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Lindsay Steiner

Since 2009, Bradyl Storage Solutions has been a leader in the multifamily storage industry. A locally-owned and operated small family business based in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Bradyl serves property managers, general contractors, architects and real estate developers across the country. Our clients include UDR, Trammel Crow Residential, and Bozzuto among many other national industry leaders.

Tenant Storage Lockers vs. Traditional Wire Storage Units. Apartment Storage Solutions. How Much Could Your Property Value Increase with Bradyl Bins?

Apartment Storage Solutions

Bradyl Bins are great for your residents, but also benefit your bottom line. Two of the financial advantages of making an investment in Bradyl Bins™ Storage Units are ancillary income and increase property value. Apartment storage lockers are an ideal option for keeping residents’ personal belongings on-property, as well as safe, secure and separated in multi-family building common areas. Our lockers can be custom designed and configured in endless ways for the most efficient use of available space. Durable and damage-resistant, indoor storage units are economical and practical for both new and retrofit construction. By installing Bradyl Bins, not only will you provide convenient storage for your residents, you can increase your monthly income.

A new construction client came to us to provide a storage solution beyond the typical wire mesh partitions. Adding that many units might not be an option for every property. Rate of Return on Multifamily Storage Units. When you invest in Bradyl Bins, you’re not only giving your residents a safe and secure place to keep their belongings, but you are increasing potential income by adding custom-designed sets of multifamily storage units to your property.

Rate of Return on Multifamily Storage Units

Durable and damage-resistant, our indoor units have been proven to be both practical and economical. We were recently approached by a property management client that completed its newest complex in Alexandria, Virginia, with a rush order to install multifamily storage units in their building’s designated storage room. After expediting the order and installing the bins to the client’s satisfaction, we were called with another issue. They sold out of units! Ordering more storage units, we helped them find locations in their parking garage where new bins could be added.

With the complete addition of their storage units, our client has the potential to net $50,160 per year, paying off their original investment of $53,413 in just 13 months! Unique Extra Storage for Apartments. Apartment complex self-storage units Finding extra storage in small spaces can be challenging for residents.

Unique Extra Storage for Apartments

If there is one thing that residents are always in search of, it’s more storage! Providing unique storage solutions for your residents can set you above the competition when it comes to how people decide where to put down roots. Something as simple as offering additional storage in the form of self-storage units, bike racks, or added shelving can make a huge impact on someone’s choice in housing. Tenant Storage Lockers vs. Traditional Wire Storage Units. Beyond Storage: How Your Business Benefits With Bradyl. The Power of Amenities Competition is rife for property owners to up the amenity ante.

Beyond Storage: How Your Business Benefits With Bradyl

With amenities like in-unit laundry machines and indoor swimming pools, it can feel impossible to improve or add new amenities without having to charge hundreds more in rent. Sometimes, no matter how much you dress up the environment of an apartment or condo with gyms and lounges, residents will still want additional square footage to store their belongings. Multifamily residents are desperate for privacy, security, and an efficient way to store their sports gear, seasonal toys, and collectables.

Bradyl Storage Solutions quickly picked up on a need that had been ignored by others by offering affordable and flexible ways to provide one of the most in demand amenities that can be offered–private on-site storage. Space is never an issue for Bradyl. With a Decreased Demand For Parking, What Can You Do With All That Unused Space? As we move in the direction of tenants who prefer biking, carpooling, and public transportation, parking lots are losing their value.

With a Decreased Demand For Parking, What Can You Do With All That Unused Space?

But one thing your tenants will always value is the additional square footage of storage space. Trade in rows of white lines and yellow parking bollards and increase your revenue with Bradyl’s storage Units. The Bradyl Bin is the perfect opportunity to transform wasted space to an amenity your residence will actually use! Bradyl Bins can generate up to $5 per square foot of on-site storage space by renting to your tenants on a monthly basis. It doesn’t matter the size or shape of your covered parking lot or garage, Bradyl Bins are custom fit to the dimensions of your unused parking space. So…why storage? There are a few reasons. The first reason is obvious. The third reason to add on-site storage in place of unused parking spots is that not only are millennials (50% or your target market) giving up cars, they’re giving up clutter.

We didn’t think so. 4 Ways Your Current Multifamily Storage Options are Failing Tenants. The value of onsite storage is apparent, but for those who are hesitant on the investment (one that pays for itself in record time!)

4 Ways Your Current Multifamily Storage Options are Failing Tenants

Here are a few ways Bradyl Storage Solutions gets it right. Customizable Don’t get stuck in a one-size-fits-all deal. We make sure your units are exactly the right size, shape, and placement for your property and budget. A Touch of Color. Lifestyle Forward Amenities: What Residents Actually Want. Lifestyle Amenities That Attract Long-term Tenants Do the amenities you offer entertain or help your residents?

Lifestyle Forward Amenities: What Residents Actually Want

Lifestyle amenities are often facilities and services your residents are going to seek out regardless of you offering them or not. These amenities address needs and not just wants. Here are two underrated and overlooked amenities that address a primary need for any tenant–space!