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How to run an edit-a-thon. This is a guide for how (and why) to run a Wikipedia "edit-a-thon".

How to run an edit-a-thon

An edit-a-thon is... a scheduled time where people edit Wikipedia together, whether offline, online, or a mix of both;typically focused on a specific topic, such as science or women's history;a way to recruit new Wikipedians and teach them how to contribute. How Blogging Can Improve Student Writing. Published Online: November 28, 2012 By Ben Curran Command of the written word is a vital 21st-century skill, even if we are using keys, buttons, and tablets instead of pens and pencils.

How Blogging Can Improve Student Writing

In fact, in our digital world, communication is now more instantaneous than ever. How do we prepare our students to meet the challenge? Blogging can offer opportunities for students to develop their communications skills through meaningful writing experiences.


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