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We are into services like digital marketing, b2b lead generation through linkedin and branding of businesses.

HOW TO BECOME A POWER PROFILE ON LINKEDIN - Brand Samosa. LinkedIn power profile is the much-known term for the professionals or people who are aware and use LinkedIn.


Before discussing “How to become a power profile on LinkedIn? First, we will know about “What is LinkedIn power profile?” LinkedIn power profile means the most viewed profile in the shortest time period. In other words, most viewed Human Resources Professionals on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Power Profile Categories Basically, LinkedIn professionals have to select their categories on which field LinkedIn professionals made their profile.

InfluencersCEOsTechnologyMarketing & AdvertisingHuman ResourcesFinanceSocial Impacts, etc. Following are the tips that help to become a power profile on LinkedIn: 1. What makes LinkedIn so influential that both individuals and companies have a different destiny. 2. The number of views your profile received rise significantly when you start writing blogs on LinkedIn. 3. Be an active user of the ‘Share an update’ feature. 4. 5. 6. 28 Ways to create a Compelling Linkedin Profile. - Brand Samosa. When you’re not looking for a job, it can be easy to ignore your LinkedIn profile.

28 Ways to create a Compelling Linkedin Profile. - Brand Samosa

Sure, you add people you meet at networking events as contacts and accept requests as they come in, but everything else? That’s why discuss here 28 steps to Create a Compelling LinkedIn Profile. So, you’ll get to it when you need to. While we definitely don’t recommend this approach, we get that there are times you need a total LinkedIn overhaul. And for those times? We’ve got you covered with our list of these best ways for the LinkedIn profile. 1st step to create a compelling linkedin profile 1.

Simply put, the more complete your profile, the better the odds that recruiters will find you in the first place. Why Your Brand is More Important Than Ever - Brand Samosa. As a small business owner, you may be too busy to worry about branding day in and day out, but a strong brand could be the difference between loyal customers and customers who use your business once and turn to a competitor.

Why Your Brand is More Important Than Ever - Brand Samosa

A customer who has made two purchases at your business has a 54 percent chance of making a third purchaseRepeat customers have a 60-70 percent chance of converting Your most loyal 10 percent of customers spend three times more than those who aren’t loyal to your brand How can you get customers to be loyal to your business? Start by building a brand they remember. What is brand? You can think of your brand as the message you put out into the world. Why does brand matter? Business branding is important because consumer perception and trust are necessary for your business to thrive today. Also Check : How did we get 2,98,000+ Views for our Client? How can small businesses ensure brand consistency? Top 10 Businessmen to follow on LinkedIn - Brand Samosa. As we all know, nowadays, LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms that helps you to take your career at the next level.

Top 10 Businessmen to follow on LinkedIn - Brand Samosa

LinkedIn is the most valuable resource for a career as well as for business professionals to network; obtain resources and support; and build relationships with potential customers, clients, and partners. It’s good if you follow the top 10 businessmen on LinkedIn to get more learning opportunities. Reach Out to your Target Audience - Brand Samosa. Client 1 – Target Audience Our Client is manufacturing and exporting the traditional Kolhapuri Chappals.

Reach Out to your Target Audience - Brand Samosa

The company has plans to launch more products like Leather Bags, Belts, Photo Frames, Wallets, and Covers for executive diaries, we connected them with their specific Target Audience. How to Generate Leads for Business on LinkedIn - Brand Samosa. LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks in the world.

How to Generate Leads for Business on LinkedIn - Brand Samosa

If you could rank it by the amount of business that has been generated. It would undoubtedly be at the top. LinkedIn is the one platform that people use while thinking about their business and to network with other professionals. It’s available for lead generation and career purposes, unlike Twitter and Facebook, which are more ‘social’ and less ‘network’. 4 Reasons you should outsource your Marketing Department.

There are many reasons why Founders and Entrepreneurs should outsource their marketing department.

4 Reasons you should outsource your Marketing Department

Top 4 Reasons for Outsourcing your Marketing Department is: One of the biggest reason is: The biggest reason for startup failure is, Not able to Market their Product Properly. That’s why they should be taking advice from experts to market their products and services! Another Reason is: Expense. That’s not the only reason; the Marketing Department has different positions in it: Graphic Designer, Content Creator, Social Media Manager, and Strategist. These are the positions that can’t be ignored if you’re doing marketing of your business. Moreover, To hire this whole team, it costs 1,00,000 INR. Graphic Designer – 15,000 INR to 20,000 INRContent Creator – 25,000 INR to 30,000 INRSocial Media Manager – 25,000 INR to 35,000 INRStrategist – More than 40,000+ INR This is not enough. Third, and the most important reason is Priorities and Responsibilities! Another Reason is Expertise! Recent Achievements.