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Motion and Matter

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Forces and Interaction (Part 2) - Next Generation Science Standards. Forces and Interaction (Part 1) - Next Generation Science Standards. That Magnetic Dog. Magnetic Mud Science Experiment. What%20Will%20a%20Magnet%20Attract.pdf. Discovery%20Bottle-AIMS.pdf. Floating-Magnets.pdf. TOPScience: Magnetism #33. Complete Master List for #33 Magnetism: Key: (1st/2nd/3rd) denote needed quantities: (1st) enough for 1 student doing all activities; (2nd) enough for 30 students working in self-paced pairs; (3rd) enough for 30 students working in pairs on the same lesson.

TOPScience: Magnetism #33

Starred* items may be purchased below. Magnetism Class Kit book and magnets NOT included, please order separately WE SUPPLY all items in our above Starter Kit in quantities that serve up to 30 students working in 15 lab pairs: YOU SUPPLY other materials as detailed above. Aluminum Foil regular strength, 20 square feet x 12 inches rolls Buy aluminum foil here as a convenience item, or for less in many grocery stores. Batteries size-D, alkaline These are basic workhorse brands, available everywhere. Clay - modeling oil-based, non-drying Sold by the 100 gram stick, about 1/4 cup, in assorted colors (our choice).

Clothespins wooden, spring-action These are handy lab items to keep in stock. Cups - plastic 9 or 10 ounce; clear, flexible, plastic. Magnetic%20Shuffleboard.pdf. The Attraction is Obvious: Designing Maglev Systems. The Compound Machine. Simple Machines. K-Gray Engineering Pathway Digital Library - Engineering Education Wing of the NSDL. K-Gray Engineering Pathway Digital Library - Engineering Education Wing of the NSDL. K-Gray Engineering Pathway Digital Library - Engineering Education Wing of the NSDL. K-Gray Engineering Pathway Digital Library - Engineering Education Wing of the NSDL. K-Gray Engineering Pathway Digital Library - Engineering Education Wing of the NSDL.

Science for Kids: Balancing Robot (FREE Printable) 15 Easy Catapults to Make With Kids. Easy {and Fun} Catapult for Kids to Make. A catapult for kids to make is what we are featuring today!

Easy {and Fun} Catapult for Kids to Make

What kid doesn’t want to launch something across the room? Build a catapult to develop this love even more. Kids Activities Blog hopes your kids love this activity as much as our own do. Catapult for Kids to Make Before building our craft stick catapult, I showed my 3 year old how to turn a spoon into a catapult. Supplies needed: 7 craft sticks3 rubber bandsa milk capcotton balls {or other objects to launch} I then showed him pictures of catapults from Google images. Build a Catapult Stack 5 craft sticks together, and rubber band the ends.Stack 2 craft sticks together, and wrap a rubber band around the very end.Separate the 2 craft sticks. Catapult Science Now create a simple experiment using the catapult of your choice. Launch an object from the catapult multiple times and measure how far it travels each time.Launch different objects from the catapult and measure how far each object travels.Compare catapults.

How It Works: Machines by Geek Kids. Overview As parents and educators we are constantly responding to questions of how and why.

How It Works: Machines by Geek Kids

With the help of How It Works: Machines children can get a close look at how nine different everyday machines work, including a car, a hair dryer, a lawn mower and a vacuum cleaner. The best educational iPad apps for kids. Overview Monster Physics is an addictive creative app that encourages children to learn more about physics and explore physical phenomena that they will encounter in their daily lives.

The best educational iPad apps for kids

There are fifty missions where kids are challenged to complete tasks that involve a cute little monster, such as helping it reach some fruit to eat. Children complete these tasks by utilising a variety of parts and materials such as wheels, cannons, ropes, ice, propellers, wood and many more. Parts can be resized, flipped, rotated and manipulated in many different ways. Sci . Marble Maze. Build a Bobsled Racer. Activity adapted from the Museum of Science, Boston‘s Design Challenges, a program of hands-on activities developed to help students and visitors explore the engineering design process, and from the version modified for classroom use by California’s Tech Museum of Innovation.

Build a Bobsled Racer

Click on link to view the educator’s guide (.pdf) Summary Teams of students in grades 3 to 8 learn about friction, forces, and the engineering design process by building and testing miniature bobsleds to see which can race down an icy slope either the fastest or slowest. Grade level: 3-8. Build a Big Wheel.

Lesson courtesy of TryEngineering, sponsored by the IEEE.

Build a Big Wheel

Click here for a .pdf of the original activity. Summary In this activity, teams of students learn about the history and engineering behind big wheels (Ferris wheels) by constructing a working model using pasta, glue, and teabags. Monster Physics. To say that my family loves physics type apps is an understatement.

Monster Physics

We own a couple of other apps similar to Monster Physics; though my family enjoyed playing the others they always wished it could do more. Well, along comes Monster Physics and problem solved! This awesome universal app contains features the other apps are missing; such as all of the parts are available from the beginning, no need to earn them before you use them in the free play area. One other feature is that the app is designed in a way that you are much more likely to learn about physics, concepts and how to apply them. Monster Physics teaches the user about physics in a way that is fun; the “Learn” section is dedicated to teaching you important physics concepts such as gravity, friction and speed and velocity; more importantly it explains the concepts in a way that kids can understand them and apply that knowledge in the missions portion of the app. The best educational iPad apps for kids.

Speedometry Hot Wheels Lessons. Monster Physics. Ramblings From Utopia: DIY: Pool Noodle Race Track. It's Wednesday my favorite day of the week, when I was little it was the day my Dad took us for pizza when my Mom was at work, sometimes I still fell like a kid especially when were in the backyard holding matchbox derbies, we're so excited to show you our latest summer fun project, we actually it can be used all year round and is great indoors too!

Ramblings From Utopia: DIY: Pool Noodle Race Track

Start your engines! Now I saw this done with marbles, the noodle was a much small diameter, so when I saw the giant noodle on sale at the grocery store we snagged the last one! My new obsession other than drilling holes in toys is matchbox cars, wait till I show you are flying ones! But that will have to wait for another week since their just so so cool they deserve their own DIY post.

Now you're ready to decorate your track Using cardstock at toothpicks I created small flags for along the sides of the track Finally just prop the track up on a chair, table, bed, pretty much anything, the higher the prop the faster the cars go. A Kindergarten Blog: Shoebox Car Derby (motion and gravity) Last week our class had a blast learning about motion and gravity.

A Kindergarten Blog: Shoebox Car Derby (motion and gravity)

To start the week off, we made a big chart with words about motion that the kids already knew. They came up with words like fast, slow, twisting, sliding, etc...... Our centers included experiments with 1) matchbox car race tracks and what the effects were when you moved the tracks at different levels, started the cars in different spots, and using different cars. 2) At another center, the kids played with moving toys and wrote down as many motion words as they could think of. To finsh off the week, we had a SHOEBOX CAR DERBY!!! Its%20the%20Last%20Straw%202006.pdf. Its%20The%20Last%20Straw.pdf.

Soaring%20Cylinders.pdf. Sleeping Beauty and Enchanted Engineering:... by Get Caught Engineering - STEM for Kids. Sleeping Beauty and Enchanted Engineering: Happily Ever After With STEM!

Sleeping Beauty and Enchanted Engineering:... by Get Caught Engineering - STEM for Kids

The Prince needs your students' help. He is trying to get to Sleeping Beauty’s castle and has encountered a river that his horse will not cross. Ghost Rockets Halloween Activity. Today we are falling into more sensory play alongside Mess for Less. We have had so much fun working with Vicky to come up with FUN Fall activities. If you have missed any of our series be sure to check out all the activities at the end of the post.