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Jio Happy New Year 2018 Offer. Reliance Jio will bring down the prices of its plans with 1GB data per day by up to Rs. 60 as part of a new Happy New Year 2018 offer. This will cut the base price of Jio plans with 1GB data per day to Rs. 149, down from the current Rs. 199. Interestingly, this move will cancel out the tariff revision implemented by the operator in October.

Apart from this price cut, Jio will also launch a host of plans with 1.5GB data per day as part of the exercise. These changes will come into effect on Tuesday, January 9 and the first of many such announcements to come. Starting Tuesday, the Rs. 199, Rs. 399, Rs. 459 and Rs. 499 Jio plans will cost Rs. 149, Rs. 349, Rs. 399 and Rs. 449, respectively. Details of the plans, such as the data allocation, calling, and SMS benefits as well as access to free apps, will remain the same as before. The new 1.5GB data per day plans the operator is bringing in are priced at Rs. 198, Rs. 398, Rs. 448, and Rs. 498. Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in India. The secret to achieving great things is to act in the best possible manner, likewise, the secret behind a successful business is the implementation of digital marketing techniques in a best possible manner. Digital marketing agencies play a significant role in today’s world.

It is a mantra to success nowadays which can build up effective marketing strategies and drive viewers’ attention towards their products or brands. People think that digital marketing is an easy task but a proper guidance from digital marketing agencies can make a huge change and help you to streamline your ideas more efficiently and clearly among its users. A Business will soon see a downfall if it does not pay attention to its online marketing approaches.

Therefore, it is important to choose best digital marketing agency. Below are Top 10 digital marketing agencies in India which play a pivotal role in driving traffic to your website effectively: 1. Website- 2. 3. 4. Love or Jihad? As Shefin Jahan awaits Supreme Court’s proceeding on Hadiya’s custody battle; the authenticity of “Love Jihad” concept resurfaces to our conscience. The political feast of Right Wing and a dark blot on Muslims. Love Jihad comes across as a widely debatable concept, owing to the extent of its authenticity determination. To act on it, we have to assume it’s an ideological movement or to find a restraining solution to it, we have to analyze and understand personal case studies to determine the specific authenticity of each case. Most importantly denial of any of the two possibilities completely is ought to take us in a misguided direction. A slowly projected collage of multiple reportings mainly in North India, the concept sprung into wide fame with the recurring usage by recognized right-wing politicians and stepped into social questioning with the recent case of Hadiya.

But the trajectory of the rise of concept “Love Jihad” can be the subject of the factual case study as follows. An Expensive Diversion Padmavati. All our newsfeed whether it is Facebook or TV these days is hacked by the mighty debate of Padmavati or random opinions on it. It’s not easy to escape the recurring debate on it and why to after all. Let’s try to analyze what the pandora box of Padmavati hides. Assumed to be a petty issue of Fringe action in the initial stages of movie production, the issue arose when a Rajput Group “Karni Sena” objected to the picturization of a certain scene, where Rani Padmavati played by Deepika Padukone is seen making love to character of Allaudin Khilji essayed by Ranveer Singh in Khilji’s Dream Sequence.

After a violent altercation with filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali who left no stone unturned to prove there is no such scene in his script, but somehow from there issue refused to die and was continuously fuelled by political beneficiaries for their purpose. Amongst all of this, a bigger question confronts us. Dengue patient dies, parents billed Rs 16 lakh for 2 weeks in ICU. Only if the pain of losing your loved ones was less, only apathy and the latency of greed could make it worse. The insensitivity Humans have harbored towards the human lives, constantly springs up on us at regular intervals and reminds us of exactly where we are headed with it. A family recently lost their 7-year-old girl, who was undergoing treatment for Dengue in Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI),Gurugram only to realize that they had been billed humongously high of 18 Lakh INR for 15 days of treatment, and they couldn’t collect the dead body of their child from Hospital without depositing the bill.

Only if the treatment was anywhere justifiable or the tools were too expensive one could have even imagined or at least conceptualized this hefty bill, which is commonly accounted for operational procedures of Cancer, Neuro or Heart surgeries, but when you’d hear the contents and elaboration of how they were charged, you may once want to question the authorities yourself. How to post pictures to Instagram from a desktop PC. Instagram is a mobile-version photo sharing app that allows users to share photos and videos. There are even more features let users edit photo/video before publishing online. More often, it is among the most used social media platforms leading the Internet World NOWADAYS. However, the most obtuse thing about the Instagram is it doesn’t allow a user to post photos from low-level version software like MAC, Windows, and Linux; the only solution for this is to use Android and iOS Instagram apps on Android and iOS-based phones.

Instagram didn’t declare any update on this in the recent days. However, we’ve some tips that can allow users to upload photos in a simpler way. As most of the users are having Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10 version PCs, we explain the process of Uploading Instagram For Windows 10, Instagram App is available on the Store. After Installation, the App icon pins to the Home Screen.Tap or Click the icon to open.Sign in to Instagram and view the latest news feed. Dispelling the myths about Executive MBA in India | BrandTopper. Professionals working in a corporate set up know that climbing up that much-said ‘corporate ladder’ requires more than just hard work and sincerity. It requires an MBA. To further your progression in career or even to get a promotion, an MBA can give you the needed edge and can save you some years doing that.

For experienced professionals in India, an executive MBA can be a highly rewarding enterprise. Having said that, there happen to be a lot of myths about the executive MBA in India. Deceptive Course Titles-: You’d be amazed by the number of candidates in India, who take up the one-year management course mistaking it for the executive MBA program. Work Experience Prerequisite-: Executive MBA programs are sought after by the professionals who are familiar with the corporate set-up and its functioning to move up their designation or to gain promotions. Odd-Even: A Crumbled piece of Help, Odd-Even in Delhi | BrandTopper. With the Smog situation in the national capital and surrounding areas being a matter of high concern to residents and of light humor to some. It definitely has managed to grasp our attention towards a tiny glimpse of what fiddling incessantly with nature can bring us to. To the residents of Delhi/NCR and nearby states, its definitely a matter of the basic right to breath but it has once again managed to expose the poor mismanagement, internal coordination and the last minute awareness of our authorities.

With Delhi Govt. filing a reconsideration request in the National Green Tribunal regarding the implementation of Odd-Even, which was earlier squashed by the same citing it “Not a singular solution to the complex problem and if its needed to be implemented, it has to go ahead without any exemption”. While the NGT makes pretty valid points on the implementation of Odd-Even and its questionable affectability. How to make your Mobile Phone into a web camera for Windows PC | BrandTopper.

Mobile Phone, well-known as Smart Phone, is the future of the World. Stuffed with incredible technologies, like the innovative HD camera system, beautiful display, super fast processor with varying clock speeds, have enabled users to experience a new world on the fingertips — from shopping through Apps to capturing videos from camera to sharing photos on Social Media — it is the device for the next few years. However, it is not just a smartphone, there are also few techniques that allow a smartphone to work for a variety of programs. TV or AC Remote, Speed Checker, Calorie Counter, Currency Rate Calculator, WebCam and more are some other uses that can be done by a Mobile Phone. Most Social Media and Audio Call websites have enabled video-calling features, and therefore, a webcam-enabled PC is a must for Today’s generation.

For those who have a laptop, don’t need to worry about webcam, but what about those who only have a desktop PC. For iOS, For Android, What is an IP? Got the IP? How to choose a comprehensive health plan? | BrandTopper. Regardless of the fact that about 65% of the population in our country is aged less than 30 years, (something that could go well in our favor) we stand the risk of losing this demographic advantage to problems such as rising medical costs and almost an imperceptible ingression of health insurance plans in our country.With medical inflation at around 15%, modern diagnostic services and treatments for the grave illnesses likely to become costlier and a rising trend of lifestyle diseases in India, it has further aggravated the risk.

How to counter these problems? No doubt, you need an insurance plan but choosing the right one is not that easy a task. You need to do your due diligence to find one that protects you financially against a whole range of difficult circumstances including hospitalization, surgeries, and diseases that you may have acquired through your genes. Family’s medical history is a key component that is considered while choosing a medical insurance plan. Best Cancer Insurance Plans in India | BrandTopper. Cancer has become a common disease in India. One has to manage the disease depending on the kind of cancer. Cancer plans are many but you have to choose the right one depending on factors. Step one- In case of a history of any such life-threatening diseases, you should get a medical checkup.

Step two- Consider an insurance plan that covers cancer treatment and is an easy buy within your insurance budget. The problems caused by diseases like cancer can be cured. Best cancer insurance plans for 2017 in India are-: This plan covers the insured from the first stage like free cancer screening to the cost of chemotherapy, medication, etc. The key features and benefits of the insurance plan include the followings: HDFC cancer life insurance plan-: Key features of this plan-: Aegon Cancer insurance plan-: This plan is an all-inclusive plan which covers the cost of illnesses. The minimum sum is 10 lakh to 40 lakh respectively. 21 day veggie challenge | BrandTopper. It is a health challenge with a fun twist of putting a tray of veggies on a table; use it as a meal or a snack.

It takes 21 days to develop a good habit which you can actually include in your diet plan or daily plans. After setting up veggies in a fancy platter, click a photo and begin feasting, you can feast on veggies rather than gorging on snacks. You will not feel hungry for any munching making it much healthier. Encourage your friends by your social media posts and spread the word for this challenge. You can have roasted as well as raw veggies. A plant-based diet may be the secret to increased energy, better health and saving mother earth. If you want to lose weight, choose a lower number of servings of nuts, seed and tofu.Do not eat processed oil.Canned vegetables are an easy way to gain more protein.Drink lots of water, it is the best tonic for weight loss. Diet plan: 21 Day challenge Nutrients to focus on Vitamin B12- Things to avoid in 21-day challenge.

How much does it really cost to study abroad? | BrandTopper. You have evaluated closely the varied number of career choices and made a decision about the career path you wish to pursue. Suppose, you decided to do an MBA from Australia, Great! What next? A concern that almost all students trying to pursue studies overseas, face is, How much does it really cost to study abroad? If it is something that you’ve come across, read on.You have evaluated closely the varied number of career choices and made a decision about the career path you wish to pursue. Suppose, you decided to do an MBA from Australia, Great!

What next? A concern that almost all students trying to pursue studies overseas, face is, How much does it really cost to study abroad? Here’s a step-wise solution to how you can actually manage your education costs while staying overseas. What would be my education cost? How soon will I need this money? Is there a way I can save some of that money? Some Facts about Overseas Education Costs-: 1.) Want to increase your monthly investments? Go for mutual fund SIP top-up | BrandTopper. Investment is a much-planned and a thought-out process and is one that should be initiated only after complete preparation, taking into consideration the returns on that investment and then devising an informed plan as to how would the resources be allocated. Before you invest in your money, you need to invest a lot of patience and information in your decisions.

Only then can you drive a strategy in which your idea yields better results. A potential investor should keep in mind his/her investment needs, age and the availability of the finances with respect to the inflation in the market and the future of that particular investment. The systematic investment plan or the SIPs is one such investment option that promises to give better returns on investment and needs treading the options every once in a while, especially in your early years. Need and the advantages of the SIP top up-: As the time progresses, the value of the currency also decreases.

Education | BrandTopper. Top 10 Most Used Questions and Commands For Cortana | | BrandTopper. Cortana is the intelligent virtual assistant created by Microsoft for Windows PC, Mobiles and other Microsoft devices that use the Internet. It can do things that a mobile can – set reminder, call, send a message, internet searching, and mostly all the things that Hey Siri and Google Assistant perform. Cortana is available in 8 different languages including English, depending on the region, where it is set-up for the first time. However, It is getting better in a gradual way and can answer every kind of command from alarm to lock your phone.

As you will see in this guide, we mentioned few questions and commands that are mostly used on a regular basis. Cortana can open apps: Open an app easily on the Mobile or Windows Laptop. Command – Hey Cortana, what song is this? After listening to the song for a short while, the Cortana will tell the name of the song. Cortana can perform calculations: Get the answer to a simple or complex mathematics problem through Cortana. 5 Android Apps for Discontinuing Smoking | | BrandTopper. SC Orders a temporary ban on Firecrackers due to its Impact On Delhi's Air | | BrandTopper. How to login to your Microsoft account without a password, using your Android Smartphone | | BrandTopper.