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4th of July

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The Science Behind Fireworks - Cool Science Experiment. Fireworks in a Jar - I Can Teach My Child! 4th of July Sensory Bottle. Patriotic Sensory Bottle for Memorial Day or 4th July Activity. We do all things holidays here which means we take many similar activities and change them to fit the seasons or the different holidays.

Patriotic Sensory Bottle for Memorial Day or 4th July Activity

Memorial Day is coming up soon and so will the 4th of the July, so we made a patriotic sensory bottle that looks like fireworks too! These kind of glittery sensory bottles are so easy to make and are so versatile. Just check out our Valentine’s, St Patricks Day, Easter, Ocean, and Silver or Gold glitter bottles. I love how quick we can whip one up and how pretty they look. There’s always at least one out on our craft table!

Amazon Affiliate links included. VOSS Water Bottles {optional but they are are awesome and very reusable!} Blue Glitter Glue Water Glitter {red and silver} Craft Tape {optional as well but festive} Squeeze the blue glitter glue into the bottle of water {I drink the expensive water first and refill with tap water}. With these type of glitter bottles, I love how the glitter falls down to the bottom. Magic Milk Classic Science Experiment Kids Science. You must try magic milk!

Magic Milk Classic Science Experiment Kids Science

We love classic science experiments and we have a great list of 25 popular classic science experiments to try out. Classic science experiments like magic milk are so much fun to introduce to young kids. Any type of scientific reaction is fun to watch and makes great hands-on learning. Alka Seltzer Rocket Eruption Science Activity. Simple science and a cool chemical reaction with an easy DIY Alka Seltzer rocket!

Alka Seltzer Rocket Eruption Science Activity

Kids and adults will have a blast with this cool kitchen science experiment. We love homemade science experiments and STEM activities anyone can try out. Oh boy! Get ready for some fun with this Alka Seltzer Rocket. EASY set up and simple to do. Alka Seltzer Rocket Set Up *Please Note* This is a fully adult supervised science experiment. Alka Seltzer tabletsWaterSmall cannister about the size of a film container. Steps to Make Your Alka Seltzer Rocket We tried it a few different ways and reused the still fizzing tablets as long as we could. Step 1: Fill canister about 2/3 full with water Step 2: Drop in 1/4 of a tablet Step 3: Tightly cap the canister {this is crucial to the success and you have to work fast} Step 4: Turn upside down and place on flat surface {outside might be best unless you have open space and don’t mind the water!}

Step 5: Stand back with protective eyewear on! 4th Of July Baking Soda Science for Preschool. Get ready for Independence day with 4th of July baking soda science play!

4th Of July Baking Soda Science for Preschool

We have had great success with baking soda and vinegar activities! Frozen Stars Melting Baking Soda Science Summer Activity. Frozen stars are fun anytime of the year!

Frozen Stars Melting Baking Soda Science Summer Activity

Especially if you have a Frozen movie fan at home. We love baking soda science activities and ice melting activities too. This time we combined the two for some cool summer science play. Preschool science has been wonderful for our play times. There are so many neat ideas to explore and try in new ways. Summer Science Ice Melt Activity Patriotic Science Play. Try a summer science ice melt experiment.

Summer Science Ice Melt Activity Patriotic Science Play

Ice melt activities are perfect for summer science! We brought ours outdoors this time. Ice melt experiments are something we enjoy year round because you can give them a variety of themes. Plus we have many more icy science ideas to try! The great thing about a summer ice melt is the easy set up and simple ingredients. Setting up an ice melt is easy to do and the kids have a blast. I used a milk carton and cut off the top so I was left with a rectangular box with an open end. I have red and blue sorting bears in different sizes, glow in the dark stars, and American Flag toothpicks! Once it is frozen, I cut the milk carton away. Make Clear Glue Slime Recipe and 4th of July Chemistry Activity. The holidays don’t stop when school’s out!

Make Clear Glue Slime Recipe and 4th of July Chemistry Activity

One of my favorite holidays is the 4th of July, so of course we have to make clear glue slime perfect for the occasion. The red, white, and blue is a natural choice for this totally patriotic day. Make sure to check out all our 4th of July STEM activities including this awesome homemade slime! Slime makes for awesome science and is perfect for creating a holiday theme or too.

We are approaching summer so it’s time to pull out the 4th of July themed science and STEM activities. Since slime is chemistry it makes a great chemistry activity and demonstration for the kids. We have been making slime before slime was the latest craze. Over the last few years we have perfected a few recipes that make slime making super simple to do at home or in the classroom. Our slime making recipes can use either the washable white glue or the washable clear glue from Elmer’s. What’s the science behind the slime? The addition of water is important to this process.