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Brandt Beal

Brandt Beal is an innovator, leader, and entrepreneur, so it comes as no surprise that he turned his own personal health crisis into a way to transform healthcare and help others achieve their best health.

A Better Way to Predict Cardiovascular Risk - Brandt Beal. Do you know that roughly 75% of people who end up in the hospital due to a heart attack have altogether normal cholesterol levels?

A Better Way to Predict Cardiovascular Risk - Brandt Beal

My father passed away at 69 from a massive heart attack after receiving a clean bill of health from his physician. His cholesterol levels were in the normal range. It’s surprising but true, so the research says. And yet, your primary care physician is most likely still measuring your risk for a heart attack using the same ol’ methods—ordering lipid panels and keeping track of your LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and total cholesterol levels.

These methods don’t capture the whole picture, as several factors indicate your risk for heart attack and cardiovascular disease—and all these factors need to be taken into account and tested properly. You can’t change (or predict) what you can’t measure. What is Cholesterol? First, let’s clear up this thing called cholesterol. LDL Particle Size Pop quiz: Which type of “bad” cholesterol is more likely to give you heart disease? A. Leadership: The Captain's Way - Brandt Beal. Today, business owners and managers are reading publications written by hundreds of industry leaders to obtain insight on developing and better implementing strong leadership within their own organizations.

Leadership: The Captain's Way - Brandt Beal

The books, articles and blogs are filled with New Age methods, tried and true approaches and lessons by example and experience. Almost all have a common denominator when identifying the behaviors of successful leaders: consistent communication of a concise, effective and important message to members of his or her organization. I recently took a trip around the Greek islands on a small sailing ship. I couldn’t help but think about the perfection of our voyage and, more importantly, the leadership of our captain. On the first morning, I noticed the captain and his senior officers dining and conversing as a team. Working with a Naturopath changed my life. - Brandt Beal. So you’re fed up with Western medicine.

Working with a Naturopath changed my life. - Brandt Beal

Believe me, you’re not alone. I turned away from traditional Western medicine during a health crisis in my own life. Brandt Beal on Testosterone Therapy - Brandt Beal. If you’ve recently seen a billboard or TV ad commenting on the “low testosterone” rates that are plaguing men today, you’re not alone.

Brandt Beal on Testosterone Therapy - Brandt Beal

Marketing on “low T” has been on the rise in recent years, with more testosterone gels, patches, and injections administered than ever before, according to the New York Times. However, anyone praying that an extra dose of testosterone will make them more manly, boost muscle enhancement, and contribute to greater sex performance might find this blog to be a bit sobering. Only 15 percent of men over the age of 65 have the “low T” levels that are worth considering enhancement, with another study showing such enhancement had no tangible effects by the end of the experiment.

Natural Male Testosterone Levels In men, testosterone levels begin to gradually decline after the age of 30. INDUR CEO Brandt Beal Announces Workplace Wellness Program Designed for Law Firms. Brandt Beal. Brandt Beal (@iambrandtbeal) Brandt Beal – Brandt Beal an Innovator, Leader, and Entrepreneur. Six Reasons Why You Should Consider Intermittent Fasting – Brandt Beal.

Are you looking for an effective way to lose weight and belly fat?

Six Reasons Why You Should Consider Intermittent Fasting – Brandt Beal

Aren’t we all! None of us want to carry the physical, mental, and emotional burden of extra weight. Perhaps you’re looking to extend your years as you get older. Maybe you simply want to have a clearer head on your shoulders. Or you’re hoping to reduce your risk of diabetes because it runs in the family. It’s called intermittent fasting. Now, before you start picturing going hours and hours (if not days upon days) without food, I’d like to define intermittent fasting to debunk any preconceived notions you might have about this altogether healthy and reasonable habit.

What intermittent fasting is not Intermittent fasting is not going days without a meal. Intermittent fasting, in a nutshell Intermittent fasting is a simple strategy to take your health and well-being to the next level. I’ll eat my first meal of the day at 7:30am. 6 reasons to consider intermittent fasting 1. 2. Brandt Beal an Innovator, Leader, and Entrepreneur: Brandt Beal.

For most men, the first sign of losing hair is a traumatic experience.

Brandt Beal an Innovator, Leader, and Entrepreneur: Brandt Beal

It becomes even more traumatic when this aging process begins at an early age. In fact, two out of three men will experience some form of male pattern baldness by the time they’re 35. Every year, billions of dollars are spent by men all over the world trying to slow the balding process. We’ve all seen the commercials, time and time again, featuring the drugs Propecia, Proscar and Avodart (all containing the powerful oral finasteride) and their claim to be the leading hair saving products for men. Men. Get An Oil Change – Brandt Beal.

Is it time to roll up your sleeve and save a life—including yours?

Men. Get An Oil Change – Brandt Beal

Every two seconds, someone in the US needs blood. One whole blood donation, which takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour, can come to the rescue of as many as three patients.[1] If you count your health into this equation, that’s four people reaping the benefit of the donation! It’s undoubtedly a selfless act, but it’s also one that may offer important yet little-known benefits, especially for men. Donating is like an oil change for your car, your body replaces the cells that you give with new cells. When you consider the standard blood donation is 1 pint, and the average adult has 9 to 12 pints, you top up about one-tenth of your blood with each donation. Some tantalizing threads of evidence suggest that people with more viscous (or thicker) blood have a greater chance of developing heart disease or having a heart attack or stroke.[2] Brandt Beal an Innovator, Leader, and Entrepreneur: Brandt Beal.

Of late, there has been a radical increase in health-related problems especially among the millennials primarily because of several unhealthy habits which they are have adapted.

Brandt Beal an Innovator, Leader, and Entrepreneur: Brandt Beal

Due to the various unhealthy habits prevalent among the millennials, the instances of problems relating to health have increased significantly among them. What Men Need to Know About Estradiol – Brandt Beal. The primary hormone that we think of and associate with men is testosterone but estrogen, the primary female sex hormone, also plays a critical role in men.

What Men Need to Know About Estradiol – Brandt Beal

Hormones like testosterone and estrogen are essential for so many functions within the body and can cause noticeable side effects with even the smallest fluctuation. While most men try to keep track of their testosterone levels, there is one hormone that often goes unnoticed in men. Estradiol is a form of the hormone estrogen and in men is made from the conversion of testosterone. Estradiol can impact everything from body composition to sexual health. The Dangers of Imbalanced Estradiol Levels It is not uncommon for men to suffer from either a high or low level of this specific hormone that can lead to a wide range of symptoms that are often either misunderstood or overlooked due to uncertainty. Men may wonder why they lose hair or experience sexual dysfunction when they least expect it.

What Causes Unhealthy Estradiol Levels in Men. About - Brandt Beal. Brandt Beal (@BrandtBeal) LinkedIn. Brandt Beal an Innovator, Leader, and Entrepreneur: Brandt Beal. Sure, we all know we have an endocrine system that regulates hormones in our body, but do we know what our adrenal glands do for our homeostasis and how critical they are to looking and feeling good?

Brandt Beal an Innovator, Leader, and Entrepreneur: Brandt Beal

The adrenal glands are two glands that sit on top of your kidneys that work harmoniously within your hormonal system, secreting hormones in response to messages sent from the brain. The glands are responsible for producing key hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline (which help regulate metabolism and helps your body respond to stress) and aldosterone (which helps control blood pressure) and small amounts of sex hormones like testosterone and estrogen.

One of the most important hormones produced in the adrenal glands is Cortisol. Cortisol alone regulates how your body responds to stress and other triggers in the body. Additionally, these hormones regulate our physiology away from doing the maintenance and repair work that our bodies need. INDUR CEO Brandt Beal Announces New In-Home Service. DALLAS, Aug. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- INDUR, a health and wellness lifestyle and products company dedicated to empowering individuals to take control of their own physical health and appearance, has announced the rollout of INDUR In-Home services. With INDUR In-Home services, customers can go through the blood collection process in the comfort of their home or office. With INDUR In-Home, a licensed and experienced phlebotomist will come directly to your home or office to collect necessary blood samples required after the purchase of one of four INDUR assessment packages; Essential, Foundation, Premier or Ultimate.

This will allow a quick and convenient alternative to those customers with hectic schedules or would prefer to have this service completed in the privacy of their home or office. Blood Testing: The missing link in health & fitness – Brandt Beal. My Story If you’re like most people, getting a blood test is probably the last thing you think of when you set out to lose some excess fat, gain muscle or just get healthier. It was most certainly the last thing on my mind when I sat out to transform my body and health several years ago. At 32, I found myself in the worst shape of my life. Things were hectic both professionally and personally and I failed to make healthy eating and exercise a priority.

I woke up one day and set out to make some important changes. Six months into my new habits I hit the habitual plateau and it felt like someone hit the “pause” button. You should have seen my doctor’s face when I presented my blood test wishlist. Turns out things weren’t fine. This personal experience is how the idea for INDUR was conceived. This is why we must take an active role in managing our health. Guessing: It isn’t effective. Brandt Beal an Innovator, Leader, and Entrepreneur: Brandt Beal. Supplements alone won’t make you healthy or build a great physique. Only exercise, smart lifestyle behaviors and nutrition do. And that will never change. Supplementation will never overshadow a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and diet.

That said, there are safe, natural substances that have been scientifically proven to boost strength, muscle endurance and growth, fat loss, general health and well-being, and more. The Difference Between Normal & Optimal – Brandt Beal. Who wants to settle for normal when you can achieve optimal health and performance today? Too often, people consider normal as acceptable, failing to question the norm and the status quo for something better.

When it comes to how our health is measured and analyzed, if we hear that we are “normal” from the doctor, we go on with our day. Normal means that you’re healthy, right? However, have you ever stopped to consider that normal by health standards is just an average of all the people that complete the same blood test? That means your health is being measured against a normal status, configured with generally unhealthier people than healthy people. When we visit a doctor for a wellness or illness visit, traditional doctors look for signs of disease and then stop there. As you can imagine, this approach to medicine wholly ignores the individual and their unique health history and genetic makeup, lobbing them into a normal “health” pool with everyone else. Normal v. Insulin Glucose. Brandt Beal an Innovator, Leader, and Entrepreneur: Brandt Beal.

At first glance, Nitric Oxide seems like something that should only concern you on a chemistry exam and not in everyday life. How Sugar Ages Our Skin – Brandt Beal. It’s no surprise that sugar ages our skin.