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Brand Explainers is a premier video explainer company offering a suite of video marketing solutions ranging from 2D animation, games & apps videos, motion graphics, to infographic animation, live shoot, and whiteboard animation.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Explainer Video – brandexplainers. Why your business needs an Explainer Video?

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Explainer Video – brandexplainers

Well that’s pretty easy to understand. Animated explainer videos are a perfect way for attracting visitors to your site and telling them about the product’s specifications and key benefits. An average user only spends around 10-20 seconds on a site if there is no gripping reason to stay and explore the site, a study via Nielsen Research, Training and Consulting Group. The first 10 seconds of their visit are imperative for offering the users engaging explainer videos by prominently setting out your value proposition. 10 seconds is a short span of time, and in those seconds you cannot rely on texts and graphic tools to garner their attention.

Offer something to give you an edge over your competitors and your site visitors a compelling reason to stay longer on your site. Rules For Animated Explainer Videos Of All Styles – brandexplainers. Explainer Videos have seen a dramatic growth over the year.

Rules For Animated Explainer Videos Of All Styles – brandexplainers

Videos are a simple yet engaging marketing tool that are designed by an operator and are often animated, and are employed for marketing and promoting of any products or services of a company. Explainer videos are economical and highly effective in marketing a product or a service and is always the best chosen option for marketing and promotion. Hiring a skilled and professional video explainer company for the marketing aspect of the business is always helpful.

But the selection should be done after the careful examination of what sorts of videos have been previously designed by the video agency. To check whether the videos are actually good or not or if they are fulfilling the purpose of marketing. Bad explainer video do not attract enough customer attention resulting in reduced publicity and reduced revenues. Script: The most important aspect of any video is Script. How to Make an Explainer Video. Some Interesting Facts About Videos & Video Marketing – brandexplainers. In the last few years, Custom Explainer Videos have emerged as a great tool for advertisement and publicity.

Some Interesting Facts About Videos & Video Marketing – brandexplainers

Companies are now taking up video marketing seriously and integrating it with their main marketing strategy. Here are some interesting facts & figures on this subject. A company has only 10 seconds to grab the attention of viewers Researches reveal that a viewer is willing to give 10 seconds of his/her time to a video. If they find something of their interest within this time span, they will continue with it, or else will abandon it. 20% of the viewers are likely to abandon it in less than 10 seconds. Mobile users have longer attention spans than desktop viewers Compared to desktop viewers, mobile users have a relatively longer attention span, which may last up to 2.4 minutes for iPhone users, 3 minutes for Android users, and up to 5 minutes for iPad users. The shorter the duration, the higher is the propensity of it being shared. The Right Explainer Video Company Can Add Worth To Your Business. If You’re a Startup, Then Here’s Why You Need an Explainer Video! For any startup, it is essential to devise a marketing plan, which would promise instant success, and what better strategy than online video?

If You’re a Startup, Then Here’s Why You Need an Explainer Video!

Studies reveal that almost 85% of potential customers are more likely to buy a product after watching an explainer video. This is because custom explainer videos enable viewers to easily and quickly understand the features of the product as well as the solutions of their problems. Here are some reasons why startups should necessarily invest in this strategy: Maximize hits to your website By incorporating the video on the homepage, you can surely maximize hits and generate traffic to your website. How to Create An Explainer Video That Sells? In the last couple of years, explainer videos have emerged as the ultimate marketing tools, having the power to tell a convincing story in 60 seconds and inducing the viewer to purchase the product.

How to Create An Explainer Video That Sells?

But how to create such custom explainer videos that can boost conversions? Here are some time-tested tips & strategies. Know Your Audience First things first! You need to carry out a thorough research on your target audience. Compelling storyline Now, this is imperative! Appealing visuals Needless to say, it is important to have appealing visuals. The right tone. Make the professional customer explainer video tailored for your business. What is An Explainer Video and Why Does Your Business Need It? In the last couple of years, the use of custom explainer videos has increased manifold.

What is An Explainer Video and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Companies are considering it as an essential marketing tool to grab the attention of their target audience. For the uninitiated, explainer videos are short animated videos that portray a message in a storytelling mode. The message may be about the features of a new product, the history behind a new company, spreading awareness of a noble cause, or anything for that matter. The reason behind its popularity is often accredited to its affordability and effectiveness. Here are some of the reasons why a business should consider this mode of marketing: Boosts Conversion Rates This is of course the first and the most obvious reason.

Instantly grab attention of potential customers Most of the times, customers do not have much time to ponder about the characteristics of the product. Can be easily shared Another outstanding feature is that it can be easily shared. Custom Explainer Videos Company. Learn Numbers with hulk for kids and toddlers, Learning Videos for children. Doremon. Learn numbers for Kids , Children Video - B.E Kids T.V. Doremon. Learn Colors for Children, Video For Kids - B.E Kids T.V. Video Explainer Company.