - AK Series 14.0KW Steam Bath Generator, Amerec - SteamSaunaBath. TK-CLASSI-5-1_OM. Products : Vantage Point. Energy Take Classic 5.1 Review - Watch CNET's Video Review. Beacon/Morris Residential, Heat, Kickspace Heaters, Steam, Commercial, Hot Water, Gas, Hydronic, Oil. Files. Kohler K1734-NA Steam Steam Generator Steam Bath - Silver at Spectra_Care_Operation. Carpet to Floor Transitions. WBN106-Install. Tips on replacing baseboard heater with toe kicks? Tips for a New Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heater. Failures - PEX Plumbing Failures. WBN106 - Lochinvar WBN106 - 82,000 BTU Output Knight High Efficiency Boiler (Wall Mount) Turbonics Inc., Specialists in Hydronic Heating Solutions.

PEX - Radiant Heat - Radiant Heating - Plumbing Supplies - TwinFloBro14. Inst27160. Tips on Designing a Steam Room. We help a Houzz user ask all the right questions for designing a stylish, practical and safe shower bench. Lavish Luxury - contemporary - bathroom - toronto - by BiglarKinyan Design Partnership Inc. Formal white kitchen with blue island - Mullet Cabinet - traditional - kitchen - cleveland - by Mullet Cabinet. Cat Mountain Residence - modern - living room - austin - by Cornerstone Architects. Lavish Luxury - contemporary - bathroom - toronto - by BiglarKinyan Design Partnership Inc. Bransonak - River Stone Tile Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas.

1779 - contemporary - bedroom - vancouver - by Fluff Designs & Decor. Custom Home in St. Petersburg, FL - modern - bathroom - tampa - by Devonshire Custom Homes. Glimcher Table. Gas Ranges - GE Cafe CGS990SETSS. 323-M. Lennox_Hearth_Spectra_Specification_775646M. How do I Build a Frontier Fireplace Hearth? The Best Fireplace Height for a Bedroom. What Is a Sitting Height Hearth? Lennox Lss-40Cn Spectra Natural Gas Fireplaces Direct Vent Fireplaces 40 Inch H0396. Living Room - contemporary - living room - san francisco - by Glenn Robert Lym Architect. How to Put Up Stone on a Fireplace. Sharp Steam Oven Review - AX1200S Convection Microwave Combo. Energy Take Classic 5.1 Prices - CNET Marketplace. How To Optimize Your 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker Placement.

CS_PL2591_A_ESW-8 230V.xls. E36WC45FSS_specs. PTD915SMSS by General Electric in OLATHE, KS - GE Profile 30" Warming Drawer. 1060229_1. Incredible Women's Closet! - traditional - closet - san diego - by Robeson Design. Kitchens by Julie Williams Design - contemporary - kitchen - san francisco - by Julie Williams Design.