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Why Should a Pay-Per-Click Agency be Chosen? Otherwise known by the acronym PPC, pay-per-click advertising can be a great way to generate revenue and increase overall conversion rates.

Why Should a Pay-Per-Click Agency be Chosen?

However, those who are unfamiliar with how this strategy functions may actually find that they are spending more than they would like. This is a primary reason why many enterprises choose to outsource these services to a third-party SEO firm. Still, there are other advantages enjoyed when utilising an expert within this field.The Power of CPC CPC is an abbreviation for cost-per-click. When someone clicks upon a certain advertisement within the Google search engine, the company will pay a specific amount of money to the advertiser (1).

Revenue Saved. How Big Brands Use Social Media for Marketing. A quick look at some of the world’s top brands reveal an interesting tidbit: one way or another, they are able to amass and cultivate quite a substantial following on social media.

How Big Brands Use Social Media for Marketing

Here’s how some did it: Know Your Audience and What It Wants Red Bull’s massively successful social media campaign on Facebook is an excellent example, and the results are conclusive: their 2012 campaign helped them sell 5.2 billion cans of their energy drink that year. They were able to do this by knowing their target audience perfectly well and capitalizing on that knowledge—posting images and features of thrill-seeking athletes, promoting engaging games, and providing interactive opportunities for their patrons. Tickle Funny Bones People love a good laugh. Capitalize On Major Events or Days Back during the Sochi Winter Olympics, Coca-Cola held a contest series with the hashtag #CokeGames, which involved creating humorous Olympic-inspired games like Coke Curling, Ice Cube Ski Jump, and even Bottle Cap Hockey.

The Increasing Importance of SEO among Businesses. Your Business Needs a PPC Agency. In the world of digital marketing, there are two major performers when it comes to drawing website traffic – SEO and Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Your Business Needs a PPC Agency

There are several advantages to adapting both, yet many companies simply pick one – SEO However, the SEO process can sometimes be a complicated one. With the rate of evolving algorithm updates, the stiff competition, and the organic nature of SEO, you often have to wait a few months before you see the results. A Lesson in Brand Imprinting. Brand imprinting is when you market your brand correctly and impose your brand principles into the mind of your consumer.

A Lesson in Brand Imprinting

The measure of its success is when a consumer has pushed the brand to their subconscious mind, but when jogged, he immediately recalls it and what it stands for without having to be reminded of it. For example: you could probably name a special element or feature about certain car brands, such as Ferrari (fast), Volvo (safe), Rolls Royce (luxury). The brands are not at the forefront of your mind or on the tip of your tongue, but their marketing is done so well that you can forget their brand without forgetting what their brands stand for. SEO and Branding Work Side by Side. Avoiding the Common PPC Testing Myths and Mistakes.

Pay-per-click advertising works by placing an ad on search engine results page, allowing you to quickly earn visitors to your website.

Avoiding the Common PPC Testing Myths and Mistakes

As with any marketing strategy, PPC requires testing and retesting to get the best results. However, in testing PPC ads, some businesses commit some mistakes that can be costly in the end. Testing Everything All the Time Though it’s true that you should test and retest your ads, it’s more important that you take the time to understand your goal and why you are doing a particular test in the first place. Testing is important, but planning your strategy on the drawing board for effective PPC is crucial. Dismissing Failed Tests Once an ad is perceived a failure, businesses tend to disregard or dismiss the test quickly. Passing the Test is Easy A lot of PPC ads may pass initial testing, but positive tests do not always reflect the ads’ impact when they’re finally posted. Like this: Like Loading...

When the Brand and Its Quality Matters. When you have many brands that sell the same product or service, it’s usually the brand’s reputation for quality that will determine where a customer’s money (and often, loyalty) will go.

When the Brand and Its Quality Matters

After all, people give high regard to previous product and service satisfaction, and that will encourage them to seek out your other offerings. That, in turn, is something that established brand marketing experts can help you strengthen. Planting the Right Thoughts Brand marketing is a series of moves designed to make more customers aware of your brand and what it espouses. Some people say that promoting the brand as a company is also the same as showing the values the firm adheres to when making their products or offering their services. Reaching Out The objective of brand marketing covers a number of fronts. Website Mistakes that Drive People Away.

Forging Better PPC Ads. Beyond Branding: Taking Your Brand Online. Despite what the term denotes, a brand does not just refer to a business’ logo; it refers to the entire identity of the company, and how the public views the corporation.

Beyond Branding: Taking Your Brand Online

Brands command so much potential that a good brand is often enough reason for customers to trust a company and purchase its products and/or services. There are several ways to build a brand, and one of them is through using the Internet. The Web might be the last place you would expect to reinforce the notion of a brand, but it is actually the most powerful branding tool any business could have. With so many people present at any given time online, the Internet holds a lot of opportunities for businesses to introduce their brand to prospects and get them to spread the word. While simple marketing techniques such as creating websites, online ads, and the like can suggest a brand, there are better ways to solidify a reputation on the Web.