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Brainvire is a leading software development company in Canada. We help businesses with digital transformation like website development, Ecommerce solutions, Mobile apps development, web application development, digital marketing services, cloud, and many more cutting-edge technical Solutions. Get in touch with us to discuss more on your business requirement and digital strategies.

Mcommerce and Its Future. If you’re on this page, odds are you are also among those curious individuals who’d like to find out more about Mcommerce and its future, and how your business can reap its benefits.

Mcommerce and Its Future

Well, you have landed in the right place because, in this article, we’ll be talking about everything you need to know about this emerging trend. Image source: Here’s a gist of what we’ll cover: How Mobile Apps Play an Important Role in Business Growth. In today’s time, the number of mobile phone users has been increasing by leaps and bounds!

How Mobile Apps Play an Important Role in Business Growth

It’s deemed that nearly 80% of the total population is using a smartphone, especially to accomplish their daily requirements like shopping, ticket purchasing, etc. This is why a lot of organizations find mobile apps, on Android as well as iOS, as a great way to identify and target their potential consumers. So, in this blog, we’ll take a look at how mobile apps can benefit your business growth. Here is a gist of what we’ll cover: ReactJS Trends to Look Out in 2020. Studies conducted by StackOverflow have revealed that, in the previous year, ReactJS was one of the most preferred website frameworks by developers across the globe!

ReactJS Trends to Look Out in 2020

It clearly means that the future of ReactJS Development in the upcoming year is going to be brighter than the sun. However, with things changing at lightning speed in the realm of software development, below we have put together some trends we are likely to witness in 2021. The Ins And Outs Of Progressive Web Apps For Better Sales. Progressive Web Apps are the latest addition to make your website feasible and flexible at the same time.

The Ins And Outs Of Progressive Web Apps For Better Sales

This concept was introduced in 2015 and is mainly used to modernize, adapt the potential for future codes. The main reason to tailor PWA is to shape your digital strategy for holding up sales. To provide mold to your PWA project, you need to look into: Client requirementsStructure it to boost your sales and profitAvoid complexity and adopt a simple approach What is PWA? Top Website Development Trends to Watch in 2021. Website development is an ongoing and dynamic domain that keeps transforming every time a new technology emerges.

Top Website Development Trends to Watch in 2021

In this article, we have mentioned different web development trends that you need to always look out for. Here is a gist of all the latest technologies that we will be talking about: 🗹 Progressive Website Applications (PWAs) 🗹 Chatbots 🗹 WebAssembly 🗹 Voice Search 🗹 Single Page Applications (SPAs) How to Select Best eCommerce Platform. What is an eCommerce platform?

How to Select Best eCommerce Platform

Ecommerce is the modern way of doing business at a relatively lower cost. It has changed the way companies do business and communicate with customers. For almost every type of retailer, business, and enterprise moving onto an online store has become a mandate. Having an online business has various benefits for the retailers as well as the customers. Ecommerce is considered as one of the biggest and most efficient growth drivers in today’s global market place. How to Carryout Snapchat User Search. Snapchat is one of the most renowned and trending apps.

How to Carryout Snapchat User Search

There are several messaging apps available on the Play Store and Apple iStore, but Snapchat was launched all of a sudden and it successfully won hearts worldwide. Reason Why ASP.NET Core is Best Web Development Framework. The launch of core web applications branded by Microsoft benefitted users with the development of web applications on other platforms.

Reason Why ASP.NET Core is Best Web Development Framework

It is an upgraded version with a leaner and modular structure. ASP. NET 4.x also made a huge impression on the developers globally. Microsoft Azure Development In Canada. Best Xamarin Mobile App Development Services. The Xamarin platform is by far the best choice to build applications with world-class features and user experience.

Best Xamarin Mobile App Development Services

With Brainvire as your app development firm, you can create high-quality solutions using state of the art technologies and frameworks. Our team excels in curating bespoke app solutions that offer an easy-to-navigate user experience. Some other reasons why you should choose us are as follows: We provide consultation services so that you can discuss your project details with our team of experts and let them know your business objectives. We look after all the features, bug issues, app deployment, functionalities, latest market trends, and technologies to create a seamless application. Best Sharepoint Development Company. Expert MongoDB Database Development Services. At Brainvire, we offer various clients across the globe the best-in-class content management system, eCommerce website development, and data management solutions.

Expert MongoDB Database Development Services

With us at your disposal, you can build exemplary mobile applications packed with incredible features. We help you develop projects at a faster speed while keeping the development expenses to a bare minimum. SEO Factors One Must Consider for Magento 2 eCommerce Website. Search engine optimization is a fusion of various techniques that influence the framework of content on a webpage to make it user-friendly. It also optimizes it in a way that makes it more compatible with Google Search. Source: Google acknowledges and provides ranking according to the search server. E-commerce companies require a Magento 2 development website, its usability, and flexibility to help businesses to grow rapidly and also helps in reducing costs. 5 Striking Features of Magento that are Changing the Face of e-Commerce Websites,

5 Striking Features of Magento that are Changing the Face of e-Commerce Websites Talking About 5 Striking Features of Magento that are Changing the Face of e-Commerce Websites, Magento is ruling the e-commerce web development market with its striking features. Catalog management, marketing tools, SEO-centricity, site management, and intelligent analytics are some of its functions that we will discuss in this article.

Magento, an Adobe company, offers next-generation solutions for building exceptional retail offerings. All That You Want to Know About Full Stack Development Services. All That You Want to Know About Full Stack Development Services Talking About All That You Want to Know About Full Stack Development Services, The full stack is the catchword today in the software development industry. According to a survey, there has been a 20% hike in the demand for full stack developers this year. As the name implies, it is a web application development process where you need to have comprehensive knowledge of both front-end and back-end programming languages.

Also, you should know database management and quality assurance. The full stack development will monitor the entire procedure right from conceptualizing the idea of creating a full finished product in the end. Business Logic Layer – It focuses on the server-side of the application dealing with data validation.Presentation Layer – It pays attention to the client-side with a focus on building an intuitive user-interface.Database Layer – It deals with all the steps from ideation to finished product.

Tips for Making User-Friendly WordPress Website. All of you might be having a social media handle, right? If you actively explore your handle, you’ll find that nearly EVERY blog post link you see is created on WordPress. Approximately 70 MILLION new posts are created on WordPress every month (WHICH IS NEARLY 2,333,333 POSTS EVERYDAY)! Isn’t that crazy! There are approximately 2,940,000 searches for WordPress every month!

Gaining so much of popularity globally, WordPress becomes an excellent option for developing a user-friend website. Top 7 Augmented Reality Trends that Will Prevail in 2019-20. Top 7 Augmented Reality Trends that Will Prevail in 2019-20 Talking About Top 7 Augmented Reality Trends that Will Prevail in 2019-2020, Do you know what giants such as Microsoft,, Bosch, and Ikea share in common? Any guesses? The answer is that all these organizations have implemented Augmented Reality or AR technology intending to upsurge user experience. Augmented Reality is a future-based innovative technology that integrates a real-world environment with superimposed computer-generated digital information.

This means AR combines real and digital-based scenes, texts, sounds, and effects. Want to Win the Mobile Race: Go for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development. 5 Reasons Businesses Should Pay MORE Attention to Social Media Marketing. Before I start this blog, let me show you some facts and figures – 28% of companies are prioritizing social selling. (HubSpot, 2018)65% of salespeople who use social selling fill their pipeline, compared to 47% of reps who do not. (HubSpot, 2018)Four in ten reps have recently closed two to five deals due to social media. (HubSpot, 2018) Talking About 5 Reasons Businesses Should Pay MORE Attention to Social Media Marketing, These stats show the impeccable power of social media marketing, which most businesses fail to harness and lag behind in the competition.

Why Amazon Web Services is Best for Magento Hosting. Talking About Why Amazon Web Services is Best for Magento Hosting, With an approximate total number of 70 various services, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is regarded as one of the most highly secure, flexible, and reliable cloud computing solutions worldwide. If you are an e-commerce web owner operating Magento on AWS, you will get additional benefits such as complete data storage, networking application services, management analytics, deployment, and much more. 6 Reasons Why You Immediately Start Using Social Media for Your Business. Talking About 6 Reasons Why You Immediately Start Using Social Media for Your Business, Within a very short span of time, social media has quickly become one of the most significant aspects of digital marketing.

Why Magento 2 is the Best eCommerce Platform. Are You Looking for a Proficient PHP Web Developer? 5 Important Factors to Consider Before Hiring One. MEAN Stack Development: Why it is One of the Popular Choices for a Web Application Development Company. Talking About MEAN Stack Development: Why it is One of the Popular Choices for a Web Application Development Company, The web development has undergone a huge transition with applications becoming more dynamic, scalable, design flexible. Also, with web app developers having more varied choices to work on. Best Option For Mobile Apps Development. How Business Intelligence and Analytics are Transforming the Retail Industry. Talking About How Business Intelligence and Analytics are Transforming the Retail Industry, Business Intelligence is a set of technology-driven processes that help a business organization to analyze and convert raw data into actionable insights.

Business strategists and executives use this meaningful information to drive profitable decisions. The procedure involves the collection and assembly of ready-to-use data for analysis. The global business intelligence market is expected to reach $29.5 billion by 2022. Forbes has pointed out that executive management operations and sales are the major drives of business intelligence in organizations.

Besides business intelligence, data intelligence has also become an innovative trend allowing enterprises to gather and carefully analyze internal and external data to come across loopholes in the operation. All That You Want to Know About Developing an E-Commerce Mobile Application. React Native vs Flutter vs Ionic - Select the best Mobile App Development Platform. The Major Benefits of Ecommerce Development for Retailers.

Why Amazon Web Services is Best for Magento Hosting. Integrate Your Magento E-Commerce Store with Electronic Point Of Sale (EPOS) System. 5 Pricing Strategies To Optimize Your E-Commerce Sales. How can Union of.NET and IoT Become a Big Boost for an Enterprise? How Apple’s ARKit has Proved to be a Game Changer for Various Business. 11 Results-Driven Digital Node.js Development Practices to Create Stellar Applications. Top Reasons Why Laravel Is The Best Framework for Web Development. 6 Reasons Why Agile Development Methodology Works Well for Custom Software Projects. 5 Reasons Why Custom Application Development is a Good Pick. How To Prepare Your Business Website For The Latest Google Updates In 2020.

9 Tips To Choose The Perfect Android App Development Company For You. Node.js Development 2020 – Top Trends You Must Watch Out For. Magento 2 Ecommerce Platform & Its Benefits. Wish to Succeed in Your E-commerce Business? Know About the Latest E-Commerce Trends 2020. Benefits Any Business Can Get With Mcommerce. Why Selecting Laravel for Web Development is the Best Option.