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Optical and hall affect. Ht leads and ingintion cils. Spark plug conditions. Macpherson Strut. Oxygen sensor. Engine Valve Timing. Air. Suspension system. Diesel timing. Metals used on cars. Types of Lubrication. Sprung and unsprung weight. How to do a Pressure Test on a Cooling System. Cooling System Components. Air cooling system vs water cooling system.

C c r. Rack pinion. The Difference Between Petrol And Diesel. The Difference between None Interference and Interference Engines. Valve size. Distillation column. Rotary engine vs piston enigne. 4 Stroke Diesel Engines. SOHC and DOHC. Si engines. Four stroke. Engine. Engine. The Otto cycle. Disc drum system. Brake system. Fire Extinguisher. Doc1. Doc1. Two Stroke Engines. V engine advantages and disadvantages. Missing Words Engines. The Main Engine Parts.