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Plaques - Colorful Images. How to Cut a Stencil. Cutting your own stencils does require a little patience, but is easy and rewarding. With a few simple supplies, you'll soon be building your own stencil library. You Will Need: A craft knife (one where you can easily snap off the blade to get a new sharp one is ideal). A cutting board or piece of card on which to cut the stencil. A piece of acetate or stiff plastic, see-through is easiest. Preparation for Cutting a Stencil Use a few pieces of tape to secure the printout of the stencil design to the piece of acetate along the edges so that it doesn't slip when you start cutting the stencil. Now you're ready to start cutting the stencil...

Browse All Printables | Life Your Way Printables. Printable Library. Household Cleaning Checklist General Cleaning Tips. Free Printable Calendars for 2012 and Beyond. My ParenTime's Printable Checklists Home & Household Checklists and Charts. Below you'll find all the checklists related to Home and Household. To make things easier, we have created separate pages for each of the categories below. This section contains both free and premium checklists. If you would like, you can also search for a checklist. Home & Household Checklist Categories Home & Household Checklists: Some checklists you will find in this section are babysitter, family & pet checklists, grocery, housekeeping & chores, lost pets, petsitter, refrigerator & freezer storage, and meal planner checklists etc.

Selling, Packing & Moving Checklists: Some checklists you will find in this section are change of address, packing, and moving checklists, etc. Personal Checklists: Some checklists you will find in this section will help you with marriage and relationship issues, dream diary, goals, jewelry & clothing sizing, schedules, allergies, and personal preferences checklists ("My _ Checklist"), etc. Spotlight Site: Bailey Be Good!