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Brainvire is a pioneer Software Development Company that’s providing robust and scalable mobile and web app development services. With a primary goal to render high quality development, UI/UX designing and integration services, our pool of 550+ employees engineer small scale to lengthy complex projects for all industry verticals.

Diving Into The Popular Drupal 7 Modules. Without any doubt, Drupal is one of the best content management systems available over the web.

Diving Into The Popular Drupal 7 Modules

Having a website enriched with a whole host of features and functionality is crucial these days to survive in the market, and that’s where the significance of Drupal came into the picture. More than 24% of the government websites are built using Drupal. Recently, Drupal has introduced a stable release of its version 7.23 and its 8th version is going to be launched soon in the market.

Magento Extensions Store & Marketplace: Best Ecommerce Solutions. Advertising, Education, Finance & More Industries Expertise. Sports and Fitness Industries Expertise - Sports Apps & More Solutions. Real Estate Industries Expertise - Real Estate Software & More Solutions. Today most of the consumers are using search engines to buy, sell and lend a property.

Real Estate Industries Expertise - Real Estate Software & More Solutions

Because of this boom the realtors and property dealers have entered this segment where people from different locations looking for homes, rented apartments, row houses etc. can come online to buy, sell and rent properties. From buying, selling, renting and leasing, a properly designed and developed real estate website can lift the business of real estate agents and property dealers to an unprecedented height. Brainvire collaborates with Real Estate houses across the globe to build superior and cost effective technology solutions for creating sustainable competitive advantage. Education Industries Expertise - E-learning, School Management & More Solutions. The education industry consists of schools, colleges, universities and various private institutions.

Education Industries Expertise - E-learning, School Management & More Solutions

This industry has been influenced most by the inception of open source and web 2.0 solutions. More and more institutions are opting for online learning environment thereby changing the traditional ways of teaching and student interaction. Now-a-days, fully integrated software applications are used to raise the quality of education and administration in schools, colleges and universities.

Our team of web application development understands the ever-lasting challenges faced by many universities and colleges, from the need for better e-learning environment to integrated student information management system, we leverage the latest web technologies to empower online education, training programs, enhance student learning and expand access to higher education.

Our Education Portfolio and Capability includes: Simplifying Learning at all Levels. Non-Profit Industries Expertise. Healthcare Industries Expertise - Hospital Management, Pharmacy Management & More Solutions. Healthcare is one of the fastest developing domains with numerous breakthrough discoveries.

Healthcare Industries Expertise - Hospital Management, Pharmacy Management & More Solutions

The Healthcare is a sector that provides goods and services to treat patients with curative, preventive or rehabilitative care. Hospitality Industries Expertise - Booking Engine, Inventory Management & More Solutions. Life Sciences Industries Expertise - Life Science Portal & More Solutions. Media and Entertainment Industries Expertise - Broadcasting Apps, Social Network Portal & More Solutions. Media and Entertainment industry has evolved tremendously in the past few years.

Media and Entertainment Industries Expertise - Broadcasting Apps, Social Network Portal & More Solutions

Digitization and newer technologies have radically changed the trend of emerging media environment. From interactive gaming, films, music, broadcast radio, TV, to live entertainment are transforming this industry completely to a new world of media and entertainment. Wireless enablement, social media and device proliferation are changing the media environment, often shifting the balance of power towards consumers, who now have tools to manage and consume a nearly limitless volume of content. The unique aspect of Media and Entertainment practice is a full-service capability to deliver to diverse market and audiences across the globe. Finance Industries Expertise - Financial Community Portal & More Solutions. Data, information and knowledge management are key activities in today’s gamut of technological innovation.

Finance Industries Expertise - Financial Community Portal & More Solutions

An optimal handling of information asset is very critical in the financial field, a conceptually rich domain where information is complex, huge in volume and a highly valuable business product by itself. Brainvire’s financial services are a unique provider of financial solutions to the business-to-business market. Our financial services professionals have broad understanding of the industry and the technologies required to give enterprises the competitive edge. Technology Industries Expertise. Advertising Industries Expertise - Online Advertising, Ad Exchange & More Solutions. Advertising organizations are require to knowing the business of their clients, be inventive in their thinking and planning, understand their client’s Information Technology usage and build up strategies – both innovative and planned – that assurance success through using latest information technology trends.

Advertising Industries Expertise - Online Advertising, Ad Exchange & More Solutions

As well they need to be strong in their planning to get best and suitable share of voice for their clients. Retail Industries Expertise - CRM, ERP, & More Solutions. The retail industry have re-defined the traditional way of doing business with the fast and emerging trends that have potential to be a game-changers for the retail industry.

Retail Industries Expertise - CRM, ERP, & More Solutions

The retailers are changing ways to the growing needs of consumer’s response by creating a truly integrated relationship. Mobile and Wireless Industries Expertise - Mobile Apps, Mobility & More Solutions. Significant technology breakthroughs in Mobile and Wireless technology have resulted in tremendous rise for high-end Mobile and Wireless products.

Mobile and Wireless Industries Expertise - Mobile Apps, Mobility & More Solutions

The global digital revolution in mobile and wireless technology has encouraged advanced features like touch screen, WIFI, GPS, social networking, video streaming and much more. The innovative operating systems like Open Source and Android gained significant popularity in recent times and manufacturers are leveraging disruptive technologies to capture market share. Internet has played a crucial role in enabling new technologies across mobile and wireless networks.

With recent advancements in telecom industry the wireless networks have built a widespread value chain with endless opportunities for businesses to reap enormous profits. Microsoft, Java, SAP, PHP, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Oracle & More Technology Expertise. Web, Portal & Application Development with Microsoft Technology Experts. iPhone Application Development Services – iPhone Technology Experts. The iPhone App Development offers a very broad range of innovations and possibilities.

iPhone Application Development Services – iPhone Technology Experts

The iPhone apps have become the latest buzz in the application development world and provide an exquisite platform for creating the next-generation of innovative mobile applications. The unprecedented success of iPhone has opened a new door for the iPhone Application developers to create sophisticated and multi-functional mobile apps with the revolutionary use of the interface design. The Apple iPhone users are growing everyday and are keen to try out the new apps that offer a lot of great features and enrich the lives of iPhone users by simplifying the business and reducing the monotonous task. The advantages of choosing an iPhone Apps are: Top selling smart phone across the globeGenerate colossal business profit and salesProvides advanced security for enterprise useCreates brand recognitionOffers better customer satisfactionFeatures the best hardware support Loading ...

Android Application Development Services – Android Technology Experts. Android is one of the fastest growing mobile application development platforms available today for both smart phones and tablets. Android apps captured around 50 percent global smart phone market share till the end of 2012 and has become a leading technology worldwide. Android has revolutionized the smart phone industry and is now developed by all the major corporations in the world including Google, LG and Motorola. Symbian Application Development Services – Symbian Technology Experts. Symbian, a leading mobile operating system, utilizes a few of the popular programming languages like Java, C++, OPL and .NET. BlackBerry Application Development Services – BlackBerry Technology Experts.

RIM’s Blackberry is a popular handheld device quite unlike other smart phones and used by millions of businesses, individuals and consumers across the world. Many users opt for Blackberry because it not only has a user interface which is easy to operate but also incorporates various features related to business which are useful to everyone – may be a small sized company to a giant enterprise. Although being a closed source platform, the Blackberry Application Development solutions are used by many organizations to access personal information, emails, calendars, corporate data etc. and stay connected with people and external world on the move.

Features Benefits of Blackberry Application Development at Brainvire Why Blackberry Application Development at Brainvire? X-Cart Development Services – X-Cart Technology Experts. X-Cart is an open source e-commerce platform that gives the online business store owners the ability to modify the look, features and functionality of the store according to the needs of any specific business features. PHP MySQL Application Development Services – MySQL Technology Experts. PHP MySQL being an open source platform offer many benefits like it is available for free and has a huge supporting community. Brainvire offers to develop bespoke websites that bear strong PHP MySQL development experience. Based on specific requirements of client, we can develop customized web application solutions for significantly small websites to multifaceted websites. Symfony Development Services – Symfony Technology Experts. With a passionate developer community, out-of-the-box documentation and thousands of web applications across the different industry verticals, Symfony is one of the premier open source framework based on PHP.

Flex Development Company – Flex Technology Experts. Adobe Flex is a free and open source application development framework released by Adobe Systems for creating cross-platform rich internet applications (RIAs). Oracle Application Services & Oracle Database Administration Services – Oracle Technology Experts. Sitefinity CMS Development Services – Sitefinity Technology Experts.

Enterprise Mobility Consulting. We offer full range of consulting services to help organizations maximize the IT performance through our effective implementation of consulting solutions. Quality Assurance & Testing Services. Brainvire: Global Information Technology, Consulting and Outsourcing Company. Cloud Computing Services.

Fully managed Brainvire cloud computing services are built to meet the requirement of your most critical enterprise applications. Enterprise Performance Management Solutions. What Is Enterprise Performance Management? Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is the process of monitoring performance across the enterprise with the goal of improving business performance. Online Marketing Consulting Services. Business Process Management Services. Business process management (BPM) has been referred to as a holistic management approach to aligning an organization’s business processes with the wants and needs of clients.

Information Technology Consulting Services. IT Consulting Service is mainly used by organizations to enhance their business performance objectives and improve the financial situation. Brainvire IT consulting services helps clients globally to create value for their business through our unique spectrum of consulting solution. We help our client to improve their performance primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and create a plan for further improvement. Web Consulting Services. Fill out Enquiry form today to outsource your Projects. Mobile Apps, Web Application, Ecommerce & More Case Study of Brainvire Clients. Software, Mobile Apps, Enterprise Portal, Web Application, Ecommerce, Mobility & More Articles from Brainvire. iPhone App Development – How To Encourage Users To Download Your iPhone App?

Web Designing. Mobil. Designer. Mobile Apps. Things You Should Be Aware Of For Developing Windows 8 Apps With HTML5. News: Corporate Achievements, Sales & Technology News. Mobile apps, social networks. Software, Mobile Apps, Enterprise Portal, Web Application, Ecommerce, Mobility & More Articles from Brainvire. Quick Guide To Help Developers Create & Promote Mobile App Effectively. iOS 7 – How It Benefits Enterprises? About the Company. About the Global Presence.

Increase the Momentum of Global Online Business with Custom E-Commerce Website Development. Careers at Brainvire.