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How to Build a Successful Website for your Restaurant? – Since, everything in today’s world is digitally influenced and where customer seek information from the internet for the meager-est of purchase they make, therefore, business owners are constantly on a run to find the best fit of their website and user experience.

How to Build a Successful Website for your Restaurant? –

Even a slight irresponsibility in this regard can be hazardous for the good will of your business and can dissuade online customers from placing an order or even visiting your business. In this info-graphic, the team of Branex has arranged few important elements that should be there in a restaurant website. Let’s have a look at them. Combination of Motif and Motive that Creates Awesome Looking Website Design – What is a great looking website?

Combination of Motif and Motive that Creates Awesome Looking Website Design –

For those of us working in the mobile app development/website design sector or software development, the answer would probably be a one that delights a customer. But website design and development is no less than a beast and it takes a warrior’s valor to tame the beast. Creating a successful website design requires multi-talented teams to efficiently work through multiple options and conflicting ideas that may arise from clients or any of the tea mates, all of them ultimately have the same goal to achieve and that is of an effective website design. hence we can say that the common motive behind getting a website designed is same for everyone.

The business owner, the design team and even the business itself. Maintaining focus while designing is not an easy task. In the language of art and literature, the word motif is usually described as a silent recurring element that has symbolic significance. How to Create a Unique Value Proposition for Your Business Website – Each website has a purpose to serve: To start with, sending a message that what it’s all about and what do you promise to deliver.

How to Create a Unique Value Proposition for Your Business Website –

A lot many businesses today are struggling to position themselves because of their inability to send a valuable message only as part of their website design. Since the message lacks value, visitors are unable to clearly understand what the website is about or what business are you into. We tend to choose flashy words that conceal the actual message and that isn’t working for many. If you are offering something of high value but are unable to articulate the very values in words, then attracting clients would be a daunting task.

Gone are the days when unrealistic promises were made and people would fall for them. Reading Experience – A Forgotten Web Usability Element – With the advent of web fonts and ready-made templates, typography has re-claimed its position in the website design industry.

Reading Experience – A Forgotten Web Usability Element –

At the same time, the primary concern of many designers with typography still lies to be aesthetic in nature. People visit websites because they are looking for certain information. typography does look good and increase the effectiveness of web copy but alone it bears barely any importance. Therefore, to achieve online success, any website would require a wining mix of both typography and web copy that not only communicates their information the online visitor is looking for but also leaves a lasting impression as well.

Today, most businesses create website to gauge customer but fail to bank upon the impeccable power of content and typography that creates reading experience. One must not forget that reading is the best form of engagement till date. Few Steps to Successful A/B Testing – 5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Revenue from Website – Medium. One of the most common problems observed over time especially in the online world is that websites have grown pretty organically. in addition to it, no one has ever thought that they can even perform much better.

5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Revenue from Website – Medium

Experimenting is what we here lack in. Website designers and developers are often considered of designing a trendy web design rather than objectively assessing how effective they can be in the respective markets. If your website lacks in a proper web design and you’re simply stressing to add more pages, then the chances are that you can make some improvements. Modern Website Design Elements for New Entrepreneurs – Website design today is literally a moving target.

Modern Website Design Elements for New Entrepreneurs –

In order to make it the best of the best for users, designers and marketers are constantly in the hunt of improving the website design in various ways. From better ways of displaying information to attracting the attention of users, the patronage of visitors is duly noted upon which the website design and development lies. These elements have risen to become really important over a period of time.

The concept of website has changed from merely information providing source to entertainment, solution provider and to simply have a user friendly experience in its entirety. This fluctuation in levels of importance has made user-oriented elements take a higher place. Implement These UX Design Trends for Performance-Packed Websites – Want your visitors to fall for your website the first time they land?

Implement These UX Design Trends for Performance-Packed Websites –

To do just that you need to incorporate an effective UX design for the love of adding intuitiveness, to express emotionally and set out a good long-lasting impression. A user needs to navigate easily on your website, there’s no denying that. Pros and Cons of Rapid Mobile App Development – Rapid mobile application development (RMAD) is a term coined by Gartner; an analyst firm that first used the term to describe user friendly mobile app solutions allowing business professionals to build and deliver cross platform mobile applications quickly and easily.

Pros and Cons of Rapid Mobile App Development –

Mobile application development industry has swept the online business arena dramatically over the course of past three to four years. There lies no surprise that mobile application development is the steepest growth slope ever witnessed by a business industry and growing. However there lies a high failure rate as well, that is there because of the poor conceptualization, creation or deployment of mobile apps. How to Check Your Corporate Website Rank on Popular Search Engine. How to Check Your Corporate Website Rank on Popular Search Engine If your company's website is running up for over a month and you aren’t getting respective traffic on your website, then you might think of certain options.

How to Check Your Corporate Website Rank on Popular Search Engine

An SEO health check is a good option in this regard which gives you an overall idea of your standings on popular search engines. This allows you to take a step back and analyze where you are doing wrong. Quickest Way: Secure Business with Mobile Apps in Holiday Season – With the holiday season closing in, we often fall victim of the thought that our business is going to come to a stop for a while.

Secure Business with Mobile Apps in Holiday Season –

People spend time with their families, are traveling or just taking a time off which keeps them away from a lot many things they do on a daily basis. But in times like these, there’s still a larger audience that is making purchases. That audience is represented by a chunk as large as 60 percent as they used their smartphones to make purchases. What does this mean for your business? Firstly, you need to have a responsive website so that these customers can reach out to you. New Website Design Standards Released by US Government, What’s Next for Canada? – United States is a country that hosts some of the world’s most powerful tech companies including Apple headquarters. This means that there are high expectations from web designs with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Unfortunately, there aren’t any expectations that the government websites are fulfilling. As a matter of fact, they are ugly to begin with.

There are barely any web design trends that were kept in view or it seems so. The American and Canadian Government has been able to pull off some sophisticated web designs on their websites lately. However, there’s good news that all of that is now changing for the better. Apart from the design being pristine and flexible, an additional function of the new websites will be to aid the visitors in finding information a lot more quickly and easily. The best will be made the ‘Easiest’ The new guidelines are a great help to the designers. Ease of ‘accessibility’ Superb ‘flexibility’ ‘Best practices’ intact.

Anatomy of a Successful Website Design – Creative design, attractive color theme, appropriate typography and engaging content are the bases of a successful website design, but that’s not all. There are certainly other nitty gritties to it too, which are combined to provide a synergized effect to the overall performance of your website design. In order to enable business owners to not miss out on the essential elements of website designing, here is an info-graphic that efficiently talks about all the elements of a successful website design. Embed in your website: Use the Following Ways to Gain Incremental Return from your Mobile App – Why should I invest in a mobile app? This is the first question that comes from business owners when they are asked about getting a mobile app made.

Honestly speaking there is no secret answer to it. It’s very simple. The primary goal of any business is to make money and this s exactly what a mobile app can help you in doing better. A mobile app lets you access incremental business gains. 3 Things to Check Before You Opt for an Online Store – Medium. There are 3 main reasons people prefer to buy online. These are price, selection, and convenience. If you are opting for an online store, then you should keep these 3 prime elements in mind. 6 Web Design Trends That Are Ruling 2016 - 5 Basic Principles for an Ecommerce Website - Tips to Design Tremendous Lifestyle Websites – Lifestyle websites have a stronger role to play than merely being yet another website. They need to be information and have to have that spark and motivation that entices the visitors into instantly taking action. That means you need to incorporate emotion and inspiration so that they can entice action.

This sure does sound like a lot of work but look at the returns on that. Home. 5 Web and Mobile Trends That Will Rule 2016 – Medium. Basics of Responsive Website Design – Responsive website design is the new term that relates to the innovation in website design industry. It is coined few years back, when the dawn of smart devices took place. Today, due to the vast number of customer base who access internet through their mobile phones and tablets, businesses are transitioning from the normal website designing to responsive websites and this info-graphic talks about the basics of responsive web and why should business owners must consider getting a responsive web design made for their businesses.

Latest Web Design Trends Unveiled September 2016 – Medium. Google Announces a Mobile-Friendly Update: New Changes for Mobile Search Results – Google is the star of all the search engines. Holding the highest percentage of global share searches, we all know how Google is constantly making our lives easier with each new update. Adding a mobile-friendly label two years ago was part of the same approach. Earlier, on August 23rd, Google rolled out yet another version of a mobile-friendly update that will enable the users to seek answers for questions rapidly on the search engine. 5 Proven Tips to Reduce Your Bounce Rate – Medium. Golden Rules to Follow for Social Media Marketers – What is A Suitable Web Design for Fashion Oriented Brand? – Medium.

How a Web Visitor Sees Your Website? – How Angular JS Material Design is Transforming Visual Hierarchy – Medium. This Is How Microsoft Is Ignoring User Choice and Privacy with Windows 10 – 5 Steps to Benefit from your Long Form Content Strategy – Content marketing is among the trending buzzwords of today from which companies are receiving unimaginable benefits in form of new customers and increased business generation. Content marketing specifically helps in creating: · Better online visibility · Higher number of social likes and shares · Inbound interlinks · Increased web authority Through relevant and up to date published content.

Long form content is the in-thing these days. Every business is trying to benefit from it. This info graphic enlightens you on few areas with which you can take maximum benefit of your long form content strategy. 5 Top Tips to Generate Leads in Online Business – Medium. The Kind of Content that Generates Most Links for Your Business Website – Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid for a Successful Ecommerce Business – Medium. Does Your Website Own These 5 Basic Elements? Google On to Filling the Gap of UX Design Education Through a New Degree Program –

Persuading Reasons to Opt for Mobile Shopping – Its Official – Snapchat Acquires Mobile Search App Vurb – Whitespaces in Web Design; A Blessing or a Curse? Game Changing Web Design Trends and Their Impact – Here’s How You Can Increase Your Website Conversions – Benefits of In-Store Mobile Commerce – How Ecommerce Website Are Revolutionizing our Lives? 10 Design Elements That Hinder Conversions and SEO – Myths that Shadows Website Designing – iPhone 7 Pre Order Date Revealed. iPhone 7 Pre Order Date Revealed. Upcoming Ecommerce Trends Every Merchandise Should Know. How to Double Your Profit via Online Business? Facebook New Ad Tools Helping Businesses Target App Users Instead Installers Only. This Pokémon Go Freak Caught Them All, Here’s How. 5 Features that May Spoil Your Company’s Mobile App. VR and Future of E-commerce. Calling All Developers to “Planet of the Apps” – A Reality TV Show by Apple. 5 Mobile Trends for 2016 that will Pop your Eyes Open.

7 Tricks Apple Music Users Should Know. Here’s How You Play Unreleased Android Apps. Improve Your Online Strategy with These Ecommerce Trends. A Complete Beginner guide to the latest sensation, Pokémon Go! Amazon Ventures into Online Education Service for Teachers. 5 Easy Ways to Stay Productive All Day. A Beginner's Guide to Name a Startup. Applicable UX Ideas for Small Businesses from Brick and Mortar Stores. Why is Responsive Web Design a Crucial Part of your Business? What You Really Need to Know About iOS 10. New in Instagram Ads – Mobile Banners. Strike the Right Balance when Creating Websites for Gen-X VS Millennials. Web Designing is More Than Designing Pretty Website.

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