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5 Facts you May not Know about your Suit – Bespoke Suits Tailor. No doubt, suits are an indispensable part of men’s wardrobe.

5 Facts you May not Know about your Suit – Bespoke Suits Tailor

They are the only formal dress that goes well with almost every occasion, whether prom, date, interview, or wedding. A suit is the best investment every man can make for their wardrobe, as it not only accentuates their overall look, but also helps leave a lasting positive impression. Though most men don suits to work and special occasions, not many know much about the apparel’s intricate details. In this brief read, we share 5 facts you probably didn’t know about suits. 1. When shopping for a perfect suit, you come across several suits tagged with super numbers in the range of 100s. 2. The term, established since the 17th century, referred to suits wherein buyers chose a fabric of their choice and if other buyers asked for the same fabric, they were informed that the material is already spoken for. 3. 4. 5.

Wrapping Up Like this: Like Loading... Related. Matching Ties with Shirts and Suits: 5 Ways to get the Gentleman Look. Matching Ties with Shirts and Suits: 5 Ways to get the Gentleman Look When it comes to sharp dressing, there’s no one element that guarantees it.

Matching Ties with Shirts and Suits: 5 Ways to get the Gentleman Look

You cannot judge smartness by merely looking at a person’s shoes or jacket alone. In fact, it is the entire ensemble that plays a vital part it deciding whether a man is at his best or not. Therefore, every minute element of clothing is important. Through this blog post, we would focus on the tie that is not the biggest clothing, but goes a long way in complementing your entire professional look. 4 Power Dressing Essentials for The Modern Working Man. Gone are the days when power dressing was limited to the corporate honchos attending international conferences, travelling business class, playing golf with their associates, or do anything that required them to dress sharp.

4 Power Dressing Essentials for The Modern Working Man

These days, an increasing number of working class heroes are realizing how essential it is to dress well and look suave, if they want to climb the corporate ladder. A well-dressed professional exudes the confidence that an employer looks for in their employees, and what the client expects from the ones representing the company with which they do business. Continuing on the lines of the subject, let us take a look at some power dressing essentials for the modern working man. A Definitive Guide to Dressing Like an Italian Man. When it comes to fashion, Italian men are considered to be the perfect sartorial measuring sticks.

A Definitive Guide to Dressing Like an Italian Man

They not only know their fashion but are also acquainted with the ways to carry them to the best of their abilities. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that Italian men are fond of fit, cut and the subtle way of accessorizing with high-quality fabrics. Naturally, most men from the rest of the world would like to dress like Italian men. An Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Master a Perfect Bespoke Look. Besides being heavy drinkers and womanizers, what do James Bond, Don Draper, and Barney Stinson have in common?

An Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Master a Perfect Bespoke Look

They all look dapper, thanks to their ultimate taste in suits and the perfection in wearing it right- a hallmark of a professional man. Paying attention to finer details of suit wearing can make anyone look smart just like these popular characters, but contrary to popular belief, not everyone can get the look right. People often make mistakes while dressing up in suits, such as wearing longer pants than required, lapel not suiting the occasion, or choosing the wrong vent.

To dress dapper in the modern age, we bring you an ultimate men’s tuxedo and suits wearing cheat sheet. Typically, there are three types of lapel available in men suits- shawl, peak, and notch lapel. Venture Outdoors in Style: Order Bespoke Shirts. The way you dress impacts your overall personality and appearance.

Venture Outdoors in Style: Order Bespoke Shirts

To create the best impression, whether it’s a date, meeting with your boss, business, or just a look and feel good factor, it is essential to dress sharply for the occasion. There is no better way to up your style quotient than donning a bespoke shirt. Before knowing why slipping into a men’s tailored shirt is the best option available, you first need to know what these apparels are. 5 Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Your Bespoke Suit – Bespoke Suits Tailor. Bespoke suits are sartorial weapons that help men exude an elegance and sophistication through clothing that none of their average market counterparts can match.

5 Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Your Bespoke Suit – Bespoke Suits Tailor

That’s the reason they are expensive than off-the-rack and made-to-measure or MTM suits. It goes without a saying that people who procure signature bespokes suits want their investment to last long. To help, here are five effective tips. Take a look. 1. 5 Tips to Get that Perfect Custom Suit – Bespoke Suits Tailor. 5 Distinctions Exclusive to Bespoke Shirts. Although bespoke shirts, whether you get them from Los Angeles or elsewhere, cost more than off-the-rack and made-to-measure shirts, they are a hallmark of quality and workmanship.

5 Distinctions Exclusive to Bespoke Shirts

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that almost every fashion enthusiast prefers custom shirts over typical market offerings. The question is: what makes a bespoke shirt better? Though the answer is difficult to frame in words, as the difference can only be experienced; still, if we are to explain it, we’d say it’s acute attention to even the minutest detail that makes a true bespoke shirt. Through this blog post, we explore five such details. Let’s take a look. 1. In the world of clothing, especially suits and shirts, the higher the yarn count, the better is the quality of the fabric. 2.

Suit-up to Step Out in Style: 4 Focus Areas to Get It Right. Custom made suits have long been an essential part of the male wardrobe.

Suit-up to Step Out in Style: 4 Focus Areas to Get It Right

Donning a custom fit suit ups the style quotient of the wearer, by making their shoulders look broader and waist trimmer, thereby giving them a dapper look. If you too love to suit-up in a custom fit suit for men, remember that intricate designing and contemporary styling is the key to rock a clean and stylish look. 7 Spring Wardrobe Essentials 2016 For Men. Spring is here, and almost everyone is looking to prepare their wardrobe for the season ahead.

7 Spring Wardrobe Essentials 2016 For Men

The season gives people an opportunity to experiment with their wardrobe, by adding some new colors and fabrics. Updating a wardrobe after a season change, however, is always easier said than done. Especially if we talk about men’s clothing, most people find it a challenge to make their picks from the ever-increasing options available on the market. To help, in this post, we suggest six essentials in every man’s spring wardrobe, for 2016. Let’s take a look. 1. Made from exceptionally lightweight fabric, washed shirts are both comfortable and stylish, and keep you cool even when the sun comes out in full glory. 2.

The masculine looking trench coats are available in two style options: single and double breasted, complete with a belt to cinch at the waist. 3. The Bomber or flight jacket is one of the most versatile inter-season jackets. 4. Choosing a Suit Cut that Complements Your Persona. What makes a man look his best? This is an age-old question to which different people have different takes; while some people can’t get enough of bespoke men’s clothing, many settle for off-the-shelf options. Though we don’t intend to dwell on the human qualities that comprise a good male character, our focus in this brief is on the aesthetics aspect. 3 Elegant Ways to Accessorize Your Custom Tailored Suits. As the saying goes, “You never get the second chance to make a first impression.”

Personalizing your suits is one of the best ways to leave that lasting impression on people in your professional and personal life. Unlike women, men’s wardrobe is built around some rules and strict dress codes with lesser varieties. Fashion Week: Time to Check out 5 Street Style Trends. Though the runways inspire the men who walk on the streets, many a time, this situation is reversed. In fact, many fashion designers, after watching men on streets, decide what they need to add to their collection and set the trend for the coming year. This article presents five street style trends fashion designers captured from the streets for 2016. 1 White Lower Half Dressing The trend sparked from Milan autumn collection 2015, where most models were seen in linen trousers and cropped chinos in white, ivory and cream.

Legwear in white has become the popular choice of many people who adore this summer color. 5 Essential Clothing Tips for Grooms-to-Be – Bespoke Suits Tailor. Getting your perfect outfit ready for the big day is not easy. You need to do a lot of planning, especially when you don’t have many people around to help you. One of the key aspects of all the preparation is dressing up in a flawless manner. This is why custom suits along with quality accessories can help you bask in the limelight and to keep up with the bride-to-be in terms of appearance. In this post, we have included five essential tips for the future grooms. 1. Men in Business: 4 Practical Tips to Look Professional. Business dressing has been an integral part of the corporate culture for long. 5 Men’s Style Fashion Predictions for 2016: A Sneak Peek.

5 Simple yet Effective Tips to Make Your Tailored Suits. A Comprehensive Guide on Suits for the Tall and Lean. 7 Tips to Make Bespoke Suits Withstand the Test of Time. Custom Tailor: Rev Up Your Style: 5 Effective Dressing Tips for Men. 10 High-Quality Shoe Options for the Contemporary Men – Bespoke Suits Tailor. A Gentleman’s Style Guide to Shirt Collars.

The collar of a shirt constitutes one of its most prominent parts. Particularly when it is a white shirt, the collar not only frames your face but also, adds an extra persona to your white shirt lookbook. Though fit of the shirt carries maximum significance to a viewer, the shape and proportions of its collar is something you cannot overlook. Menswear experts believe that instead of buying dress shirts with collars that counter-balance your face, get one that goes well with your style statement. 5 Must-have Dress Shirts in Every Man’s Wardrobe. A Gentleman’s Guide to Bespoke Suits. Learning about anything enhances your knowledge whereas learning about subjects that you deal on a daily basis enables you to be at the helm of any conversation. 4 Reasons Why Bespoke Suits are Worth Your Money.

Three Reasons to Choose Bespoke Suits Over Made to Measure – Bespoke Suits Tailor. Suits Special Rulebook: A Must Read for Every Modern Man. Style Guide for men: Matching Suits and Ties. White Shirts: A Must-Have for Every Man’s Wardrobe. Custom Tailored Clothing: Tips to Look Thin Even With a Bulky Frame. Fashion Aficionados: Get these 5 Suits to Rock any Occasion. 8 Men’s Suit Styling Tips for the Year 2016 - Buzzing Lane. 5 Reasons Only Custom Made Suits Make For A ‘Proper Fit’ Professional Business Attire for Men: 3 Must-have Suit Styles. Custom Made Suits: Choosing The Right Fabric Made Simple. A Guide to Build an Italian Wardrobe from Scratch. Bespoke Attire for Men: 6 Golden Rules to Sport the Perfect Look. Custom Tailored Suits — Navy Suits: A Must-Have in Men’s Wardrobe. Hong Kong Fashion Designers, Online Custom made Shirts. 5 Stylish Ways to Sport Bespoke Plaid Suits.

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Suit. Suit and Tie. Buy Bespoke Suits in Los Angeles.